1MC – No.73 – That day of the year…


That day of the year…

When one is young there is this special day each year to look forward too.
A birthday is for young people the day of gifts and celebrations…

As one grows older that day becomes just one of these days in a year…
Special because you add one more year on your counter, but not more than that…
Except when your name is 1MC…
Than this special day is a day you need to publish a show…

Happy Birthday to me… And to the timeless music I share with you… 🙂


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Artist – Track – (Release)

  1. Bohdan – Myrtle Forests – (Energostatic 26)
  2. Perceptron – Trebol de cuatro hojas – (Digital Garden Recordings 22)
  3. Crennwiick – Untitry – (Digital Diamonds 28)
  4. Grau – Look back to go forth – (Miniatura Records 66)
  5. Perceptron – Obssesion – (Digital Garden Recordings 22)
  6. Atabey – ADEOS II – (Energostatic 26)
  7. Bxp – All you need is Rave – (Sostanza Records 50)
  8. Relative Q – Time (Craig Sopo Remix) – (Bleepsequence 25)
  9. DjCode – City lights – (Musica Vermella 22)
  10. Enkil – Gojil – (Teque-Nique 27)
  11. Le Code – A Floating Point – (Energostatic 30)


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