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dirtylaundre sessions no.145



G-Synth Era. Taking old school synthy 80’s to 90’s Pop/R&B, adding a dash of glitch hop and beats and we get this week’s dirtyfied version of a regular radio station. About half of the tracks in this session are ones that I tried incorporating into previous podcasts with no luck. Thankfully make sense together here. Especially the tracks with the quirky titles.


01. Lionheart – Infinite Vista
02. Lone – Dream Ache
03. Imprintafter – Eating U
04. Selva Oscura – Breeze
05. Jensen Sportag – After Gardens (Obey City Remix)
06. CSLX – Paula Abdul Drinking A Pepsi, October 17th, 1987
07. Anna Love – NGAT
08. Letherette – After Dawn (Bibio Remix)
09. Perseus – Russian Girlfriend
10. Alix Perez feat. Two Inch Punch – Broken Heart
11. Take – Conversations With Yesterday
12. Gold Panda – Reprise (T. Hemingway Remix)
13. Alexander Spit – Milfs Doing Yoga
14. Hir-O – Game Time
15. Mr. Carmack – Crash (Charms)
16. Mutated Forms – Feels Like
17. Ganz – Can’t Stop
18. Star Slinger – Baby Mama
19. Hourglass Sea – Girl Band
20. Wildarms – Full Hearts (Doss Remix)
21. ZU x Prince – Diamonds And Pearls
22. Seiho – I Feel Rave
23. Digikid84 – Are You Ready
24. JBAG & Louise Prey – X Ray Sex


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dirtylaundre sessions no.136



Black Friday Trap BBQ just Bass’in around Flava. Part Two from Trancegiving Thursday. Tried doing a block party sound, but sounded more like early BBQ in the backyard before guests start arriving. Includes house legend Todd Terry’s take on trap music. Tacked on another short mix at the end which was originally the opening part of a previous podcast.

part 1

01. Sleigh Bells – Tell’Em (Kingdom Remix)
02. Kingdom – Timesup VIP
03. Shift Key – Let You Down
04. Landslide – Dreams and Visions (Compound One Remix)
05. Neuropol – Dusky Brights
06. Todd Terry – Going Down Baby
07. Hourglass Sea – La Concorde
08. Baauer – Samurai
09. Todd Terry feat. Jasmine Clemente – Tonight (Baileys Smalls Remix)
10. Redlight feat Ms. Dyamite – What You Talking About?
11. Ellie Goulding – Starry Eyed (Joker Bait Drum Remix)
12. Kuhrye-oo – Give In (For The Fame) [DJ Sliink Remix)
13. Voltron – Be For Real (Nguzungugzu Remix)
14. Ciara – Deuces (Nguzungugzu Remix)
15. Girl Unit – Wut
16. Kixnare – Gucci Dough
17. Cam’ron – Spend The Night

part 2

18. Bobby Tank – Glass Moon
19. T. Mills – Hollywood (R/D Remix)
20. Trentemøller – Moan (Enigma Dubz Remix)
21. Jess Mills – Pixelated People (Wilkinson Remix)
22. The Walton Hoax – Exit Strategy (Ghosts of Paraguay Remix)
23. Smoothiesforme – Forbidden (System Remix)


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dirtylaundre sessions no. 111



Ah to tha tick tock you don’t stop…doing a bit of broken beat / glitch hop transitioning to a more loungey downtempo trip hop, I got it to at least sound more like a proper mix than my previous attempts.

