1MC – No.54 – Cyber Crunk Records


This is… Cyber Crunk Records

Once in a while people ask me… Where do you find these labels?…
Well, It’s simple… just go to a Netlabel you know… Go to the Links-list and click on something you never heared before…
Then again go to the “Links” section and do this again…
Do this several times and you will find hidden gems… 😉

The netlabel Cyber Crunk was created by founder of the site D’n’B Streaming to promote the new talents of
the stage Neurofunk, Techstep and Darkstep on the internet network by taking out the maximum of releases free of charge.



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info: 1mc(at)dirtyradio(dot)org

Artist – Track – Release

1. Kaiza feat. Try and Error – Demons in my Head – CCK006
2. Eleventh Sun & Nerologik – Earthbound – CCK011
3. Crunky & Sinecore – Hate Me – CCK021
4. Imprintz – In the Limo – CCK001
5. Lefty & Crunky – Sphere – CCK017
6. Eleventh Sun – Sheep Killer – CCK003
7. ValkyR – Anxiety – CCK013
8. Tekan – Tek This – CCK009
9. Raw K – Brainscape – CCK002
10. Sephiroth – The Devils Pawn – CCK012
11. Apocalyps – Graft – CCK015
12. Human Error – Sync – CCK018