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dirtylaundre sessions no.131



Enjoy the Silence. Of the Lambs. One of those quiet, eclectic type sessions for this week as I work on something dark for Halloween. A hodge podge of Ambient, Folktronica, Glitch, Shoegaze, Downtempo, and light Dubstep. This podcast is nearly beatless for the first 25 minutes.

01. Lloyd Cole & Hans-Joachim Roedelius – Still Life with Kannyu
02. Arrange – Airplane Notes
03. Ripperton – No More Airplanes
04. John Beltran – Of All The Things In This World
05. Seaworthy + Taylor Dupree – Winter
06. John Beltran – The Second I Wake
07. Thrupence – Winston
08. Ghosts – Grief and Sleep
09. Space Dimension Controller – 2357 A.D.
10. Noah – Do You Remember
11. James & Evander – Nostalgia
12. Deptford Goth – Real Love Fantasy (Reprise)
13. Hearts of Black Science – Silver
14. Nosaj Thing feat. Kazu Makino – Eclipse/Blue
15. Mechanical Me – Beachy Head (Bonobo Remix)
16. Andrea feat. Julia Losfelt – Early Bird
17. Myth Syzer – No Worry Guitar By Dream Koala
18. Soosh – Uncertain (Evenings Remix)
19. Arts The Beatdoctor – These Pieces Fit
20. Bonobo feat. Cornelia – Pieces
21. Soosh – For You (DELS & Eli-T Remix)
22. Lost Tribe – Rain
23. Tokimonsta – Waiting for The Break of Dawn
24. Other Lives – Tamer Animals (Silver Swans Remix)
25. Bon Iver – Holocene (Clueless Remix)
26. South London Ordnance feat. Brolin – Black Acre
27. Retro Stefson – Solaris
28. Henry Saiz – Fill Me Up (Essay’s Run Away Remix)
29. Burial – U.K. (Ollie Macfarlane Remix)
30. The Walton Hoax – Chemical Burn (TTP Remix)
31. Rimshox – Still Here
32. Imogen Heap – Hide and Seek (Enigma Remix)


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dirtylaundre sessions no.119



Shoeglitch-Hop. Another eclectic blend of beats, glitch, folk, raps and thangs.

01. Origamibiro – Sedimental Value (aus Remix)
02. Snasen – Failing Upwards
03. Jens Buchert – Thoughts
04. Silent Strike feat. DJ Limun – The Way It Is
05. Monokle – Swan (Daisuke Tanabe Remix)
06. Haraket – Taint (Ben Hauke Remix)
07. Cloudfactory – Hypersense
08. Stumbleine – Ember (Sorrow Remix)
09. Space Ghost – King City
10. Long Arm – When Children Sleep (Empt Remix)
11. Nosaj Thing – Tell
12. The xx – Reconsider (Jamie xx Edit)
13. The Streets – Weak Become Heroes (King Krule Remix)
14. Mount Kimbie feat. King Krule – Meter, Pale, Tone
15. Ghostpoet – Meltdown
16. Samaris – Go?ða Tungl (Sei A Remix)
17. Kid Cudi – Falling Star (R3K Remix)
18. Break Science – Flocyde (Florence & The Pharcyde)


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dirtylaundre sessions no. 113



“the softer side of sears” … gentle wash for the delicates. front loading for reduced noise and vibration for quieter operations. just add fragrance free and some fabric softeners. if you don’t have enough washables, it may get noiser towards the end of the rinse and spin cycles:

lost in the stream:

01. Part Timer – Cano (Rat Permit Version)
02. Dominik Eulberg – Als Er Den Gleibenden Rand Seines Schattens Sah
03. Nils Frahm – Re (Modiac Rework)
04. Synkro feat. Indigo – Mutual Divide
05. The Boats – The Ballad of Omission
06. Error Operator – August Filled With Rain
07. Bomb The Bass feat. Paul Conboy – No Bones
08. Deptford Goth – People Get Stll (Demo Version)
09. John Beltran – The Second I Wake
10. The Luyas – Lady Stardust (David Bowie Cover)
11. Birkwin Jersey feat. Vienna – We Don’t Go To Dances
12. Sun Glitters – Loving Poem by JemInEye vs Sun Glitters
13. Sabi – Sleepy Emerald vs He Ostrich
14. Moby & Mark Lanengan – The Lonely Night (Moby’s January 14 Remix)
15. James & Evander – Nostalgia (shortchircles Remix)
16. Chihei Hatakeyama – Inside Of The Pocket
17. Guerre – For Qwanisha
18. Twigs – Hide
19. Ricky Eat Acid + Arrange – Alumni
20. Karl Hyde – The Night Slips Us Smiling Underneath It’s Dress
21. Lymbyc Systym – Prairie School
22. Neneh Cherry & The Thing – Dream Baby Dream (Four Tet Remix)


