1MC – No.58 – Surrealfreak Netlabel

Published on October 7, 2012

Surrealfreak Netlabel

Spanish Netlabel founded in the 2005 by Stikleader (aka Laptop Boy and Jean Luc Picard). His journey began in a small club of his hometown in the year 93. Years later he became resident DJ at Contrastes sound Club where he remained 10 years. He began taking part in diverse festivals like F.A.M.A and Panorama.
Throughout these years he had pleasure of working with::angel molina,marco carola,surgeon,howie b,Derrick May, Gayle San,paco osuna,iñigo oruezabal, Christian Smith,wavesond,eduardo de la calle,monica osmo,javi union,nuria guia,Robert Lamart,jl magoya,Ben Long…
With all this musical baggage he decided to stop his study and started producing music and prepare live performances that he realized in different clubs and festivals of the area. Thanks to the diffusion that Internet offers he created the netlabel Surrelafreak being one of the first Spanish netlabels and that at present is provided with more than 30 released references of national and international artists.


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Artist – Track – (Release)

1. Stikleader – Crossing The Line – (sfk051)
2. Jean Luc Picard – Isobutane – (sfk047)
3. Mr.Dee – Microcircuit – (sfk053)
4. Stikleader – Deep And Deep – (sfk045)
5. Sweet and Sourd – Verde Pistacho – (sfk012)
6. Danielo – Piano – (sfk047)
7. Jose Ayen – Al Otro Lado – (sfk017)
8. Kyril Garcia – Never Surrender – (sfk044)
9. Laptop Boy – 1989 – (sfk046)
10. Laptop Boy – Homemade – (sfk047)
11. Kyril Garcia – Lost in dreams – (sfk021)
12. Stikleader – Yellow 255-255-0 – (sfk026)
13. Sg – To Malevolence – (sfk050)

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