1MC – No.74 – The Devil Inside



The Devil Inside


There is no good side without a bad side…

There is no day without a night….

There is no life without music…

See you on the flipside… somewhere… sometimes…

Keep it dirty…


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Artist – Track – (Release)

  1. Alex Medina – Su Diablo Rojo – (Unfound045)
  2. Probs – Light Coma – (Deepx080)
  3. Falk – Eve – (Offaudio065)
  4. Haveck – Comodore – (TranzCD004)
  5. Plural – Undeterminated site – (Miga037)
  6. Drugstore – Seven Years – (Coda013)
  7. Maurice Goltz – This Is 1990 – (GTakt014)
  8. Max Cavalerra – Eternity [axel bartsch rmx] – (Brq061)
  9. Richard Savani – Get Interlaced – (TranzCD004)
  10. Chris Firenze – Sequence 2 – (Blpsq005)
  11. C.F. – Slim Slow Slider – (Tkbnet028)
  12. Craig Pringle – Move (Deep Blast and Ricco Rizzo Remix) – (Prozent018rmx)
  13. Navy b. – S P – (Coda002)
  14. Scerbas – Camels In The Arctic – (Deepx121)
  15. Prime – Organic Robot – (TranzCD004)
  16. Elektrabel – Smash_MLP – (Antiritmo016)


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