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1MC – No.85 – Life’s Hard and Then You Die


Life’s Hard and Then You Die

Album title from the band “It’s immaterial” from the 80’s…
What does it have to do with Netlabel music? … Not a lot in fact…

Just a general observation that not all people have it easy… but at the end…
everybody dies… with only memories of them left…

A bit like netlabels and their music I’m afraid… Lot’s of them died in the last few years…
The only thing that’s left is… me spreading their music…

….Without a care in the world…


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Artist – Track – Release

  1. Christoph Schindling – Still Alive – DN021
  2. D-Noise – My Life – Deepx060
  3. Nucleoheart – Life Is Dead (Flang3r Smooth Remix) – 3LR-010
  4. Kwartz – Still Dead – Zimmer123
  5. Jeff Willett – Life Organisms – C-C-Rec010
  6. A Blinding White Light – Choose Life (Substak remix) – Inoquo069
  7. Fcode & Mr.Dee – Come To Life – Deepx145
  8. Attaboy – Lie Of Life – Deepx289
  9. Kalope – Half Dead – CBS010
  10. Datatraxx – Lifetimes – Tkbnet16
  11. Tom Ellis – A Day in the Life – SWV001
  12. Suntetic & Sasha Makin – Evil Never Die – Deepx142
  13. Armed – Legendary Song (Lefrenk Remix) – Rwclub014