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dirtylaundre sessions no.148



This is a companion piece to session no. 143. Double duty while I try to figure out what to do for session 149 and 150. This got delayed because I was trying to find a movie sample for the early part of the podcast (Original choice was from Elijah Wood’s 2013 Maniac remake, but the lines didn’t sound as good as I remembered)

the here belows, part 1

01. ASC – Fulcrum
02. Lynx & Kemo – Glass Jaw
03. Nocow – Bulletproof
04. Franco – Tetrahydrochloridedub
05. Kryptic Minds – Varia
06. Fedbymachines – Will This End
07. Liar – Andreea Dava
08. Kosheen – You Don’t Owe Me (Dungeon Mix)
09. Benton – We’re Both Lost
10. Phaeleh feat. Jess Mills – Storm
11. The Hundreds In The Hands – Dressed In Dresden
12. Fanu – You May Fall But Don’t Hide Your Eyes
13. Photek – Pyramid
14. DFRNT – Our Little Secret
15. Architect – Immaterial (The Walton Hoax Remix)
16. Mala feat. Danny Suarez – Noches Suenos
17. Bulletproof feat. Dutty Ranks & Yayne – Heroine (Perverse Remix)
18. Lauren Pritchard – Stuck (Various Production Remix)
19. Boh Runga – Airwaves (Bulletproof Remix)
20. Skream – I Love The Way
21. Foxes – Youth (Breakage Remix)


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dirtylaundre sessions no.125



Cold Rinsed. Rolling drums above deep bass drones served with chilled vocals. A couple of Kirsty Hawkshaw, some Seba, some Blu Mar Tens loaded into this week’s wash. Some colors will bleed.

01. Bulb & Clarity – Her Smooth Love
02. Alix Perez feat. D.Ablo – Playing Games
03. Naibu feat. Key – Playing With Fire
04. Marso & Gala – Tension
05. Seba – Shades of Me & You
06. Blu Mar Ten feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw – Whisper
07. Seba – Never Let You Go (Blu Mar Ten Remix)
08. Calibre feat. DRS – People Never Change
09. Hiten – Warrior
10. Blu Mar Ten feat. Stray – Blind Soul
11. BCee – Beyond Belief (Technicolour & Komatic Remix)
12. Seba & Paradox feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw – The Light
13. Seba feat. Little Jinder – Too Much Too Soon
14. Little Jinder – Without You (Seba Remix)


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Marshall Watson Presents, Beat Repeat – No. 55


A continuous mix of new drum and bass…with some classics thrown in for good measure. Mixed and sequenced in Ableton Live.


Sanctuary–Omni Trio
Love the Way You Lie (Ballistic Bootleg)–Rihanna
Shining Star–Phors
Cruel Summer (Mage Remix)–Ace of Bass
This World–Grafix
Painted Skys–Seba Feat, Kirsty Hawkshaw
The Moment–Muffler
On a Misison–Smooth, Rregula and Dementia
Help You (Shock One Remix)–Bcee
By Your Side (Logistics Remix)–S.P.Y
Poetry in Motion–Redeyes

Full link to the Marshall Watson Presents, Beat Repeat – No. 55 page

iconastasia – no.14


“Limerence is an involuntary cognitive and emotional state of intense romantic desire for another person. The term was coined by psychologist Dorothy Tennov to describe the ultimate, near-obsessive form of romantic love. Limerence is sometimes also referred to as infatuation, or is colloquially known as a crush, but in reality it is something much different.”

What’s it like to fall in love with far-off objects? Episode #13 of Iconastasia is a moody, half-lit mixtape of everything from drum and bass to ambient, indie to electro – because your love is the perfect drug and there’s no quitting it.

01. Tayla – Stargazing
02. Gui Boratto – Les Enfants
03. Cinnamon Chasers – I Like Watching You (Diamond Cut Remix)
04. Noqturne – I Really Care
05. Distance – No Sunshine
06. The Panics – This Day Last Year
07. Alley Cat – Sweet Spot
08. Vaccine – Wishful Thinking
09. Skream – Finally (Feat. La Roux)
10. Logistics – Reality Checkpoint
11. High Contrast – Tread Softly

Full link to the iconastasia – no.14 page

The Audio Files – No.07


Sans talky bits this week due to a bad case of Tonsillitis, still hit the more interesting end of the beats spectrum though. The tracks included in this weeks show are the kind of thing that get my spine tingling when dropped in clubs. Nexts weeks show is currently planned as being a Jungle affair, so a heads up on that one. Big ups all the listeners and a big shout out to all the heads on the Irish scene.

