1MC – No.46 – Sound & Vision


Sound & Vision

A podcast you can listen to and watch…
This is a task that’s not so easy… How can you translate sound into vision?
Coming from the pre-MTV era, I am used to listen to music without any videoclip available…
But sometimes the produced videos are also nice to see…
So this time I try to combine nice sounds with nice video

Users Guide
How should you handle this podcast?… Well, it’s fairly simple…
First you listen to the podcast and afterwards you watch the videos…
And I can assure you that any later time you listen to the music…
The video will be part of you…


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info: 1mc(at)dirtyradio(dot)org

Artist – Track – (Release)

1. Hirnsalbe – Strandspaziergang – (Broque)

2. Mikel Mendia – Re-All – (Inoquo)

3. Dubkrauz – Acid on planet earth (Codanetlabel)

4. Chris Maiberger – Beautiful Morning At Nissi Beach – (Auflegware)

5. TAC.tiC – Repixeling – (Dast Netrecordings)

6. Jay Phonic – Orchestra Maneuver – (Bleepsequence)

7. Max Cavalerra – Eternity – (Broque)

8. Chris Maiberger – Sunset – (Tropic Netlabel)

9. Zigarettenpause – Tuesday arrivals – (Miga Netlabel)