Dokta – Playing The Nurse #90


It’s been a little while ! Hello again ;p

Angelina Jolie life cast i’ve had for years painting over and over it again 😉
01. Intro Yan
02. Tangerine Dream – 9.15PM Session – Each Tea Lasts An Hour, Pt. 02 (Live at the Barbican Hall, London)
03. Paul Kalkbrenner – Si Soy Fuego
04. Vitatic – 14 AM
05. Jamaica Suk – Fallen
06. Underworld – Moaner (Relentless Legs Mix)
07. Fritz Kalkbrenner – Golden (Fideles Remix)
08. DJ Koze, Kurt Wagner- Muddy Funster
09. Manchester Orchestra – The Silence
10. Eluvium – Touch Returned + errortype_love – Clio
11. Flunk – I Get You
12. Fred Nevché – Valdevaqueros
13. Ari Mason – Do You Believe In The Existence Of Extraterrestrials
14. The Knife – Manhood
15. Love Object – Frozen
16. Karl Hyde – Shadow Boy
17. N u a g e s – Dreams
18. Fat Freddys Drop – Dig Deep
19. Alphawezen – Gun Song (Dub Remix)

Looks like my last post was in 2012… it’s a bit crazy when I think about it, time between my usual mix started to space out quite a lot to doing them only a few time a year and only sharing them on my facebook or not at all… to a point where only a few people could listen to them. I had planned to do this one live like in the old time but well we need to fix a few things on the server since its been a while anyone streamed. I am planning to get back at doing this weekly, my music buying habit changed quite a lot in the past few years and often rely in streaming services which doesnt allow me to get files to play / mix which is a bit annoying but i’m figuring out how to get past that.

See you on the next one, and hoping to see live gigs soon again !

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