01. Kode9 and Spaceape – Backward
02. Blawan – Fram
03. Martyn – Suburbia
04. Pangea – You and I
05. Compound One – Perhaps the Darkness
06. Goth Trad – Dark Path
07. Synkro – Inhale
08. Vandera – India Joya
09. Digital Mystikz – Pathways
10. Brackles – Lizards
11. Ital Tek – Shallow Sun
12. Calibre – Steptoe

Full link to the The Audio Files – No.07 page

dirtylaundre sessions – No.32


Haunting vocals swirl in and out amidst the scattered percussion and air. Channelling both half step and dubstep for this session, a chilled mood with an underlying sense of tension with few bursts of hard beats.

01. Scuba – Poppies (Substance D Dub Version)
02. Sunchase – Mountain Top
03. Sunchase – My Lovely Button
04. Burial – Etched Headplate
05. Late – Bittersweet
06. Zomby – Test Me for a Reason
07. Jamie Woon – Wayfaring Stranger (Burial Mix)
08. Boxcutter – Sidetrak
09. Faib & Synkro – Inhale
10. Faib – Whisper of Trees
11. Lung – Afterlife
12. Plan B – Prayin (Breakage remix)
13. La Roux – In For The Kill (Skream’s Let’s Get Ravey Remix)

Next week: Move to the beat of a different drum

Full link to the dirtylaundre sessions – No.32 page

The Audio Files – No.04


Part two of the Soundcloud special here on The Audio Files see’s more Dubby goodness, some refunked garage, a taste of dnb and a bit of Amenage. Oh yeah, and a smatter of 4/4. Much love to all the producers who made their tracks available to me in the course of the last two shows, it is very much appreciated.

01. Adam Kroll – Orchestral Mindtrip
02. Clubroot – Firefly
03. YLEM – Deepsquad Dub
04. Grooki – Murder on the 8.45
05. Duskky – Izumi Dub
06. Caribou – Sun (De-Twist Remix)
07. Roof Light – Soulcraft
08. Macka – Things Will Change
09. Macka – I put you right
10. Joe Syntax – Her Skin(eleven8 remix)
11. Fusion Art – Portrait
12. Adam Kroll – Just a Taste of Me

Full link to the The Audio Files – No.04 page

iconastasia – no.11


Do you ever dream of leaving it all behind? Grab your bags, find the first train out of the city. Don’t take your cellphone, don’t tell anybody where you’re going. Burn bridges. Start again. Episode #11 of Iconastasia is a soundtrack for running away – deep, gentle mix of everything from indie anthems to chilled ambient. Put your headphones on, slouch against the train windows. Disappear.

01. Modest Mouse – Dramamine
02. Cinnamon Chasers – Luv Deluxe
03. Trentemoller – Sycamore Feeling
04. Booka Shade – In White Rooms
05. The Knife – Neverland
06. High Contrast – Remember When
07. Lake Trout with DJ Who – Remember When
08. Animal Collective – Remember When
09. Arcade Fire – My Body is a Cage
10. Grant Lee Buffalo – Happiness
11. Kele – All the Things I Could Never Say

Full link to the iconastasia – no.11 page

iconastasia – no.10


4AM. The lights are beginning to blur and you’re not quite sure whose house this is, but the bottle of tequila in your right hand, the acid flooding your braincells and the sound of a kick-drum is calling you. Episode ten of Iconastasia is an eclectic mix of in-your-face, everything from bangin’ electro to post-rock and IDM, interspersed with snippets of conversation. A little bit wild, a little bit dirty and so outta-control – but hey, aren’t all the best parties?

01. Moloko – Killa Bunnies
02. Crystal Castles – Fainting Spells
03. Simian Mobile Disco – Tits and Acid
04. Lomax – Sided Dice
05. Boards of Canada – Alpha and Omega
06. Archive – You Make Me Feel (Spectre Remix)
07. Ellen Allien – Caress
08. Peaches – Operate
09. Deadmau5 – Sometimes Things Get, Whatever
10. Fuck Buttons – Colours Move (Radio Efit)
11. Orbital – Tunnel Vision

Dialogue sourced from Skins, 4×03.

