Underworld – The Lost Files – Part 1


Underworld The Lost Files Part 1

In the old tradition of dirtyradio sometimes there is some guy who makes an Underworld compilation.

This time it me… but the mix I made is not from original Underworld songs…
It’s a mix of songs of other artists that were remixed by Underworld in the 90’s…

Enjoy Part 1


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Artist – Track – Bpm

1. Depeche Mode – Barrel Of A Gun (Underworld Soft Mix) – 119.438 Bpm
2. Shakespear’s Sister – Black Sky (Dub Extravaganza Part One) – 120.036 Bpm
3. 108 Grand – Te Quiero (Darren Emerson Underworld Remix) – 121.145 Bpm
4. Eagles Prey – Tonto’s Drum (Darren Emerson Remix) – 121.905 Bpm
5. Drum Club – Sound System (Underworld Mix) – 124.999 Bpm
6. Bjork – Human Behavior (The Underworld Dub) – 125.027 Bpm
7. Spooky – Schmoo (Underworld Mix) – 125.715 Bpm
8. Leftfield – Song Of Life (Underworld Steppin Razor Mix) – 126.444 Bpm
9. Saint Etienne – Cool Kids of Death [Underworld Mix] – 129.981 Bpm
10. Orbital – Lush 3-3 (Underworld) – 130.002 Bpm


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