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Dave's Journal

Antidote presents Bugged: FREE MIX!

You may remember a few months back Antidote hit the Dublin Friday night scene with a massive kick in the groin. Since then they have grown hugely into one of the hottest nights in Dublin with only the best electronic music around. Well in that time they have been raised a child down in the deep dark corners of the Mezz and he has finally grown to be a ....BUG! […]

todayNovember 4, 2010

Dave's Journal

Thick Plastic

All roads point to "Busy Town" at the moment as my brain, eyes and chest seize up and scream out for a remedy! That said there is a sound for every occasion, and through the catastrophic mess of an over-worked and under-paid lifestyle comes a certain bond with the songs of the downtrodden and misunderstood. I found myself conked out on the couch at 3am, playing Springsteen's "Nebraska" on repeat […]

todaySeptember 4, 2010

Dave's Journal


I have been slipping deep into a weather induced Jazz binge the last few weeks. It seems the weather has turned from dry hot days of Kenny Dorham's "Afro-Cuban" to the deep blue, wet city streets of Ornet Coleman's "Shape of Jazz to Come". But during all of this I came across something completely different, an artist called Neat from Lyon in France. I was intrigued by the description provided […]

todayAugust 20, 2010

Dave's Journal

The 13th Tribe

Ran into this gem on Soundcloud... The 13th Tribe will feature in my Black Box radio show tonight on www.DirtyRadio.org where you can hear a mix of 5 tracks. You can also catch up with an array of 13th Tribe releases on their bandcamp and also on Soundcloud. You only need to read the selection of reviews posted on their Soundcloud to get a sense of the quality on offer […]

todayJuly 11, 2010

Dave's Journal

The Explorers – Stellar Haze

A band that have been working hard on their sound in the last few months The Explorers have consistantly lingered on the edge of electro-pop rock while still maintaining a real hard edge to their sound. This recent effort posted on their Soundcloud page is no different and instantly made our ears warm with bubbly summer happiness in the DirtyCloud. Check out this tune Stellar Haze and then check out […]

todayJune 16, 2010

Dave's Journal

Underworld – Scribble

Oh the wires are alive with rumblings from the heart of Lemonworld and slowly but surely Underworld's latest creations are edging their way onto the airwaves across the globe.. On Thursday Zane Lowe featured the first release "Scribble" from Underworld's forthcoming album. A development on the drum and bass feel good jam called "You Do Scribble" that had featured strongly in their live performances over the past three years, "Scribble" […]

todayMay 15, 2010

Dave's Journal

Turnstylz ~ Sciryl/Kalae

This weekend on the Black Box radio show we will be featuring some seriously huge new hip hop from the extremely impressive Turnstylz and a rapper that has been turning heads all over New York and beyond, Sciryl. Turnstylz are: Trevan Beatz, Dr. Watch, Seismic and Suga Ray Forming in New York City in 2006, Turnstylz have endeavoured to push musical boundaries, bringing hip hop into the musical unknown and […]

todayApril 14, 2010

Dave's Journal

Bonobo – Black Sands

This new release from Bonobo has been ingraining itself on my brain for the last week. Every time I stick it on its like I've been listening to it for years, such is the depth of character and honesty in its production. Four years since the "Days to Come" LP hit the stores, Black Sands is a welcome addition to an already glittering 2010 of music. Just when you thought […]

todayMarch 31, 2010

Dave's Journal


d'Wala London The work of d'Wala first came to my attention through the Hold Box Flat blog and podcast (transmit box flat) when I heard a sublime "riddim mix" of S.E.V.A - Lagremad de Soledad feat. Danay a track from Gilles Peterson's Havana Cultura album released at the end of last year. More recently however he has been working on Re-Edits of tracks from "Suite for Ma Dukes" by Carlos […]

todayMarch 27, 2010

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