(Apologies for the delays in uploading: exams and whatnot, but Iconastasia will be taking over the dirtyRadio airwaves on Tuesday, July 13 at GMT 1900/CET 2000, then repeated at PST 1900/EST 2200. In the meantime, check Iconastasia out on Twitter or Facebook, and give us a shout?

Full link to the iconastasia – no.10 page

DIRTYMIX 002 – Shatterfreak


Each week, one of our invited guest producers and dj’s will create an exclusive one hour continuous mix, giving them the chance to break genre barriers, and giving you an opportunity to explore a unique soundtrack.

This week, Dublin based producer Shatterfreak steps up for a bone shattering Dubstep session.

  1. Champagne Dreams – PMoos – Shatterfreak’s 0% Alchohol Remix
  2. In the Face of – Shatterfreak
  3. Gold – Shatterfreak
  4. Last Man on Earth – Shatterfreak
  5. The Dark – Shatterfreak
  6. Shamble – Shatterfreak
  7. What you think – Shatterfreak
  8. Come with Me – Shatterfreak
  9. Choices – Shatterfreak
  10. Yeah…You – Shatterfreak
  11. So Let It Be Done – Shatterfreak
  12. Freak Freak – Shatterfreak
  13. Additional Perx – Shatterfreak
  14. Deep in the Mind – Shatterfreak
  15. Alone – Shatterfreak
  • What have you been up to recently?
    Ive been producing and playing the occasional live show in Dublin and Cork. I show up and do sets of all my own material via Ableton, although i’ve recently been bitten by the vinyl bug too. I’ve been lucky to be involved in ‘BassOff’, which turned out to be an absolutely crazy couple of nights with big crowds and a really great atmosphere at both the Cork and Dublin legs. It was really nice to see people mobilise in such numbers for an all local line up.
  • Dubstep has broken through from the underground, so how does your work stand out from the ‘mainstream’?
    I like thick ambience and heavy bass and intricate percussive work. I don’t really have a template, i’ve done a few tracks that i consider to be quite challenging to the listener because they don’t follow the intro, drop, breakdown, drop procedure and often times these tracks are about stray thoughts or dreams. It’s basically just about having fun, if other people dig my music then obviously that makes me happy but i don’t live and die by the reception my tracks get. I never want to get stuck in a groove, which can be tempting at times when a certain vibe or sound does well. I just want to keep pushing until i crack something truly unique and interesting. Lately i’ve been told there are plenty of housey/techy vibes floating into my stuff, which is kind of cool and i’m always more than eager to get a bit of jungle thing going as well.
  • Who are your influences?
    I’ve producing now for a little over a year. It’s been a good trip and i’ve had a lot of help from some really good people. I guess here is the place to mention people like Milyoo, Ross Alexander, Drokkr and Welfare who have basically become my sounding board when i’m mid production. I can rely on those guys to point out when stuff is off or could be stronger, so i owe them a lot.
  • What is the scene like in Ireland at the moment?
    Ireland is actually a really hot scene right now. Folk like Reach, !Kaboogie and Gamepak have all been nice enough to give me gigs and Drokkr has sorted me out on the Cork end of things. You’ve got guys like the Standard Crew who do a pretty amazing free montly EP series which is a must have in my opinion. Wobble recently killed things by bringing over Mala which turned out to be one of the nights of the year for a lot of people i think and Ignored Playaz seem to be pretty insistent on putting on savage nights and bringing in great talent. Throw in labels like DubCulture and the !Kaboogie releases, All City, Arcoplane and Rudimentary Records to name a few and you start to get a pretty hot scene by anyone’s standards.
  • How are people reacting to your music?
    I’m just glad to be involved in a small way, everyone I have met has been really warm and welcoming. I talk to a lot of people on line and sometimes their local scenes seem to be a bit cutthroat, in Ireland people seem to focus solely on the music and help each other out quite a bit. I guess it’s also important to mention Radio na Lifé, who have consistantly made room for shows from local people doing dubstep, drum and bass and jungle shows, basically if you like any type of underground electronica you’ll find it on that station once the sun goes down.
  • What motivates you to produce?
    I do what i do because i was basically tired of telling myself i couldn’t do it. I’m normally good for a challange but i went through a hazy part of my life that maybe rocked my self belief a little. I was in a job i hated and that really ground me down, the opportuinity came up to leave with a bit of a golden handshake and i jumped at it, bought a new laptop and some essentials and got stuck into the music. I’m happy with the progress i have made but have a long way to go and a lot left to learn about musical theory and production. Ironically i have probably worked harder over the last year than i have ever done for any job in the past. My end goal is to just be happy with my own output and try and become more than the sum of my influences.
  • Do you work with a vision?
    The joy of electronic music is that it can have infinite meaning, you’re not pinned down to the theme of the vocals… people can listen and interpret things how they want to. Personnally, i find great strength and happiness in a lot of dark music that other people might see as being a bit depressed or scary. I’m a firm believer in the power of interpretation, I like the fact that i can put a track out there and know exactly what it’s about and why i wrote it and see other people’s interpretations of it. Kind of like being privy to a secret that noone else knows. Music is largely a way for me to either celebrate the good things or excercise some demons while retaining my privacy.

