1MC – No.105 – This is… DeepinDub


This is… DeepinDub

Deepindub was a netlabel active from 2004 to 2014 and focused on deep dubtechno music.
Are still available to free download all ” Free Releases ” of the time.
Releases selled as ” Digital ” Or as CD are NO more Officially online !!!
Have a look to Discogs. com to view complete list of releases.
Follow the links to know more and download for free our music collection !!! 

As on archive.org:

Deep house & dub techno music, available for free download & digital download. Our policy is to focus on quality over quantity. We have launched many artists, and we are constantly looking for new talent. The ‘label is operating from’ October 2004, Deepindub received honors in the past by famous magazines, websites specializing in music, and it’s considered a ‘good place to launch ” new artists in the ocean floor of the internet.

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Artist – Track – Release

  1. Random Walkers – The White Silence-  did-064
  2. 1DERL& – Undersea – did-012
  3. 1DERL& – Hangar – did-017
  4. DimomiB – Auxiliary output 1.1 (bonus track) – did-019
  5. Fingers in The Noise – Kool Reaktion (Basic Elements Remix) – Kool Reaction ep
  6. DimomiB – Color Equalizer – did-035
  7. Koalips – Baryon – Microparticles ep
  8. Maurizio Miceli – Lollypop (Lo_Rmx) – did-060
  9. Tamer Akgul – Baby – did-053
  10. Federsen – Gravity Mass Weight – did-041
  11. Koalips – Meson – Microparticles ep
  12. Damolh33 – Exip – did-036
  13. John Ov3rblast – Soft Words – did-062