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Allex – Experiment 177



Experiment podcast – One hour mix of deep/tech/progressive house selected by Allex! Episode 177.


1. George Vala, Arkose – Puttanesca (Rafa Barrios Remix)
2. under_score – Some Signs
3. Nora En Pure – Diving With Whales (Club Dub)
4. Space Jump Salute – The Sound
5. Charles Ramirez – On The Streets
6. Made By Pete – Freakin
7. Black Moon, Supernova – Must Get This
8. D-Formation – Aine
9. Solarc – Asteroids
10. Dj Dep – Show Me
11. Dosem – Recent Activity
12. John Acquaviva, Manuel De La Mare – Time Is Where I Left It
13. Dj Dep – Dangerous
14. Illyus & Barrientos – Strings (Camelphat Remix)

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Allex – Experiment 174



Allex upgraded his podcast to video sessions now so you can listen to it on Youtube here:

Allex – Experiment 174 Live!

Or you can normally download just the audio in mp3 format.

1. Seff, The Mista – Can I (Seff Remix)
2. Armand Van Helden, Zhao, Ant LaRock – Sacred Geometry
3. Teenage Mutants, EdOne – Alive
4. Teenage Mutants, EdOne – The Question
5. Barber – Tanz Freq
6. Green Velvet, Prok & Fitch – Sheeple
7. Tom Leclercq – Payback (Waitz Remix)
8. Stefano Noferini, Metodi Hristov – Mistakes
9. Moby – Natural Blues (Coyu Remix)
10. Chus & Ceballos – Black Rock City (Ben Seagren Remix)
11. Mendo, Yvan Genkins – BodySoul
12. Marcel Reix – Boost Pump
13. Ramon Bedoya – Trompeta

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Allex – Experiment 173



Allex upgraded his podcast to video sessions now so you can listen to it on Youtube here:

Allex – Experiment 173 Live!

Or you can normally download just the audio in mp3 format.

1. Henry Saiz, Elroy – For Days And Nights
2. Sanja, Ilona Mara feat. Sutja Gutiereez- Existe
3. Kiki Doll, Damon Grey – Fake Reality
4. Yotto – Fire Walk
5. Guy J – Algorithm (Henry Saiz Remix)
6. Platinum Doug – Overdose
7. Luca Debonaire, Leandro Da Silva – Planetary Whistle
8. Bordertown – 99
9. Andre Sobota – Fragments
10. Ben Remember – Shaker
11. Joe Mesmar – Transistor Rhythm
12. Sidney Charles – Justice

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Dirtyradio Presents – Marshall Watson Live 10.10.14

mw101014After a three year hiatus (sort of), we are pleased to announce the return of one of our former resident producers to the air – Marshall Watson.

He will present a 2 hour mix as a warmup for Underworld’s huge Dubnobasswithmyheadman Concert in London this weekend.

Tune in on Friday 10th October 2014 for the set, times vary depending on where you live in the world:
[12:00 USA Pacific / 20:00 UK / 21:00 Central Europe]

Full link to the Dirtyradio Presents – Marshall Watson Live 10.10.14 page

Black Box – No.55


Black Box No.55 – This week we get deep into the mix. No funny business.. just good old fashioned house music.. with all the regulars and a few curve balls. I had fun doing this live, hope you have fun listening!

Though I got a bit happy on the Gater! 😉 must hold back next time!

01. Dennis Ferrer – Hit it Off
02. Dennis Ferrer – Dem People Go
03. Diesler – Deepest Cuba
04. One Fingered Pocket – Free Your Mind
05. Kerri Chandler – Locked Out
06. Eclipse 8 – Acoustic Principles
07. Josh Wink – Everybody to the sun
08. Underworld – Ring Road (Kris Menace Remix)
09. Daft Punk – Rollin’ and Scratchin
10. Felix da Housecat – Kick Drum
11. Noir – All about House
12. Todd Terry – Can You Rock?
13. Frankie Knuckles – Set You Free
14. Ruffneck – Everybody be somebody
15. Kerri Chandler – Feel It
16. MyMy – Swiss on Rye
17. Gilles Peterson – Arroz Con Pollo
18. Soul Jazz Orchestra – Blind Leading the Blind
19.The 2 Bears – Be Strong
20. Rebotini – 777
21. Lee Jones – Safari
22. Soft Wasp – Power of a new Generation
23. Orbital – Halcyon On & On

Full link to the Black Box – No.55 page

DIRTYMIX 003 – Palenke Soultribe


Each week, one of our invited guest producers and dj’s will create an exclusive one hour continuous mix, giving them the chance to break genre barriers, and giving you an opportunity to explore a unique soundtrack.