01. Vanilla feat Bagul – Intro
02. KEV//BOT – Crazy About You
03. Atu- What You Like
04. Freddie Joachim – That Girl
05. Booty Thrill – National Love
06. Bonobo – Jets
07. Ta-Ku – Cold
08. Vanilla – This Time
09. Sons of The Morning x Rafiq Bhatia – IV
10. Breakestra – Hiding (Arts The Beatdoctor Remix)
11. A.M. Architect – Window
12. Arts The Beatdoctor – Highway Hypnosis
13. DJ Cam – Dieu Reconnaitra Les Siens
14. DJ Krush – On The Dub-ble
15. Force of Nature – Vagrancy
16. DJ Spooky – Antarctic Rhythm Quartet 1 (Invincible Hip Hop Mix)
17. Karl Jefferson – Lizard Lips
18. The Scientist – Majestic Creatures
19. Karl Jefferson – Mouse Eggs
20. Pretty Lights – Someday is Everyday

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dirtylaundre sessions no.109



“Every little step I take…” Bobby Brown. A collection of mini mixes since I wasn’t able to mix this in the order that I wanted as a full mix and then I couldn’t find what the track list was hence the delay 😛

01. Jhené Aiko – Club Stranger (Nguzunguzu Remix)
02. Neon Hitch РGucci Gucci (ViLLΛGE Edit)
03. Alpines – Cocoon

04. Submotion Orchestra – Thinking (Math Times Joy Remix)
05. Ed Planas feat. Ed Thomas – Breathtaking
06. Submerse – I’d Rather Have You
07. Marley Caroll – Woodwork
08. Olive – You’re Not Alone (Synamatix Dubstep Remix)

09. Rain Dog – Think Of You
10. Bonobo feat. Szjerdene – Transits
11. Skanky – Ghost
12. Maribou State – Take Another Look

13. Underworld – Hamburg Hotel Essex
14. Panama – It’s Not Over (Ejeca’s Rave To The Grave Remix)

15. Lana Del Rey – Video Games (Jamie Woon Remix)
16. CREEP feat Romy Madley Croft – Days ( Remix)
17. Rusko feat. Amber Coffman – Hold On
18. Trevor Loveys – Earthbound
19. Brother Culture – Turn It Around

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dirtylaundre sessions no.99


“Jazz, well you can call it that…but this jazz contains a new format…” from Stetsasonic’s Talkin’ All That Jazz. Was going for a loungey, vocal downtempo sound for Christmas…which this isn’t. ha

smoke in all that jazz:

01. Gang Colours – To Repel Ghosts (Troy Gunner Remix)
02. Skream – Maybe It’s For The Best
03. Alias & Tarsier – 5 Year Eve (Instrumental)
04. Submotion Orchestra – Sunshine
05. Armen Nalbandian – Misled
06. Parov Stelar – Tango Muerte
07. Mr. Chop – Intermezzo 5
08. Vieo Abiungo – Thunder May Have Ruined The Moment
09. Ensemble Economique – To Feel The Night As It Really Is
10. DJ Krush feat. Shuuzan Morita – Still Island (Still n’ Slow Mix)
11. Trifonic – Emergence
12. Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch – Angels Of The Highest Order
13. The XX – Fiction (Druid Cloak Blood Magick Remix)
14. JMSN – Alone (Kastle Remix)
15. Submotion Orchestra – Blind Spot
16. Joash – Your Star Still Shines

The 100th episode of sessions will be up after christmas/just before new years…


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dirtylaundre sessions no.96


The Whispering Session. Sometimes these shows titles have meanings, but only to me. True story. Ricky Gervais sings at the end. I’m not kidding.

she…of ash and cigarette burns

01. VC-118A – Vaporise
02. Raime – If Anywhere Was Here He Would Know Where We Are
03. Burial – Ashtray Wasp
04. Elite Gymnastics – Omamori 2
05. Silver Swans – Anyone’s Ghost (The National cover)
06. Ghosting Season – A Muffled Sound of Voices (Alternate Version)
07. Telefon Tel Aviv – Lengthening Shadows
08. Andy Stott – Numb
09. Bonobo – Stay The Same (Blue Daisy ‘Not Quite The Same’ Remix)
10. Liar – Benzolovers
11. Aaliyah feat. Drake – Enough Said (Shlohmo Remix)
12. Swarms – T-1000
13. Leftfield – Swords
14. Purple Scream – Broken
15. Seona Dancing – You’re On My Side


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dirtylaundre sessions no.87


Hip Hop minus the rhymes. Sample heavy soul session this week featuring mostly free music.

