Dokta – Playing The Nurse #66A


Movember time, out of laziness or compassion I don’t know, it’s something to do, like growing hair here are my favorite songs of the moment, a mix-tape for my non-existing car, I travel light, the camino awaits some poking.

01. Philip Glass & Nosaj Thing – Knee 1
02. Lana Del Rey – Ride
03. Assemblage 23 – Rain Falls Down (daniel Myer Rmx)
04. Karin Park – Thousand Loaded Guns
05. Vitalic – Under Your Sun
06. Faimont – Waiting
07. The Luyas – Fifty Fifty
08. Pieter Nooten – This World
09. Nina Nielsen – No Easy Way Out
10. Jen Cloher – Fear Is Like A Forest
11. Glen Hansard – Maybe Not Tonight
12. Ane Trolle – Dead Soul
13. Neil Gaiman & Amanda Palmer – I Google You

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