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Tellings – No.18


Après une longue absence, Tellings revient en présentant une selection immersive avec une incursion dans l’électroacoustique, mais principalement dans les certaines sorties récentes en dubstep, ambient et IDM, et notamment l’indispensable album d’anbb et le très bon maxi de Pinch sorti sur Swamp 81.

En dernière partie, l’émission aborde des sonorités plus industrielles, avec les productions de Speedy J et Amon Tobin.

01. James Horner – Inside Regula I
02. Nana April Jun – Space-Time Continuum
03. Bas Van Huizen – Starterface
04. Brian Eno – Horse
05. anbb – Ret Marut Handshake
06. Jimi Hendrix – And the Gods Made Love
07. Senking – Breathing Trouble
08. Pinch – Croydon House
09. Amon Tobin – Shut Down
10. Prefuse 73 – Violent Bathroom Exchange
11. Speedy J – Vopak
12. Autechre – Cep puiqMX
13. Amon Tobin – It’s a Lovely Night
14. The Caretaker – Long Term (Remote)

La prochaine émission arrivera en décembre, suivez l’actualité de l’émission sur sa page facebook / Next show will take place in december, please check the official facebook page for more info.

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Full link to the Tellings – No.18 page

Tellings – No.08 – 2010-01-07


Here it is. Winter, with its snowflakes, blinking lights, slipping people. But this cold intensifies the perception of sounds too. The feeling of density is heavier, everything seems so deep, but so near at the same time…

01. Monolake – Infinite Snow
02. JPLS – Convolution
03. Mika Vainio – Roma A.D. 2727
04. Ben Frost – Peter Venkman Pt II
05. Jerry Goldsmith – The Skeleton
06. Bernard Parmegiani – Géologie sonore
07. Dopplereffekt – Mirror Symmetry
08. Robert Henke – Hommage 17
09. Lawrence English – Allay
10. aMute – Landslips
11. Alva Noto – Xerrox Sora
12. Björk – Headphones (Ø Remix)

Tellings Fb page

Full link to the Tellings – No.08 – 2010-01-07 page

ADRIENNE – No.20 – 2009-10-17



fine-tuned the past, thinking about the rest. new banner for new music. this is mostly fresh ambient incoming for this week. the sound closest to the air it plays with. it’s also got kind of an arc going doesn’t it?

01. Stuart Matthewman // Intro Horn Theme (Northfork)
02. Danny Norbury // All the Stars Are Out Tonight
03. Solo Andata // In the Light Storming
04. D. R. Radio // Made To Dream
05. Mika Vainio // Silencés Traverses de Monde et des Anges
06. Loscil // Strathcona
07. Simon Scott // Flood Inn
08. Jana Winderen / Submerged
09. Christopher Tignor // Last Nights on Eagle Street
10. Segue // Never
11. Tsukimono // Gloomy Sunday
12. –


Full link to the ADRIENNE – No.20 – 2009-10-17 page

Black Box – No.09 – 2009-07-13

Black Box
Black Box No. 09 – This edition of the Black Box involves a fairly accident prone journey through the myspace world. We start our trip at the In The Black Box home page, selecting a friend from the masses we have accumulated over the years, and then one friend from the “top friends” option for each artist there after. We all use our “top friends” section as an oportunity to associate ourselves with an artist or person, a place where we can promote a friends music, or show our support for our favourite artists. This leads us from the mundane to the bizarre…. so strap yourself in and enjoy the ride. (excuse the blips and blops, mixing music live off myspace aint easy!!) 😉

01. In The Black Box – Wire (
02. Buji – Day Out (…/buji)
03. My My – Everybody’s Talking lowres (…/justmymy)
04. Lee Jones (My My) – Butterflies and Zebras – Aus Music (…/ausmusic)
05. Chateau Flight – Superflight (…/chateauflight)
06. Hum+Haw – Loopo (…/humhaw)
07. Murcof – Schubert, Death and the Maiden – (…/murcof)
08. Vitor Joaquim – Radio_0 (…/vitorjoaquim)
09. Mosaique – Aidon (…/mosaiquemusique)
10. Marsen Jules – Waehrend (…/marsenjules)
11. Digital South – Sell Your Soul (…/microkid)
12. 1 Headed Dog – Super Happy Funtimes (…/1headeddog)
13. Dierdre – Better Than A Dream (…/dierdreonline)

Full link to the Black Box – No.09 – 2009-07-13 page