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Lass mich rein, rein, beinhart wie du sein, lass mich in dein Aug’ hinein – German Soldier 😉

01. Aerosol – A Slow Beginning
02. Grimes – Skin
03. Lydia Lunch – “What it is”
04. Burial – Loner
05. The Flashbulb – The History Of Rain
06. Bonobo – The Keeper (Banks Remix)
07. Houses – Endless Spring
08. Poliça – Wandering Star (feat. Mike Noyce)
09. Tycho – A Circular Reeducation
10. Shlohmo – Wen Uuu
11. Joseph Arthur – Visit Us
12. Aphex Twin – Lichen
13. Mark Lanegan Band – Deep Black Vanishing Train
14. Kinack – Free Dance
15. Soko – For Marlon

Full link to the DOKTA – PLAYING THE NURSE #62 page

dirtylaundre sessions – No.68


Bits, Blips & Chimes…a dirty-fied, post-holiday thingy for the ears. It sounds seasonal for a chunk of it’s running time, before veering towards a different context as it nears the end. We are non-traditional here.

Minami Ozaki – Wanwa Opening Theme
Zooey Deschanel & Will Ferrell (from Elf) – Baby It’s Cold Outside

01. Porn Sword Tobacco – Welcome / Sjöbodarna Står Tomma Över Jul
02. Vector Lovers – Rusting Cars and Wildflowers
03. Apparat – A Bang in The Void
04. Torb – 4Ever Young
05. Giraffage – Moments
06. Steve Hauschildt – Already Replaced
07. Dam Mantle – Movements
08. Teebs – Jahara
09. Gold Panda – Heaps
10. Ben Butler & Mousepad – Mag Mag (Shigeto Remix)
11. Nobukazu Takemura – Drittehalb
12. Tegan & Sara – Alligator (Four Tet Remix)
13. Tycho – Hours (Teen Daze Remix)
14. Pale Sketcher – Can I Go Now (Gone Version) [Donnacha Costello Remix]
15. BT feat Jes – Every Other Way (Hammock Remix)
16. Sigur Rós – Hljómalind

I was going to make a year end / new year mix, but most of my ideas sound a bit anti-climactic at the moment…so Sessions will be going on a short hiatus and be back by February(?). Stay Dirty!

Full link to the dirtylaundre sessions – No.68 page

Dokta – Playing the nurse #56


Somebody was trying to tell me that CDs are better than vinyl because they don’t have any surface noise. I said, “Listen, mate, *life* has surface noise.” – John Peel

I’ll start doing my podcast weekly again properly like a good toe boy 😉 as I am writing this the new Gui Boratto album is available for streaming preview… it was hard not to stop my podcast recording to go and listen, no early bed today. The show today is a bit oddly blended, might get a little of a brain freeze at time, one of those day trying to suck it down too fast, will learn, will learn… at some point in kelemenopy time.

01. Erland & The Carnival – We All Die
02. Houses – Soak It Up
03. Tycho – Hours
04. Kelpe – Beat Imperial
05. Jonas Reinhardt – Leaving The Touch Taboo
06. Erland & The Carnival – I Wish, I Wish
07. Daniel Van Lion – The Wind
08. Ladytron – Ambulances
09. Arms and Sleepers – Escape
10. Daniel Van Lion – Behind The Roots
11. Tycho – Cascade (Live Version)
12. Houses – Alone, Dear
13. M83 – Where The Boats Go
14. Rivulets – The Road

Bonus : Gui Boratto album preview : here

Gui Boratto – The Drill (KOM 232) by Kompakt


Full link to the Dokta – Playing the nurse #56 page

Dokta – Playing the nurse #55


“Agressive music can only shock you once. Afterwards its impact declines. It’s inevitable.” Brian Eno

