1MC – No.12


There is no real category for this podcast. It contains different styles of music like Techno, House, Electro, Minimal…
I even included some songs made by independant people.
Netlabel music houses some fine artists I may say… and i did not even had the chance to play them all…

Enjoy this Mix
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1. Barzie – Intro
2. Shannon – Yooz
3. Kresy and Handrus – Turquesa
4. Someone else – Bring it Down (Andrew Grant Remix)
5. Kill Minimal – Learning to say no
6. Datatraxx – Memories
7. Sven Laux – Flat Cinema Car (Tom Ellis Remix)
8. Franco Bianco – Migros Budget
9. Monuloku – Walking in the Park of Kijkduin
10. Darwin aka Shyam – Perception
11. Alexandro Tachyani – Kingston Logic (Original Mix)
12. Delasuitte – The machine of
13. Alexandro Tachyani – Tresna
14. Chokko – More
15. Dintun – Llano
16. Rool – Insignificant