1MC – No.72 – The return of… The Returner


The return of… The Returner

There is this time that one has to take a step back to go forward.
This is just what I needed to do… Find myself again…

After a 2 year hiatus it’s amazing to see how many netlabels disappeared…
Sad but thru… The evolving times of digital media strikes everywhere…

Enough of the past… Looking forward now… Trying to fit this nice music back into my life…
It is because of some nice tunes I heard the last years that I needed to share them with someone…

One of these superb labels is Broque and specially the release of “The Hermit”…
I would like to spend the whole show on that release alone, but I guess you need to discover it yourself…

There is no strict timing in the frequency of these shows… We’ll just see how this goes…


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Artist – Track – (Release)

  1. The Hermit – Funeral – (Broque 104)
  2. The Hermit – Perception – (Broque 104)
  3. eCe Boas – Goldenes Licht – (Broque 102)
  4. dml – [Dirk Lamprecht rework] – (Broque 105)
  5. dml – Für S. – (Gruenfeld 003)
  6. Grau – Money – (Miniatura Records 066)
  7. Olene Kadar – Correspon – (Unfoundsound Records 040 )
  8. Monuloku – Syoss_Tec – (Gargan Records 006)
  9. Liquid Level – Tunnel – (Deepindub 010)
  10. Lucianno v & Ignacio Sietetrece – Drug Dealer Friend – (Unfoundsound Records 063)
  11. Molgam – Kitzinger – (23 Seconds 010)


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