01. Robin Guthrie – The Little Light Fades
02. Apparat – Goodbye (Feat. Anja Plaschg)
03. Port-Royal – Spider Toupet
04. John Foxx and the Maths – The Good Shadow
05. Ocoeur – Ephemeral Beauty
06. Emika – Pretend
07. – Snowday
08. Firefox AK – Heavy With Rain
09. Robin Guthrie – Emeralds
10. Apparat – Escape
11. Robin Guthrie – Radiola
12. Robert Smith – Small Hours (John Martyn cover)
13. Jóhann Jóhannsson – Rainwater
14. House of Wolves – Ageless

Extra Extra: … in progress…

John Martyn tribute… I first heard the Robert Smith cover of John Martyn back a year and a half ago in studio, I was visiting Jim in his studio and he was working on the song so I was able to get an early peek at it 😉 kinda like giving drugs to a kid and holding out on him for over a year… I couldn’t wait to hear it again 😉 I was introduced to John Martyn in the weirdest way, I friend of mine was friend with John Martyn producer and one day we just went over his house I can’t recall why but well hey yan wanna go to a studio… sure lol… I did and it was great friendly Jim over there just playing us stuff and talking about music, I didn’t much of who he had worked with but one thing led to another and I ended up talking about Brian Eno and he went and said who truly invented ambient music… I had no clue what he was talking about but I played along, he talked about the echoplex and got a old tape recording he had and started to play it, no one talked for the next 8-9 minutes… like each of us were getting our best musical fellatio ever… he played us Anna… an unreleased live recording, back from 1980 or so… I was almost in tear listening to it, he made me a cd-r copy and after we left I sent a message to Karl Hyde of Underworld via my cell phone… I got something for you… I sent him the track and a few days later it was played over the BBC radio for an Underworld Special broadcast… the song touched all of us.. 😉 my first exposure to John was this song and it touched me deeply, so soon after I started to buy his “best of” collection and I didn’t know where to start with all the album he had out. It took me a bit of time to get into the genre but he’s one of the main reason I do my show, I would have never have listened to folk the way I am doing right now without his work, to feel something as deep as possible. He’s an inspiration for all. I good man who wanted the best. Bless you John.

Full link to the Dokta – Playing the nurse #55 page

Dokta – Playing the nurse #54


“In my dreams the world would come alive, becoming so captivatingly majestic, free and ethereal, that afterwards it would be oppressive to breathe the dust of this painted life.”

01. King Creosote & Jon Hopkins – First Watch
02. King Creosote & Jon Hopkins – John Taylor’s Month Away
03. Silver Swans – Best Friend In Love
04. Natalie Beridze / TBA – Forever Has No Shadow
05. Light Leak – Lebenslust
06. Fill – Tribute
07. Giorgio Li Calzi – Eyes Wide Open ft. Hayley Alker
08. Natalie Beridze / TBA – Silently
09. Two Bicycles – I’m Not Affraid To Wait For You
10. The Flashbulb – Teeming Disconnected
11. Vector Lovers – Kissed You By The Fountain
12. Giorgio Li Calzi – Zapaterista
13. Lamb – Strong The Root (Seedling Mix)
14. Bob Carpenter – Silent Passage
15. Arms and Sleepers – Rire Jaune

Full link to the Dokta – Playing the nurse #54 page

Black Box – No.56


Black Box No.56 – Yet another meandering trip through the musical madness of the Black Box. We check out some Kyle Hall, and a little bit of bass I picked up on my travels. It gets Jazzy, Classical, Folky and everything in between. Nothing ever changes.

01. Grateful Dead – Truckin
02. KMFH – Solar Funk
03. Untold – Fly Girls
04. McCoy Tyner – Night in Tunisia
05. Horace Andy – Fever
06. Cinematic Orchestra – Child Song
07. Dodger Man – Mango Tree
08. FSOL – You’re Creaping Me Out
09. Satie – Veritables Preludes Flasques
10. Halves – Growing and Glow
11. John Frusciante – In Relief
12. Neil Young – Sugar Mountain
13. Elmore James – Strange Angel
14. Burial – Wounder
15. Distal – Grape Donut

Full link to the Black Box – No.56 page

Dokta – Playing The Nurse #50


i wonder where the heart is? under the cherry tree? not the willow… he is much too sad to hold a heart so much blood on her hands i wonder where the blood dances at night when you close your eyes, they’re gone. – lady shadoe

