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Dave's Journal

The Explorers – Stellar Haze

A band that have been working hard on their sound in the last few months The Explorers have consistantly lingered on the edge of electro-pop rock while still maintaining a real hard edge to their sound. This recent effort posted on their Soundcloud page is no different and instantly made our ears warm with bubbly summer happiness in the DirtyCloud. Check out this tune Stellar Haze and then check out […]

todayJune 16, 2010

Album of the Week

Moolen • Art of Heartwork

The LCL netlabel is synonymous with original, edgy and creative Dub, and for this new "Carte Blanche" release, Moritz Beller aka "Moolen" take us by the hand for an emotional journey thru post-rock and electronica landscapes that seems at the same time odd and familiar. The master of both multiple instruments and sound production by this Hamburg based artist allows him to deliver an ambitious yet intimate mini LP, bridging […]

todayMay 4, 2010


2gi (“Two Genial Idiots”)

Influenced by electronic greats such as Orbital, Leftfield and Aphex Twin (amongst many others), 2gi (aka 'Two Genial Idiots') have produced a great selection of material. It is difficult to describe the style, but its an interesting distorted techno beats twisted with rock anthem drones with a sparkle of electro tweaks. Actually, that wasn't too difficult at all! We have added a selection of tracks to the dirtyRadio playlist rotation. […]

todaySeptember 21, 2009