1MC – No.63 – Mixtape



So we have past to another year… 2013 already… Makes me feel old…
And again also young… Downloaded these last weeks thousants of new songs…
In the meanwhile I was working in my basement… with some music of course…
The music was dated 1995 and was on a tape… you know, that thing before the USB flashdrives…
So come and join me in this new year with a appropriate title… Mixtape…


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Artist – Track – (Netlabel)

1. Idiron Soundtrack – Pinters 2nd Silence (Eggy Mix) – (Swishcotheque)
2. Brasswork Agency – CnS (CrypticRemix) – (Plex Records)
3. TkY – Boogy Moogy – (DeepxRecordings)
4. Arman Bas – Icono – (Digital Garden Recordings)
5. Cybernova – Automated (Digitiaca rmx) – (Ephedrina)
6. Stikleader – They Come To Help – (SurrealFreak)
7. Haarspalter – Solstice – (Gleichtakt)
8. Nikoretti – Something (Original Mix) – (DeepxRecordings)
9. Hermético – Parabolica – (Silenced)
10. Djoker – Can’t – (Indigosilver)
11. Xen Mayer – Transport – (DeepxRecordings)
12. Finegrind & Benson – Underground Vibes – (Zimmer Records)
13. Piltdown Sound – Doppler – (Bleepsequence)
14. Dynastic – Rube – (Insectorama)


Alternative & Electronic Music, Past & Present

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