01. Memoryhouse – Diving Lessons
02. Marlene Cardaman – Look Away, Come closer
03. Gonjasufi – Candylane (Bibio Remix)
04. SONOIO – Houdini
05. aKido – Mrchf Thftr
06. Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse – Everytime I’m With You
07. Hidden Orchestra – Strammer
08. Timber Timbre – Under Your Spell
09. Neil Young – Hitchhiker
10. Digitonal – Amberkreiss
11. Bedouin Soundclash – Brutal Heart ft. Coeur de Pirate
12. Fennesz – Vacuum
13. God Help The Girl – The Prychiatrist Is In
14. The Legendary Pink Dots – Hauptbahnhof
15. Rick Smith – Tokyo<>London 4

As a bonus, here’s my favorite song from all the previous 50 show.. last 2-3 years of dirtyradio… Soap&Skin is the experimental musical project of Austrian artist Anja Plaschg, the song is called The Sun, one of the most inspiring song for me I’ve heard since Dirty Epic of Undeworld and Anna by John Martyn a track that was actually never officially released… but should be coming out on John Martyn upcoming homage album, Small Hour (a variation of Anna) is covered by Robert Smith of The Cure and raised my toes while listening to the early cuts.

John Martyn – Anna

dokta – playing the nurse #50, notes…

I never really introduced to talked about the show all that much… but i feel like sharing a bit more info, the show started a few years ago, it didn’t have a name or any structure, I would usually hijack the dirtyradio stream and randomly play stuff for friend that where online listening, often playing lots of underworld or whatever promo I had got my hands on, 99% drunk and passing out on air leaving stuff playing on random for hours until somebody would kick me out of the stream. I did that quite a lot… I’m lucky no one ever kicked me out by my behavior. A few years went by then dirty radio changed hands and was in limbo for a while until Mike Bower took things over and did an amazing job of organizing everything like a boot-camp, we suffered a lot of pain to work with schedule and upgrade our microphone but here we are now 😉 still drunk on the air but we are on time sometime and our mic monk are getting better.

As for me I do the show for myself, usually it’s my favorite track I’ve stumbled about in the last week or 2 and I try to make a show out of it… so it’s usually all over the place and doesn’t always flow well while reflecting my state of mind… I am often asked why the nurse bit…it’s just self medicating with music.

All the best keep smiling and listening. For you, for me.

Full link to the Dokta – Playing The Nurse #50 page

DIRTYMIX 008 – Graham Wood


Each week, one of our invited guest producers and dj’s will create an exclusive one hour continuous mix, giving them the chance to break genre barriers, and giving you an opportunity to explore a unique soundtrack.

This week we welcome a co-founder of the design agency Tomato – Graham Wood…


01. Tim Buckley – Strange Feelin’
02. The Congos – Children Crying
03. Chris Farlowe – Out of Time
04. Prince Alla – Stone
05. Talk Talk – After the Flood
06. Prince Far I – Deck of Life
07. Bill Fay – Methane River
08. Steve Harley – Sebastian
09. Prince Far I – Negusa Nagast
10. Tim Hardi n – Andre Johray
11. Chris Bell – I Am The Cosmos
12. King Tubby meets Jacob Miller – 80 000 Dubs
13. King Biscuit Time – I Walk the Earth
14. Peyote – Alcatraz

About Graham Wood
Born in London in 1965. B.A. (Hons) St. Martins School of Art, graduated in 1990. M.A. St. Martins, graduated in 1991, also founded “TOMATO” with some graphic designers, artists and other. Art director/designer for Leagas Delaney Advertising for 1992-93. Clients have included Nike, Porsche, The Guardian, Seat, Adidas, MTV, Becks beer and so on. XYZ magazine awards for digital typography in 1993. Judge for design jury D&AD, U.K., in 1

As a founding member of Tomato, Graham Wood has been one of graphic design’s leading figures for more than a decade. Three months ago, however, he followed fellow Tomato member John Warwicker and Peter Saville as the latest big design name to begin working for an advertising agency.

Ostensibly, Wood has joined the design department at JWT New York as creative director, but his role has the potential to be far more wide-reaching. “We’re still discussing what my role is,” he says. “When [chief creative officer] Ty [Montague] asked me what I wanted to do, I said ‘just give me a desk and I’ll sit in a corner and make stuff’. I look at things and try to make them what I think is better, which could be just a matter of moving some type or could be about inverting the whole process – processes in large companies can become very prescribed and don’t have the chance to live. You can’t storyboard happy accidents.”

A refurb of the creative department at JWT so that everyone sits in one big open space is designed to encourage the kind of wide-ranging involvement that Wood hopes will allow him to help produce more interesting work across the whole agency. “We’re trying to avoid everything being so demarcated, to be open and have people talk to one another,” he says.

