1MC – No.42 – 11.11.11.



It’s a special day today… One of the few dates in a persons life where the day, month and year are the same number…
Maybe I’m the only one that noticed it… Could be…

Besides that, this is a normal podcast… Just playing tracks that I’ve picked from my ever growing collection.
I even needed to buy a new hardrive to store it all… And more to come, I’m sure.

Next to the normal tracks also 2 tracks coming from 2 Netlabels that stopped their work this year.
Offaudio and Stadtgruenlabel… It’s a shame to see that not everything lasts forever.

Maybe in the future I will make a podcast that contains only “forgotten” netlabels… Until that day… Enjoy…

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Artist – Track – (Netlabel)

1. Legobyte – Once (Fern Remix) – (Musickollektiv)
2. Nico Grubert – Fusion Euphorie – (Musicartistry)
3. Die Einen – Rindermett (Damolh 33 rmx) – (Stroboskop)
4. Nikroma – Forest Freq – (Ektoplazm)
5. Adriano – Olymper – (Bleepsequence)
6. Dessben – Ceo Doss – (Offaudio)
7. Modifly – Rootsteps In A Garden (Spookhouse Dub) – (Ektoplazm)
8. Frank Biedermann – Beetle Battle (Patrick Diessner Remix) – (Stadtgruenlabel)
9. Nico Raffo – Chezen – (Abstrakt-Records)
10. Haveck – Comodoro – (Transmitternetlabel)
11. Kaito – Project 83 – (Audioexit)
12. Pepe Arcade – Dimension – (Subversivemedia)
13. Funk Bazz – Psycho Disco – (3Loop)