1MC – No.107 – This is… Believe in Billy Records

Published on June 16, 2024

Believe in Billy Records

Believe in Billy Records was founded in 2008 as a netlabel to freely share eclectic, experimental electronic music via Creative Commons Licences.

Founded and curated by Brian Ruskin (USA), the label roster includes artists such as Advances in Obsolete Technology (Avid), the Abscraps, Down Team Up,
ESCALE, Gears in the Rain, Mental Health Consumer, and Skinny Knockdown, as well as archival compilations from members of born, the Underworld fan forum.
Genres span ambient through techno, soundscapes to lo-fi rock, with the shared theme of showcasing awe in the commonplace, and sensitivity for the little moments of life.

And who is Billy? A legend, a ghost, an alter-ego? Maybe. Take a listen and discover for yourself!

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Artist – Track – Release

  1. Down Team Up – Breathe Deep – Right Before the Memory
  2. AViD – Homeward – Regrets
  3. The Abscraps – Be Home By Dark – The Abscraps
  4. Gears in the Rain/Unknown artist – Green Hills at Dawn – Entrainment
  5. B Ruskin – Blue Eye in a White Sky – Glide Tracks
  6. HAL9000 – Winter Sunrise – Dirty Musicians 2005
  7. Jiri Blazek and Brian Ruskin – Walk in the Park – An Introduction to Believe in Billy Records
  8. Liquid Green – Islandica – Electric Eye On You_Born Dirty EP 2012
  9. Jiri Blazek & Brian Ruskin – Surrounded by Clouds – Remember to Let Go
  10. In The Black Box – Radio Dynamic Twenty – Two-Quietly Violent
  11. Mental Health Consumer – Some Area – An Introduction to Believe in Billy Records
  12. Mental Health Consumer – Recreating Time and Space (AViD mix) – Glide Tracks
  13. Tin Foil Hats – Quietly violent – Quietly violent
  14. Mental Health Consumer – Rises, Divides and Falls – Mountain Time
  15. Marshall Watson – Fall Without Change – Dirty Musicians 2005
  16. Rivermint – One Hundred – Unreleased Track

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