1MC – N°03 – 2009-10-25


1MC will submerge you in the world of netlabel music. There are some great artists out there and I want you to listen to their music. So, let me be your guide in this unknown world…. spread the word.
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1. Zahn-Failed Attempt-www.myspace.com/dustinzahn
2. Roberto Clementi-1939-www.myspace.com/rocle
3. Lefrenk-Molpe (Original Mix)-www.myspace.com/lefrenk
4. Tapwatr-The end of everything (Knifestyle remix)-www.myspace.com/tapwatr
5. Dessben-Sintaxis-www.myspace.com/dessben
6. Drugstore-Metastasys-www.myspace.com/bmdrugstore
7. Minimorph-Real Place-www.myspace.com.com/minimorphmusic
8. Sascha Muller-Acid eats my brain-www.myspace.com/saschamuller-
9. Pablo Akaros-Media en Medio-www.myspace.com/pabloakaros
10. Micromatek-Wake up at 3.00 PM-www.myspace.com/micromatek
11. A7-Deep-www.myspace.com/a7rus
12. Bingo Boy-Low Flyer
13. Max Cavalerra-Function-www.myspace.com/cavalerra

Broadcast favourite
14. Alec Troniq-I’m the Foolaloof (Tim Susa vs Jan Yang Remix)-www.myspace.com/alec.tronic.ef