Unlike Warwicker, whose position at Grey London was always meant to be temporary, Wood has made a long-term commitment to JWT. He is no longer a part of Tomato. “I’d been with them since college – I hadn’t known anything else,” he says. Even though Wood moved to Sweden four years ago, he continued to work on Tomato projects, but no longer. “It just felt like time really,” he says of his decision to leave. “I had two options – either start my own studio or to go into something like this.”

Wood says he chose the latter because of the scale of the possibilities at such a large organisation. “Coming to NY is a big cultural leap but the job isn’t – I’ve been here before in various ways. The biggest leap is being in a different country with a different culture.”

One of his targets is to instill more self-confidence in the people at JWT – to encourage personal work which may then lead into client projects in the same way that Tomato works. “Agencies used to be about getting people in to do the work, there needs to be an inversion of that process,” he says. “There doesn’t seem to be any other plan than to make very interesting work both for oneself and for others.”

Graham Wood Interview by Yannick Joubert and Barbara Mertens

Y: Hello Graham and welcome to the Dirtyradio DirtyMix, please tell us a little bit about your song selection for your mix.

G: hello yannick and everyone and thankyou for having me. the songs are a bit glass/bottle/bottle/glass. a bit woo, a bit wahey, a little bit me, a little bit you. something for everyone for a sunny day when all you need is happy neighbours and a lovely campari and orange. you’ve done the dusting, your shoes are in alphabetical order and, just for brief moment, that feeling that they are coming for you recedes to a gentle neurosis rather than the usual full-blown paranoia.

Y: Tell us a little bit about your relationship to making video clip for band over the years.

its like the difference between a banana and a plantain. bananas make me uneasy but i don’t half love the glorious plantain.

Y: Any favorite piece of work? Most time consuming?

the live visuals (when i was doing them). both favorite (because it was so varied and rich and joyful as well as truly collaborative and ground breaking although i say so myself) and also most time consuming too (because ultimately it was the product of 6/7 years of work).

Y: What did you dream last night?

i can’t remember the details but i do remember it was like an epic action movie.

Y: How do you feel about the sky/space/stars?


Y: Do play music while working ?


Y: How is the chemistry like while working with Underworld.


Y: Is there a theme to the mix ? I feel like it’s time I booked a vacation on the moon.

the theme is ‘i feel like it’s time i booked a vacation on the moon.’

Coffee, tea, juice or brains?


Y: What does your perfect Sunday look like?

working backwards from evening-a good film or drama on the television with some trifle and extra custard (with real vanilla not vanilla ‘flavouring’ or ‘extract’ but proper from a vanilla pod) and perhaps also extra jelly. actually its easier to start with morning because i’m already confused trying to work this out . . . a nice lay in until about 9.30/10, breakfast with family somewhere lovely and if its sunny then ideally outside, perhaps a little wander for a bit, take the kids to the cinema, weekly shopping, probably a bit of a tidy up at home and a ponder on what to wear for monday so its all nicely planned, often cook something for early evening (particularly if friends are coming around), if friends don’t visit then its the first thing i wrote,and then all nicely tucked in bed with either a film on the laptop or something on the ipod (these days i often fall asleep listening to LSG/oliver lieb)

Y: Do you play an instrument?

yes but no.

Y: Do you have plans with full length film?

i would like to do that but i wonder . . .

Y: go you feel that design is kind of like cooking a meal ?

it depends.

Y: Night owl or early bird ?


Y: Any more book like Tycho’s Nova coming in the future ?

i hope so.

maybe not books though.

there’s a couple of things i’ve done since that havent come out (yet), other little thoughts. i’d like to do something with interactivity that was like that . . . the thing on the PSP WISP (the Miracles and Wonders thing) was an early go at that. i’d like to do much much more with that kind of thing. i deeply respect and admire how Jonathan Harris has really thought about narrative and interactivity. that’s truly impressive and beautiful. also Roy Ascott is an inspiration for this kind of potential work.

Full link to the DIRTYMIX 008 – Graham Wood page

Dokta – Playing The Nurse #47


Mmm chill mood with some beat… I introduced the show as not being electronic much, the animal hq was closed and the zoo keeper served as a kit kat moment for them, we left the error as it was and moved on to another day.