This week LA based Palenke Soultribe step up for a session of breakbeats, electro-dance grooves and touches of traditional Afro-Colombian rhythms.

[Tracklist to follow – please check back]

Critically-acclaimed LA-based Colombian , Palenke Soultribe, have taken electronic music to new heights by deconstructing Afro-Colombian rhythms and blending them with underground beats and exploratory synthesizer sounds. Palenke Soultribe (PST) represents the new generation of Colombian musicians ready to break all the rules.

Interview by Yannick Joubert

Y: First for the fan who were at the concert in Chicago last week. How did you like your experience in the city?

Juan: Chicago is an amazing city. We are happy to know that Palenke brought us here. We had a chance to look around and admire its architecture and public spaces.

Y. Palenke as mini tribe… what music would you listen growing up? Personal favorite.

Juan: One af the good things about being a band, is that you have a variety of influences merging together onto a musical proposal. So for example all us were exposed to old Colombian music like cumbias, porros, etc..when we were kids, but also we had music coming on the radio from Europe an USA. We have very different influences anyway they go from The Beatles, Pixies, Michael Jackson. Even if they don’t fit under the same genre. At the end it is all art. I remember a savvy music teacher saying : ” …There are just two types of music : the good one,and the bad one” More recently The Chemical Brothers, Underworld, FatBoy Slim and Soulwax have directed our sound.

Y. How did you guys meet up ?

Juan: Me (Insecto) and Popa met in 1999 at recording studio in Manizales, Colombia where we were doing projects for our bands. We started to talk about music and felt we had great coincidences and similar visions of the music wwe would like to do then. We started to work on the project under a different name.” Polaina Dinamita” we released 4-5 songs. Polaina started to explore the possibilities of mixing electronica wit latin stuff. years later after a 4-5 year gap we resumed production in a different city, Los angeles; a differnet name, Palenke, We incorporated the incredible sound of drummer Zuluaga who gave us that extra punch we were looking for.

Y. How is the studio life working as a team with guest vocalist, and working on scoring movie soundtrack, how to you balance it all.

Juan: We take every challenge as an opportunity to do something artistic and to learn more. After all it is about using your ears, the experiences you have collected and the tools available. Sometimes we feel we are involved in too many things which adds some stress but that is the way it is gotta be now when we still have some physical strength!

Y. Today’s technology offer so many possibility and you guys seem to embrace it a lot seeing you use multiple controller with Ableton Live. How is the recording process vs. playing live, do you compose directly in Ableton?

Juan: Ableton is a great tool for us. Different producers have their own babies and I am not saying it is the greatest tool ever ( unless Ableton pays me 1 zillion dollars to say it) but it is the one that fits our needs. Both Live and Studio. The main advantage is it lets you alter things without pressing the STOP button. That allows us to create things on the fly. Virtually on the fly. We recently created a remix on a plane between Chicago- LAX. Then you get to LA, open the session in your studio, mix it for a couple of hours and send it over. That simple. It is the workflow.

Y. One of the thing I quite enjoy on your album is the fact that there’s multiple guest vocalist on there and your use of vocoder, the fusion of it all make quite it quite diverse, was there a reason for this. Any guest vocalist you would love to collaborate with?

Juan: Well I think started form knowing that we are decent producers but necessarily great singers. You have to know your limitations and work around that. Luckly we are close friends with great people like Itagui from Locos Por Juan, Sr. Mendez, Toddy Ivy, Pollyanna, we are always experimenting with different colors. Also, Technology can help. That probably make our records more bearable. Would you imagine Karl Hyde singing an electro-cumbia? that would be sick!

Y. Travelling around and playing around the world, do you keep the recording process going even on the road ?

Juan: We try to do stuff between tour dates. We work ideas on our spare time in hotels etc..Then when we find two weeks off we try to mix in the studio and record the instruments.

Y. Something random, if there was such a thing as brain add-on to bring more possibility to the music production would you get surgery to have the lastest toy?

Juan: Ha, ha! probably not. We always forget to recharge our cellphones, I know we would forget to recharge our brains.

Y. Soundcloud and social media propagation / Youtube revenue sharing… it’s starting to feel like Google and the Itunes store are becoming the new labels of this age, how do you feel about this, do you think it open up more opportunities for band than being on a label.

Juan: Well a label it is not a bad thing. Depending on your deal. But generally if you get a decent deal you will also benefit from their reputation, contacts and history. But it is not a must. You can develop you own thing if you have the time, the will and a decent product . They are great tools out there for a band to become known.

