1MC – No.68 – Tribute to… Dessben


Tribute to… Dessben

Madrid based Techno artist Dessben began his DJing in many clubs and events around Spain. Clubs like Fabrik, Yasta, Specka, Base, Zeus as well as the Electrosonic Festival and Womad partys. Sharing sessions with artists such as Marco Carola, Mark Broom, Cristian Varela, Oscar Mulero, Takaaki Itoh and Sebastian Kramer as well as countless others.

As far as netaudio goes, Dessben and his label are pretty important. In 2004 he founded Offaudio which is arguably one of the best Techno netlabels on the internet. He started as a producer in Offaudio and his way of understanding Techno music is based on experimentation and the searching of new textures and sound structures. Aiming to be far from the dance music or the classic techno tradition and to be marked in a clear and personal style, full of curious and hypnotic sounds. With more than 11 releases in labels like Offaudio as well as various remixes and appearances in different labels like Zimmer-Records, Antiritmo, Sonic Walker, Mixotic and Loopzilla he’s a name that should be cropping up more and more in artists’s playlists.
Too bad that he decided to put this project to a rest for the moment…


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Artist – Track – (Release)

1. Dessben – Subasta – (Offaudio50)
2. Dessben – Sintaxis – (Offaudio60)
3. Dessben – Sintético – (Inoquo053)
4. Dessben – El Especialista – (Offaudio68)
5. Dessben – M40 – (Antiritmo020)
6. Dessben – Dispersion – (Offaudio60)
7. Dessben – En Antena – (Inoquo053)
8. Dessben – Parque Europa – (Offaudio35)
9. Dessben – Atras – (Antiritmo034)
10. Dessben – E-videncia – (Offaudio33)
11. Dessben – Pasado – (Antiritmo009)
12. Dessben – Alcor Kon – (Antiritmo034)
13. Dessben – Ceo Doss – (Offaudio53)
14. Dessben – Comida Rapida – (Offaudio52)
15. Dessben – Transmission – (Antiritmo009)
16. Dessben – Otro mundo – (Offaudio40)
17. Dessben – Sistematico – (Offaudio68)

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