1MC – N°08


It is nice to see and hear that more and more people enjoy netlabel music… To me it is a endless pool of music…
So, let me submerge you in this world of netlabel music. And if I can find these track… so can you…
This episode tells a story… spread the word… be dirty…

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1. Dark Quality – Untilted 007 2. Insect Elektrika – hodinky na prd myspace link
3. Pablo Akaros – Reisepass myspace link
4. A7 – Simply Minimal myspace link
5. Datatraxx – Closing (Original Mix) myspace link
6. Micromatek – Wake Up At 3:00pm (Decelebrex remix)myspace link
7. Sys-Hex – Affirming Actions myspace link
8. Marko Fuesterberg – Porn Infection Remix myspace link
9. Knifestyle – Dust up myspace link
10. Dessben – Parque Europa myspace link
11. John Lagora – Once Again (Lagoras Elektran Pitched Dub) myspace link
12. F.l.o. – Document 1d myspace link
13. New Delhi Fm – Passengers Along Heroine Charities myspace link

Broadcast Favourite:
14. K-Jano – Evolution myspace link