1MC – No.75 – Max Jahn Skyrunner


Max Jahn – Skyrunner

Sometimes I hear stuff that I directly want to share…
„Skyrunner“, the debut album by Max Jahn.  is one of those things…

Why? Because it actually isn’t a debut in the stricter sense: Max, released before as Maxx Cavalerra-moniker  on the Broque Label.

After a decade of high productivity, a few years ago Max felt that it’s time to pull the plug. The reasons were plenty: on the one hand, there’s been a general feeling of being overwhelmed by mediocre music, releases and DJ’s, on the other hand, there’s been a crucial change in his personal life, that is, the birth of his daughter. That all led to a deliberately chosen break, which gave him time to reflect and to gather new strength as well as formulate new ambitions. Under his real name Max Jahn, he started again to release electrifying techno tracks which appeal to both your emotions and your body.

Skyrunner’s ten new tracks explore a newly discovered pleasure in club music, working their charms on the dancefloor with percussive rhythms and at the same time, take you on a ride with atmospheric vibes and a touch of melancholic romanticism.

“Skyrunner” is an album which sounds both like a start of something new as well as a beloved story of the past, more precisely, of 20 years of club music.

This Mix is even part of the album… Talking about full service… And I’m proud to share this….

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