1MC – No.13


This broadcast includes some of my favourite artists… Dessben and Hermético…
Both of them just have released a new EP and I wanted to share parts of those with you.
The rest of the songs are just great for what they are… It is impossible to stand still when these tunes are playing…

Netlabel music houses some fine artists I may say… and i did not even had the chance to play them all…

Enjoy this Mix
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1. Mindctlr – Pirates
2. Monuloku – Green and Blue
3. Hermético – Arco Capaz
4. Systemton – Dog eats Dog (Hérmetico remix
5. GabeeN – My attack
6. Marvu – Underground Jazz
7. Mindctlr – Molecular Dance
8. Falk – Bring The Night Back
9. Hermético – Bus
10. cHMa – Avances De Temporada
11. Dessben – Transmission
12. Hermético – Tinnitus
13. Dessben – Pasado
14. Elektric Shaker – Bounds
15. Walker Barnard – Mbiratron
16. Counterpart – No Access
17. Mixkat – Same Old Shit