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Full link to the DIRTYMIX 002 – Shatterfreak page

Beat Repeat-No. 35


This week was a week of changes for me…lost an old friend, and an even older friend will probably have his first child tomorrow. I am filled with a sense of my own age, and as usual, I am acutely aware of passing time. The music this week is a reflection of this current mood–contradictory and a little melancholy. I hope you enjoy the set.

Beat Repeat No. 35


Eva–Neil Landstrumm
Sparkles–Eleven Tigers
Only Love–Peter Lazonby
Stop What You are Doing (James Blake Rmx)–Untold
Techno 22–Silkie
Toe to Toe–Clubroot
Cherry Coloured Funk–Cocteau Twins
Seven Notes in Black–High Contrast
The Glass Lake–Moonchild
Yesterday I Saw the Future–Peverelist

Send me your track

Full link to the Beat Repeat-No. 35 page

Beat Repeat-No. 34


Beat Repeat returns his week with and hour of epic modern Drum and Bass featuring Hospital Records. I’m thrilled about this sound, and Hospital continues to excite with excellent releases, including the recent release of the new self-titled Netsky album. Netsky will be doing remixes of the forthcoming Underworld single, Scribble, and I can’t wait.

Beat Repeat 34


Mistabishi–From Memory (Matrix Remix)
London Electricity–Just One Second (Apex Remix)
B-Complex–Beautiful Lies
Netsky–Let’s Leave Tomorrow
Orbital–Halcyon (Pleijik Remix)
Netsky–Memory Lane
High Contrast–Return of Forever
Mistabishi–No Matter What
Utah Saints–Something Good (High Contrast Remix)
Clubroot–Remember Me

Full link to the Beat Repeat-No. 34 page

dirtylaundre sessions – No.25


Been wanting to mix in this style since last year. Time to explore some lush, liquid, half step style drum and bass sometimes mistaken for dubstep. Has a rather relaxing, minimalist feel to it. For no real reason, the last 9 minutes is an ambient track.

01. Alix Perez – Portraits of the Unknown (interlude)
02. Synkro – Departure
03. Consequence – A Man And A Woman
04. Consequence feat. ASC – From A Distance
05. Blu Mar Ten – Above Words
06. Alix Perez – Hemlines
07. Blu Mar Ten – If I Could Tell You
08. Luca – Screen In Motion
09. Kharm – White Picket Fences
10. The Upbeats feat. Jess Chambers – Through the Night
11. Circa – Ida
12. Derrick, Tonika & Implex – Personal Diving
13. The Sight Below – Through The Gaps In The Land

We stay on the chill side for the next show but with multiple genres thrown in.

Full link to the dirtylaundre sessions – No.25 page

dirtylaundre sessions – No.18


Just a slight progression from session no.2, Upbeat and soulful sounds of drum and bass which rose in popularity in the past decade. This time punctuated by a much larger, anthemic sound towards the end. After back to back “bright” sounding shows, it’ll get darker for the next 2.

High Speed Soul:

01. Redeyes feat. Deeizm – Luv & Haight (Matrix Remix)
02. Syncopix – Dynamo
03. Bachelors Of Science – Song For Lovers
04. Bulletproof – Rising Sun
05. DJ Marky feat. Miri – Days Go Slow
06. Bungle feat. Darrison – Just A Little Bit Closer
07. Shapeshifter – One
08. Chase & Status – Hurt You
09. Logistics – Maybe Next Time
10. High Contrast – Brief Encounter
11. London Elektricity – Hanging Rock
12. The Brookes Brothers – Tear You Down
13. Nero – Requiem

Full link to the dirtylaundre sessions – No.18 page