01. Gloire Carton – Polansick
02. Lilja Bloom – Mother
03. Hatchback – Comets (Beatbroker Remix)
04. Molecule – Feels Like You feat. Blond Dub Sexy Sound
05. PQ – Somebody Should Repeat My Summer (PQ Remix)
06. Jonny Dylan Hughes – Of All The Things We’ve Made (OMD Cover)
07. Molecule – Baby Girl 2014 feat. Martina Topley-Bird
08. Brassica – Made Up My Mind
09. Flykkiller – Peroxide
10. PQ – The Blind Architect
11. The Streets – A Blip On A Screen
12. Max Richter – Journey 5
13. Jonny Dylan Hughes – The Great Comforter
14. The Future Sound Of London – The Oldest Lady
15. Sylvain Chauveau – Show the Clear and Lonelay Way
16. Matthew Dear – Gem

Full link to the Dokta – Playing The Nurse #47 page

Dokta – Playing The Nurse #46


You’ve got to choose a wish or command… back from a few weeks hiatus dream chaos rewire loop, the membrane has been all over the place so this show will reflect on that in a way another time… dokta’s own music will make its way into the show soon, stay tuned.

01. Intro talk
02. Speck Mountain – Angela (Ice Cream Remix) *
03. Soap & Skin – Maybe Not (Cat Power cover)
04. Laurie Anderson – The Beginning Of Memory
05. Ochre – Pteron **
06. Clubroot – Toe To Toe
07. The Books – I Am Who I Am
08. Sepalcure – Love Pressure
09. We Are The World – Fight Song
10. Arms And Sleepers – The Architekt (Lymbyc System Remix)
11. Ikonika – Video Delays
12. Caribou – Jamelia
13. The Books – Chain Of Missing Links
14. Andreya Triana – A Town Called Obsolete (Mount Kimbie Remix)
15. Home Video – Every Love That Ever Was
16. Rafael Anton Irisarri – Fractal

* = Dedicated to Miki
** = Dedicated to Steve

Full link to the Dokta – Playing The Nurse #46 page

Black Box – No.31


Black Box No.31 – This week we have a bit of soul with Scott-Heron, funk with Mr. Brown, we have a listen to two greats of the rap world… and a master of the guitar…The Black Box is an eclectic mix available on and

Cette semaine un peu du soul avec Gil Scott-Heron, du funk avec M. Brown, nous écoutons deux légendes du monde du Rap… et un maitre de la guitare… The Black Box est un mix éclectique disponible sur et C’est une émission multiculturelle et multilingue !!!

Black Box sur Facebook !!!
Black Box sur Soundcloud !!!

And visit our website here!!!

1. Gil Scott-Heron – The Bottle
2. Fluke – Top Of The World
3. James Brown – I Got Ants in my Pants and I Need To Dance!
4. Beasty Boys – The Melee
5. Louis Jordan – Fat Sam from Birmingham
6. Kenny Burrel & John Coltrane – Freight Train
7. Aphex Twin – Pulsewidth
8. Busta Rhymes – Who Hah!! Got You All In Check
9. Wu-Tang Clan – Da Mystery of Chessboxin’
10. Taste – Sinner Boy
11. John Martyn – Cocaine
12. Funk 4 Sale – Ocean Games
13. Kíla – Tóg é Go Bog é
14. Gil Scott-Heron – The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

If you have music you want to hear, or if you want to get in contact with me… or if you want to correct my French… send your tracks to my dropbox or send me an email

Full link to the Black Box – No.31 page

Music Review Show • 2009


Welcome to a special collaborative show featuring some of our favoraite music releases of 2009. Dave (Black Box) Yannick (Dokta) and Mike (Dancecast) discuss and debate some of the highlights from a strong year for electronic music. We are keen to get feedback from you about this show, it is something we want to repeat on a regular basis – simply email us

We are also interested in your favoraite releases from this year, simply comment below or get onto our facebook page and discuss with our community…

Albums that we discuss on this show:

Fink – Sort Of Revolution chosen by Dave.

