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dirtylaundre sessions no.148



This is a companion piece to session no. 143. Double duty while I try to figure out what to do for session 149 and 150. This got delayed because I was trying to find a movie sample for the early part of the podcast (Original choice was from Elijah Wood’s 2013 Maniac remake, but the lines didn’t sound as good as I remembered)

the here belows, part 1

01. ASC – Fulcrum
02. Lynx & Kemo – Glass Jaw
03. Nocow – Bulletproof
04. Franco – Tetrahydrochloridedub
05. Kryptic Minds – Varia
06. Fedbymachines – Will This End
07. Liar – Andreea Dava
08. Kosheen – You Don’t Owe Me (Dungeon Mix)
09. Benton – We’re Both Lost
10. Phaeleh feat. Jess Mills – Storm
11. The Hundreds In The Hands – Dressed In Dresden
12. Fanu – You May Fall But Don’t Hide Your Eyes
13. Photek – Pyramid
14. DFRNT – Our Little Secret
15. Architect – Immaterial (The Walton Hoax Remix)
16. Mala feat. Danny Suarez – Noches Suenos
17. Bulletproof feat. Dutty Ranks & Yayne – Heroine (Perverse Remix)
18. Lauren Pritchard – Stuck (Various Production Remix)
19. Boh Runga – Airwaves (Bulletproof Remix)
20. Skream – I Love The Way
21. Foxes – Youth (Breakage Remix)


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dirtylaundre sessions no.121



Drum and Bass but not Drum and Bass. More pitter patter and glitch and then some bass. Maybe Drum and Bass but less Drums. or not Drum and Bass-y. Softer Drums but still Drum and Bass-y with the Bass, but with more blippy bits.

01. Mnemonic – Monologische Methode
02. Yasume – When Audrey Dances
03. Helios – First Dream Called Ocean (Stray Remix)
04. The Attic Project – The Gale
05. Synkro – Dwelling
06. Max Cooper feat. Braids – Pleasures (Samuel Eyes Remix)
07. Lowb – Inward Outburst (Synkro Remix)
08. Tokimonsta – Sweet Williams
09. Reso – Aegis
10. Stickman – Pressure
11. Mt. Wolf – Hypolight (Pale Remix)
12. Blu Mar Ten – Overwhelm
13. beGun – Madrid
14. ASC – Karma
15. Reso – Simple Pleasures (Om Unit Remix)
16. Seba – Madness
17. Calibre – Sick Of It All


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dirtylaundre sessions no.95


Haven’t gone over 128 bpms in a while. Liquidy drum and bass in place of glitch and tech house this week. This was a last minute or hour effort, mix, record then upload right away. A little rawness in sessions to break some of my own monotony.

01. Fracx & Aura – 1st Dimension
02. Feint – Times Like These (Fracture Design Remix)
03. Technicolour & Komatic – Launch Sequence
04. Velocity – Light In Nightmare
05. Grafix – Holding On
06. Friction – Life Cycle
07. Relay & Front – Tale Of A Shooting Star
08. Feint – One Thousand Dreams
09. Seismix & Cahb – Indigo
10. Fracture Design – The Light Within Her Eyes (Nelver Remix)
11. Goku feat. Sarah Burgess – Lost In Time
12. Seba – Painted Skies
13. Blu Mar Ten feat. Airwalker – Into The Light


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Antidote presents Bugged: FREE MIX!

You may remember a few months back Antidote hit the Dublin Friday night scene with a massive kick in the groin. Since then they have grown hugely into one of the hottest nights in Dublin with only the best electronic music around.

Well in that time they have been raised a child down in the deep dark corners of the Mezz and he has finally grown to be a ….BUG! That’s right they have stuffed all the best drum and bass, dubstep and grime into his suitcase and he has taken the boat across the river liffey to the bright lights of the Twisted Pepper!