Y. What’s in the future box for Palenke? Dream place to play ? Favorite festival ?

Juan: We are working on our next EP . titled MAR. We just released another one called WEPALENKE. WE like the idea of releasing short records every 3-4 months . Thats keeps our fans close and it is a good way to track our progress. We have a load of show ahead of us that include USA, Colombia and Mexico. We are pursuing Europe and Canada. We would also love to play in Coachella.

Y. We love to share music and would like it if you could share artists we and your fans should check out.

Juan: Speaking of sharing . Please download our latest EP for free. Also check Locos por Juana (Miami) , Sr. Mendez (Venezuela), Superlitio (Colombia) , Blanali (Bogota) great friends and artists.

Y. Bonus Q Palenke Buffet…knowing your music we would love to have you guys to cook us a meal, what would it be?

Juan: Hey you should try the Ajiaco ( Colombian food) . We don’t feel that strong with the knifes and pans but we would take you to Las Tablas in Chicago and pay for it!!! deal?

Official Site:
Myspace :

Full link to the DIRTYMIX 003 – Palenke Soultribe page

Allex: Experiment No.05


You can hear in this episode some housy vocal tunes from Kurd Maverick, Moby, Karim Haas, great remixes by Arty, Swanky Tunes, massive Jochen Miller remix, one from Allex’s production and many more…

1. Helvetic Nerds – Mistaken Identity (Orignal Mix) [Unreleased Digital]
2. Vlad Topalov – Satisfied (Swanky Tunes Remix) [Emotive Sounds]
3. Karim Haas – Read My Mind (Ivan Spell Remix) [Spinnin Records]
4. Kurd Maverick – Shine A Light (Eddie Thoneick Dub Mix) [Vendetta Records]
5. Spencer & Hill – Who Knows (Original Mix) [Bazooka]
6. Moby – Wait For Me (Laidback Luke Remix) [Little Idiot] *** Best track from last episode ***
7. Hard Rock Sofa – Live Today (Swanky Tunes Remix) [PinkStar Records]
8. FoXa – The Balance Of The Soul (Allex Remix) [Green Martian (Bonzai Music)]
9. D-Mad – She Gave Happiness (Arty Remix) [Enhanced Progressive] *** Best track of this episode ***
10. Intersonic – Lifetime (Jochen Miller Dub Edit) [High Contrast Nu Breed]
11. Binary Finary – 1998 (Dabruck & Klein Remix) [Armada Music]
12. Taranhawk – Dopamine (Original Mix) [Soviet Recordings]


Full link to the Allex: Experiment No.05 page

Turnstylz ~ Sciryl/Kalae

This weekend on the Black Box radio show we will be featuring some seriously huge new hip hop from the extremely impressive Turnstylz and a rapper that has been turning heads all over New York and beyond, Sciryl.

Turnstylz are: Trevan Beatz, Dr. Watch, Seismic and Suga Ray

Forming in New York City in 2006, Turnstylz have endeavoured to push musical boundaries, bringing hip hop into the musical unknown and collaborating with a range of different musicians from all disciplines. Over the years their live shows and studio works have melted genres together through collaborations with other artists such as LOOT, Oveous Maximus and Styles P – this bringing out elements of funk, jazz and Latin in their already rich hip hop sound. More recently they have been collaborating with a fresh new Harlem rapper named Sciryl and rapper/vocalist Kalae

It’s hard to put your finger on just what exactly it is that separates Turnstylz from the usual dime-a-dozen Hip Hop group out there. Perhaps its the superior production and the dynamic and inventive arrangement of instrumentation… this mixed in with a more traditional hip hop beat that is deep enough to melt your brain, and hits hard enough to blow your ears off. If not that then maybe its their willingness to experiment.. their studio productions are rich with electronic elements.. everything from rhythms to vocals being bent and moulded to perfection – creating a whole new hip hop experience..

And if it isn’t that… then maybe its their most recent collaborations with Sciryl and Kalae. Songs like “Favourite Rapper” ingrain themselves deep in your brain for hours (even days) on end with clever lyrical hooks.. they keep your head nodding deep into the groove – even when the song is long over.

Turnstylz are currently working hard in their studio on brand new material that is constantly being uploaded for everyone to hear and download on their SoundCloud page. And you can also purchase some of their music from iTunes.

Turnstylz will be at this summers Sonar Festival and here’s hoping there will be a whole lot more European dates to follow!

This weekend we will be featuring a selection of brand new Turnstylz collaborations with Sciryl (including their latest collab with Sciryl and K Swift “Shadow Runner“)….. some improvised raps and a whole lot more.

Make sure you tune in live this Sunday on and get your hands around the podcast that will follow during the week.

Shadow Runner Feat. SciryL & K Swift by Turnstylz

Full link to the Turnstylz ~ Sciryl/Kalae page