Track played was ‘Sort of Revolution’.
More info

Fink is the recording moniker of Finian Greenhall, who has made the unlikely musical journey from being an ambient techno trip-hop artist to a serious singer/songwriter in less than a decade. Born in Bristol, England, Greenhall was obsessed with guitar as a teenager, eagerly exploring the indie scene. Then he discovered raving, and the guitars went out the window as he immersed himself completely in ambient techno. Greenhall recorded an album of techno beats with Lee Jones (aka Hefner) that was eventually released under the name EVA by Kickin? Records in 1995. The record attracted the attention of Ninja Tune Records, which signed Greenhall as a trip-hop artist. Billing himself as Fink, Greenhall released a pair of EPs, 1997’s Finkfunk and 1998’s Front Side Blunt Side, on Ninja Tune’s Ntune imprint, then delivered the full-length Fresh Produce in 2000. But Fink was undergoing a sea change, and had picked up the guitar again. By the time the folky and acoustic-based Biscuits for Breakfast was released (again on the Ntune label) in 2006, Fink had completed the transformation from electronica artist into a full-fledged singer/songwriter, a move that initially baffled his fan base. In 2009, Fink issued the widely celebrated Sort of Revolution, a set that furthered his acoustic singer/songwriter ambitions, refined them, and combined them seamlessly with his DJ skills, albeit subtly and atmospherically.

Italoboyz – Bla Bla Bla chosen by Mike.

Track played was ‘Techno Tower’.
More info

Italoboyz are actually two grown men, Marco Donato and Frederico Marton. Bored with mainstream house in their native Italy, the pair moved to London in the nineties in search of a more underground sound. Since then they’ve been DJing parties and collaborating with producers such as James What, Ed Davenport, Gummihz and Alban Hi Dini, resulting in Italoboyz releases on the labels Treibstoff, Einmaleins Musik and Safari Electronique.
Donato also runs Minimal London, a collective of London-based producers that counts in its ranks Dub Kult, Mark Henning, Mark Ashken and Gummihz. Blending house, minimal and a wacky attitude, the Italoboyz might not play Italodisco, but they sure know how to have fun.

Gui Boratto – Take My Breath Away chosen by Yan.

Track played was ‘No Turning Back’.
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Born in 1974 in São Paulo Brazil, Gui Boratto, architect, musician, composer and producer initiated his career in the advertising sector in 1993. From 1994 until 2004 he performed various works for countless record labels both national and international, such as EMI, Virgin, Irma, BMG, Edel, Vidisco, ZYX, among others. It was 10 years of honest and competent work for consecrated artists such as Pato Banton, Garth Brooks, Steel Pulse, Desiree, Mano Chao, Gal Costa, Chico Buarque, Fernanda Porto, Kaleidoscópio, Leila Pinheiro, and many others.

Gui Boratto is A&R and one of the owners, with his partner and brother Tchorta, of the Brazilian independent label, Megamusic, distributed by Trama. From 2005 he began to dedicate himself to his own productions and compositions, displaying to the public an authoral and more personalized side to his abilities. With countless licenses with respected European labels, such as Plastic City, Circle, Kompakt, Audiomatique, among others, Gui Boratto has managed to appear in the chart and playlists of people like Michael Mayer, Tiefschwarz, Steve Bug, Phonique, Martin Landsky, Hernan Cattaneo, among others.

With respect for his talent growing in the world scene, Gui Boratto is a name to look out for on the Brazilian house, techno and minimal scene.

Josh Wink – When A Banana Was A Banana chosen by Dave.

Track played was ‘Counter Clock 319’.
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In 1990, Josh met up with a kindred spirit, fellow Philly jock, King Britt whose interests also include rap and acid jazz. Pooling their interests and blending their differences, the duo waxed E-culture’s “Tribal Confusion” for respected New York based indie label, Strictly Rhythm. The record was a surprising commercial success and established both DJs as artists to watch on the global dance music scene.

1995 was an especially good year for Josh. He scored 3 consecutive European smashes – all out of his modest 16-track bedroom studio – which unquestionably took dance music to a dizzying plateau. First came “Don’t Laugh” – recorded as Winx and issued via Nervous Records – where Josh took a minimal techno beat and looped an incessant sample of a whacko laughing his head off. It was a stroke of sheer genius. The single broke down international language barriers and eventually sold more than 500,000 units.

Invitations to spin at prestigious nightspots all over the world have been pouring in since, but as his career has progressed, he has stayed true to his roots, never selling out and always maintaining his integrity, always coming home to his beloved Philadelphia.

Deadmau5 – For Lack of A Better Name chosen by Mike.

Track played was ‘The 16th Hour’.
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Deadmau5 (real name Joel Zimmerman) is a progressive house and electro house producer from Toronto, Canada. His extensive discography includes tracks such as “Arguru” and “Not Exactly”, which have been included in compilation albums such as In Search of Sunrise 6: Ibiza, MixMag’s Tech-Trance-Electro-Madness (mixed by Deadmau5 himself), and on Armin van Buuren’s A State of Trance radio show. His debut album, Random Album Title, was released in 2008, with its follow-up compilation album of old and new songs, For Lack of a Better Name, in 2009. On October 28, 2009, DJ Magazine announced the results of their annual Top 100 DJ Poll, placing Ultra Records artist Deadmau5 at #6, a jump from #11 the previous year.

