Dokta – Playing The Nurse #45


Dokta dokta, ribs staying in the heat, frozen wait, birthday girl, birhday boy, Mister Mike and Lady Lindsay celebrating today/tonight yellow cake, chocolate frosting, lalala, here’s some notes to bring the cadence fun. Iggy is watching and dancing… levitating.

01. Villa Nah – Time For Tea + Happy bday to Mike and Lindsay
02. Bryan Zentz – Shadowtalk
03. Walls – Hang Four (Allez Allez Remix)
04. Alex Under – El Encuentro (Richie Hawtin Edit)
05. Xenia Beliayeva – Ever Since
06. Click Box – Wake Up Call
07. Alland Byallo – Rare Bird (Dave Aju Remix)
08. The Selph – Designer Beaver (Uto Karem Remix)
09. Extra Welt – Simpleton
10. Fabrizio Maurizi – I Don-T Mind
11. Thomas Fehlmann – Fluss im Wasser

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