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The Audio Files – No.09


This weeks show takes the form of an all original productions mix by myself. It’s basically the set i should have been playing at a gig on Saturday night in Dublin that i had to pull out of due to illness (Sorry again Ganjdalf!). Largely covering all area’s of vibes of what i do, i kind of hate the idea of genre limitations so we have a rough Dubstep template that takes in influence from dnb,jungle,garage,UK Funky, chip step and hammering 8-bit vibes. Everything is titled as “SF” because i basically don’t feel much like a Shatterfreak anymore and a two letter name is far easier to get tattooed on my ass. Hope you enjoy it.


01. SF – Upsetting the Applecart
02. SF – Waiting for Rain
03. SF – Holding My Breath
04. SF – Slow Motion
05. SF – Fibre
06. SF – Oh Ah
07. SF – Bitty Skank
08. SF – Ruffnecker
09. SF – Binarized
10. SF – Console Warz
11. Milyoo – So Many Windows (SF’s Stained Glass Remix)
12. Sabre – One Hundred Teeth (SF’s Drunk Dentistry Remix)
13. SF – Geminantics
14. SF – So Let It Be Done
15. Subversus – Prey for a New Day

Full link to the The Audio Files – No.09 page

The Audio Files – No.08


On this weeks show we dig deep into some of the tunes that made me fall in love with Dubstep and also break out a little with some of the new stuff i am feeling at the moment. Also, a word of warning, The Audio Files slides back to a show every two weeks as we march forward. Busy times in Shatterland mean i gotta slide things back. There needs to be some real world focus around releases, promoting some local nights and work. Hopefully when things level out we will kick it back up to an every week scenario.

01. King Soly – Tamil Dub
02. Jack Sparrow – Preditor
03. Rougestate – Very Dangerous
04. Scuba – Respirator
05. South3rn – Menguine Tribe Dub
06. Starkey – Kick Push
07. Shortstuff – Tripped Up
08. Zomby – One Spliff
09. Toasty – Reflect
10. Seven – Dark Passenger
11. VIVEK – Motherland
12. The Landslide – Parables

Full link to the The Audio Files – No.08 page

The Audio Files – No.07


Sans talky bits this week due to a bad case of Tonsillitis, still hit the more interesting end of the beats spectrum though. The tracks included in this weeks show are the kind of thing that get my spine tingling when dropped in clubs. Nexts weeks show is currently planned as being a Jungle affair, so a heads up on that one. Big ups all the listeners and a big shout out to all the heads on the Irish scene.

01. Kode9 and Spaceape – Backward
02. Blawan – Fram
03. Martyn – Suburbia
04. Pangea – You and I
05. Compound One – Perhaps the Darkness
06. Goth Trad – Dark Path
07. Synkro – Inhale
08. Vandera – India Joya
09. Digital Mystikz – Pathways
10. Brackles – Lizards
11. Ital Tek – Shallow Sun
12. Calibre – Steptoe

Full link to the The Audio Files – No.07 page

The Audio Files – No.04


Part two of the Soundcloud special here on The Audio Files see’s more Dubby goodness, some refunked garage, a taste of dnb and a bit of Amenage. Oh yeah, and a smatter of 4/4. Much love to all the producers who made their tracks available to me in the course of the last two shows, it is very much appreciated.

01. Adam Kroll – Orchestral Mindtrip
02. Clubroot – Firefly
03. YLEM – Deepsquad Dub
04. Grooki – Murder on the 8.45
05. Duskky – Izumi Dub
06. Caribou – Sun (De-Twist Remix)
07. Roof Light – Soulcraft
08. Macka – Things Will Change
09. Macka – I put you right
10. Joe Syntax – Her Skin(eleven8 remix)
11. Fusion Art – Portrait
12. Adam Kroll – Just a Taste of Me

Full link to the The Audio Files – No.04 page

The Audio Files – No.03


This week we have Part 1 of a two part Soundcloud special. I’ll be pulling tracks from artists on Soundcloud that were either made available for download to begin with, or else i just flat out asked them for the files. This week we continue our deep and dubby trends and also take some little tangents into Future Garage and Jungle stylings. Tune in next week for Part 2 where i’ll be featuring more tracks from some of my top rated artists on Soundcloud.

01. Inofaith – Girls Go To Bed Early
02. Eggchan – Forever Ain’t a #
03. Dark0 – Boo
04. Vishnu – The Hungry Busker
05. Roughquest – Symmetry – [Rudimentary Records]
06. Cairo – Bird of Pleather
07. Introspectionist – Dream Sleep
08. TM45 – Scavenger
09. Policy – Farewell TH3
10. Milyoo – James Blake’s Postpone(I think i edited this Edit)
11. Ricky Force – Dreams – [Absys Records]
12. Loefah – Just a beat
13. Digger – Helicopter

Full link to the The Audio Files – No.03 page

The Audio Files – No.02


On this weeks “The Audio Files” we run a little deep and dubby, taking in some tracks from some of the biggest artists on the scene to some very sultry numbers that i found via the magic of Soundcloud. From straight club bumpers to experimental numbers with a couple of tangents into varied sounds and i even took the cheeky option of popping in one of my own productions.

01. 2562 – Basin Dub
02. Soft Wasp – A Corner of Your Heart
03. My Cousin Jonathan – For You
04. Introspectionist – Detachment
05. Grey Matter – Everyone Needs a Nemesis
06. Bullion – I’m Waiting for the Day
07. Loefah – It’s Yours
08. Amon Tobin – Delpher
09. LV – Turn Away
10. Groove Chronicles – Stone Cold
11. Burial – Untrue
12. Ramadanman – Good Feeling
13. Policy – Lost and Free (Shatterfreak’s Broken Compass Remix)

Tune in next week when i’ll be doing a Soundcloud special, plumbing the depths of bedrooms everywhere for some of the tastiest productions I can find.

Full link to the The Audio Files – No.02 page

The Audio Files – No.01


Welcome to the first ever Audio Files on Dirty Radio. This week we take in an eclectic mix from the released to the unreleased, the known the up and comers and travel from guitar based instramentalism to dubstep, hip-hop and some of the freshest genre defying beats going.

01. Super Extra Bonus Party – Adventures – [self released]
02. Milyoo – Blackmold – [dub]
03. A-Force – Digi 87 – [!Kaboogie]
04. Major Grave – Lights – [Standard]
05. Colz – Sunflower(Grizzle Mix) – [Standard]
06. Yoru – Little Trick – [dub]
07. Kryptic Minds – Generation Dub – [Swamp 81]
08. Untold – Flexible – [Brainmath]
09. Massive Attack – Black Milk – [Virgin Records]
10. Lemon D – Uban Style Music 90BPM Reprise – [Metalheadz]
11. Explosions in the Sky – Your Hand in Mine – [Temporary Residence]

The Audio Files will return next week, Monday 26th of July at 7pm GMT.

Full link to the The Audio Files – No.01 page