Broken Soul System:

01. Biblo – Lovers Carvings (Leatherette Remix)
02. South South Million – Baff Speech
03. Arcade Fire – Suburbs (sampled by The Airplane Boys – Born To Be)
04. Gonzo – Stay
05. Mane Mane – Skin Fox
06. Alexander Spit – Marciano
07. Gonzo – Timepiece
08. Flying Lotus – Massage Situation
09. Gramatik – It’s Over (F.A.Q. Remix)
10. Andreya Triana – Lost Where I Belong (FLying Lotus Remix)
11. Alexander Spit – I Wanna Write A Love Song
12. Gramatik – So Much For Love
13. Ohbliv – Freekphone
14. Alexander Spit – Life Goes On
15. Gonzo – When It’s Cold Outside
16. Handbook – Know What (I Still Love You)
17. Pretty Lights – We Must Go On
18. Eliot Lipp – I Wanted To Be A Rock & Roll Star
19. Suff Daddy – Hospital
20. The Fascinations – Can’t Get Away From You
21. Etta James – Rather Go Blind (Lucky Paul Rework)
22. Mike James Kirkland – What My Last Girl Put Me Through (Nicolas Jaar Remix)
23. Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On (Mad Professor Mix)
24. Michal Menert – Drift By
25. Pretty Lights – Lonesome Street


I decided to write a take on information porn aka the somewhat evils of google searching recently,
and Dirty Epic playing in the background seems fitting and appropriate

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dirtylaundre sessions – No.70


Big Pimpin. Going for a soulful, funky, downtempo and soundtrackish session this time around. There are no subtleties here. Includes one of the most sampled drum tracks from the early days of Hip Hop, Apache by The Incredible Bongo Band. Let’s get Mackadocious!

Intro: Blind Man / The Mack – Lesson 1: A pimp is only as good as his product…

01. Edwin Starr – Airport Chase
02. Edwin Starr – Ain’t Hell Up In Harlem (Instrumental)
03. Curtis Mayfield – No Thing On Me (Cocaine Song) [Instrumental]
04. Curtis Mayfield – Right On For Darkness
05. Levek – Look On The Bright Side
06. Thunderball feat. Mustafa Akbar – Make Your Move
07. Degero – Diolabbi
08. Goblin – Profondo Rosso : Death Dies M32
09. The Dead Weather – Hustle & Cuss
10. Degero – Death To Morality
11. The Sugarman Three & Co. feat. Charles Bradley – Take It As It Come (Afrodisiac Soundsystem Remix)
12. Ancient Astronauts – Put ‘Em Up (Instrumental)
13. Incredible Bongo Band – Apache
14. Chase & Status feat. Kano – Against All Odds

Outro: Black Dynamite / Chocolate Giddy Up – I Sell Drugs To The Community


This session contains 2 tracks from my co-workers band (track 7 and 10):

From San Diego, California, Degero is a four-piece psychedelic funk band with rock and blues influences. In 2011, the band released its first full length album, We Are Not Machines, and is currently touring Southern California.


My html skills are rusty…this thing should be functioning for the most part, Dirtylaundre Sessions Archive of shows 1 through 50 (slightly higher bitrate than the original podcasts).

Sessions Archive @ alaundre

I don’t know if I’ll get to 100 sessions by the end of the year, but we’ll see.

