1MC – No.69 – This is… Omara


This is… Omara

Once in a while you find these special artists on the WWNW (World Wide Netlabel Web) that really knock you in the head…
This in a figure of speech of course… meaning that they make amazing things that make you never want to take your headset off…
Well… Omara is one of those artists… It is impossible to list all the things he has produced…
Even so, is it impossible to make a mix that contains all of his tracks… I just took a selection of them…
It’s up to you to discover the rest…

Omara website


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Artist – Track – (Release)

1. Omara – Doubts under the sheets – (Omaramusic020)
2. Omara – Zauberberg – (Omaramusic004)
3. Omara – Deep into the mix – (Omaramusic006)
4. Omara – Care – (Omaramusic002)
5. Omara – Having a beer in the evening – (Omaramusic009)
6. Omara – Unexpected death – (Omaramusic011)
7. Omara – Style – (Omaramusic014)
8. Omara – D – (Omaramusic009)
9. Omara – Seducing – (Omaramusic040)
10. Omara – Communication is the key – (Omaramusic007)
11. Omara – November – (Omaramusic036)
12. Omara – Exit strategy – (Omaramusic026)
13. Omara – Blah! – (Omaramusic007)
14. Omara -Hitschlampe (instrumental) – (Omaramusic046)
15. Omara – Distress flashing before me – (Zimmer075)


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