As well as his own extensive solo back catalogue, Deadmau5 is recognised for his work alongside numerous other DJs and producers, such as:Kaskade, MC Flipside, Rob Swire of Pendulum, and Steve Duda under the BSOD alias.

Flunk – This Is What You Get chosen by Yan.

Track played was ‘Common Sense’.
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The band began as a project between Ulf, and Jo in Oslo, Norway in winter 2000 and 2001. Beginning as an instrumental and sampled vocal project, they were signed for a track on a compilation by Beatservice Records in winter 2001. On hearing the finished track, label manager Vidar Hanssen signed the unnamed band for a full album.

During early summer 2001, Ulf and Jo recorded most of the album and Anja improvised the vocals. After their vocals, Jo layered the guitars, but it would be a year before the album would be completed and released. In spring 2002, the band was known as Flunk and they released their first single, a cover of New Order’s Blue Monday in April. The track was well received in the UK and was included on numerous compilations in North America and Europe. Later in April, their debut album For Sleepyheads Only was released which garnered great reviews in Norway.

Throughout 2003 their debut, For Sleepyheads Only was still being echoed across the globe in staggered releases with special editions released to Russia and Greece. Beatservice Records then went on to release Treat Me Like You Do – For Sleepyheads Only Remixed in June. While their debut continued to make its way around, the band wasted no time and began work on their second album for the majority of the year, which was recorded in Paris in October.

Their second album, Morning Star was finished in March 2004 and saw a Norwegian release in May while it was released in the rest of the world in June. In 2005, Play America was released on Beatservice Records which included bonus tracks from the US version of Morning Star along with remixes. In 2007 Flunk released their next album, Personal Stereo, while May 2009 saw the release of This Is What You Get, which includes a cover version of Radiohead’s Karma Police.

Susumu Yokota – Mother chosen by Dave.

Track played was ‘Ray Of Light’.
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Susumu Yokota is a prolific Japanese composer. Yokota is well known in the English-speaking independent music scene for his albums of experimental ambient music. However, he has also had a long career as a house music DJ and has released several highly-regarded albums of house music. He has released several albums under pseudonyms including Stevia, Ebi, and others.

Susumu Yokota has released his work on several different labels most recent of which is Lo Recordings in collaboration with Skin Tone.

Lee Coombs – Light & Dark chosen by Mike.

Track played was ‘Not A Game (ft “Seasunz”)’.
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Light and Dark is the culmination of Lee’s nearly 20 years on the forefront of electronic music and takes listeners through a history of electronic music, whether they know it or not. The album carries the raw essence and edginess of 1991’s burgeoning musical birth without seeming contrived. Lee has managed to warp time it seems by creating a masterpiece of a record that seamlessly blends his musical experience and genius from both the past and the present. Grimey old school analog sounds fused with bold techy drum progressions and the BIG tech funk sound that Lee is known for. The innovative use of vocal cuts and Lee’s innate ability to infect all his music with that little touch of dirty sonic mayhem really take this record to the next level.

Fusing all the elements of the genres he favors is a definitive mark of Lee Coombs’ music. By integrating elements of Tech-Funk (a genre that didn’t exist before Lee and a few other industry vets – Elite Force, Meat Katie, Dylan Rhymes, coined the phrase), Breaks, House, Electro and Techno, Coombs has once again has broken the boundaries of music and how we perceive it. Light and Dark pushes all the right buttons by somehow fusing essential elements of everything we love about electronic music, those intangible parts that can never be explained, just experienced.

Parov Stelar – Coco chosen by Yan.

Track played was ‘Coco’.
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Parov Stelar aka Marcus Füreder is a musician who lives and works in Linz, Austria. His style is characterized by the freedom of jazz combined with the groove of house and breakbeat. He performs as a DJ worldwide, where his sample-heavy remixes borrow enough from both modern beats and 1930s jazz as to be appropriate for both the dancefloor or the easy chair. His creative blends of old and new sounds have lead some [who?] to describe his music as steampunk or neo-Victorian. Parov Stelar is the head of Etage Noir Recordings.

Outro track – Lee Coombs – Moog Acid

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