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dirtylaundre sessions – No.53


I wondered how it would be like if I handled the playlist at a Starbucks or other cafe. My usual tendencies would have been to make it darker, like playing Tricky’s Pre-Millennium Tension all day, but that would get me fired. Steady Loungin’ for the caffeinated crowd:

01. José James – Blackmagic
02. Suff Daddy feat. Mar – Deep Shit
03. Kissey Asplund feat. Soliloquy – Move Me
04. DJ Krush feat. Zap Mama – Danger Of Love
05. The Soul Renegades feat. Texas – You’ll Never Know
06. Jamie Woon – Spiral
07. Samantha James – Amber Sky
08. Magnet – Overjoyed
09. Aim feat. Kate Rogers – Sail (Rae & Christian Remix)
10. Submotion Orchestra – All Yours
11. Elbow – Fugitive Motel
12. The Cinematic Orchestra feat. Fontella Bass – All That You Give
13. Moloko – Over & Over
14. Joash feat. Aaron David Frith – Climb

Bonus older Extra mix:

Thunder in the House of Boom

01. Morgan Page – Outside The City (Voltique Remix)
02. Superpitcher – Tell Me About It
03. John Dahlback – Late Night Worries (Guy Gerber’s Special K Remix)
04. Ben Watt – Guinea Pig (M.A.N.D.Y. & Smallboy Remix)
05. Tillman Cremer – Be My Friend
06. Sharam – Get Wild (Dub Mix)
07. Die Elfen & Phonique – The Red Dress (Tiefschwarz Remix)
08. M. Telemann – Wie Soll Man Sich Denn Bei Diesem Lärm Auf Den Bus Freuen?
09. Röyksopp – What Else Is There? (Trentemøller Remix)
10. Romanthony’s Nightvision – Never Fuck (Tomcraft Remix)
11. Bloc Party – Talons (Phones R.I.P. Remix)

Full link to the dirtylaundre sessions – No.53 page

dirtylaundre sessions – No.45


Lovestep or Luvstep. Rather R&B-ish Dubstep filled with 90s R&B vocal samples and vibes, with a slightly 90s era ravey sound near the end. I like Dark Sky’s “Something To Lose” so much that it shows up here again (well, it was 10 shows ago since I used it).


01. GDX – Over And Done
02. Four Tet – Love Cry (Joy Orbison Remix)
03. José James – Blackmagic (Joy Orbison’s Recreation)
04. Joy Orbison – So Derobe
05. Delorean – Real Love (Deadboy Remix)
06. Xxxy – Just For Me
07. Maddslinky – Ruled By Your Motions
08. Todd Edwards – I Might Be (Joy Orbison Remix)
09. Daedelus – Off Angeles Edges
10. Bulletproof – Teardrops
11. Synkro – Lost Love
12. Pariah – Crossed Out
13. Disclosure – Linstigator
14. Kontext – Plumes (Relocate Remix)
15. Duffstep – Over
16. Dark Sky – Something To Lose

Full link to the dirtylaundre sessions – No.45 page

dirtylaundre sessions – No.24


Late 80’s, Early to mid 90’s East Coast Jazz Rap/Hip Hop sounds, later to be taken up by the Trip Hop and other Electronic artists from then on forward. A bit of “crimefighting” in the city vibe on the whole. This is that old funky drummer sound:

01. Purple Penguin – Tribhuwan
02. Sofa Surfers – Passin ‘Tru
03. Mr. Chop – Good Life
04. Pretty Lights – Change Is Gonna Come
05. RJD2 – Good Times Roll Pt. 2
06. Francois De Roubaix – Les Dunes d’Ostende
07. Pretty Lights – Summer’s Gone
08. The 45 King/John Klemmer – Flipshot/Love Is Life/Life Is Love (DJ Krush Mix)
09. Nick Wiz/John Klemmer/Beats International – Four Elements/Yes To Life/Just Be Good To Me (DJ Krush Mix)
10. DJ Krush feat. D-Madness & Masato Nakamura – But The World Moves On
11. DJ Krush feat. Questlove – Endless Railway (Sentiment Mix)
12. Mr. Chop – For Pete’s Sake
13. Sandwich – Right Now (Sunfunk Mix)
14. The Emperor Machine – The Frontist
15. Redshape – Man Out Of Time
16. The Aloof – Painted Face

Next session: unlike Big Daddy Kane, I say Yes to Half Steppin…

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