Antidote presents BUGGED!! Will come to you for the first time tomorrow night (Thursday Nov.04) from the BASSment of the Twisted Pepper. Get ready to enjoy the best in low frequencies and highly addictive wobble as Garret Moore ( Breakbeat & Jungle ), AV Kid ( Filthy Dubstep & Grime ), Proffesor Chaos ( DnB – Halftime – JumpUp ) take to the decks to literally rock the foundations in the Pepper.

There are great drinks promotions all night and plenty to see throughout the club as all three floors are packed with music.

This is set to be the best thing to see on the first Thursday of every month so dont miss it!!!

And remember if you havn’t had enough you can always end your week with Antidote in the mezz on a Friday night!

Wrap your ears around this mix and get on over to the facebook pages for more info!

Professor Chaos – Bugged (Antidote) Mix by AntidotePresentsBugged

Mr Jones: Colin and Merro// Antitode presents Bugged// Westway Flyover// :
Bugged Launch Night :
Antidote :

Full link to the Antidote presents Bugged: FREE MIX! page

dirtylaundre sessions – No.42


Rumble in the Jungle. This was supposed to be for next week, but I’m moving it up since I’m in a Rinse Out Some Frustration mood. Testosteroni all the way through. Next session will be on the air, Funkin At The Disco…


01. BTK & Presence Known – 40 Channels Of Funk
02. NC-17 – Attitude Era
03. Neonlight & Hedj – System Error
04. State Of Mind – Moneytrain VIP
05. Black Sun Empire & State Of Mind – Red Velvet
06. Photek – Full Spectrum Dominance
07. Photek – Sidewinder (Hochi Remix)
08. Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch – More Like You (Unknown Error Remix)
09. Leon Switch – Neptune
10. Axiom – Tabula Rasa
11. State Of Mind & Axiom – Deadzone
12. Psidream, Axiom, Optiv – Break In
13. Optiv – Brainworm
14. Black Sun Empire & Noisia – Winter War
15. Ketz – Kali Matha

Full link to the dirtylaundre sessions – No.42 page

The Audio Files – No.07


Sans talky bits this week due to a bad case of Tonsillitis, still hit the more interesting end of the beats spectrum though. The tracks included in this weeks show are the kind of thing that get my spine tingling when dropped in clubs. Nexts weeks show is currently planned as being a Jungle affair, so a heads up on that one. Big ups all the listeners and a big shout out to all the heads on the Irish scene.

01. Kode9 and Spaceape – Backward
02. Blawan – Fram
03. Martyn – Suburbia
04. Pangea – You and I
05. Compound One – Perhaps the Darkness
06. Goth Trad – Dark Path
07. Synkro – Inhale
08. Vandera – India Joya
09. Digital Mystikz – Pathways
10. Brackles – Lizards
11. Ital Tek – Shallow Sun
12. Calibre – Steptoe

Full link to the The Audio Files – No.07 page

The Audio Files – No.04


Part two of the Soundcloud special here on The Audio Files see’s more Dubby goodness, some refunked garage, a taste of dnb and a bit of Amenage. Oh yeah, and a smatter of 4/4. Much love to all the producers who made their tracks available to me in the course of the last two shows, it is very much appreciated.

01. Adam Kroll – Orchestral Mindtrip
02. Clubroot – Firefly
03. YLEM – Deepsquad Dub
04. Grooki – Murder on the 8.45
05. Duskky – Izumi Dub
06. Caribou – Sun (De-Twist Remix)
07. Roof Light – Soulcraft
08. Macka – Things Will Change
09. Macka – I put you right
10. Joe Syntax – Her Skin(eleven8 remix)
11. Fusion Art – Portrait
12. Adam Kroll – Just a Taste of Me

Full link to the The Audio Files – No.04 page

dirtylaundre sessions – No.25


Been wanting to mix in this style since last year. Time to explore some lush, liquid, half step style drum and bass sometimes mistaken for dubstep. Has a rather relaxing, minimalist feel to it. For no real reason, the last 9 minutes is an ambient track.

01. Alix Perez – Portraits of the Unknown (interlude)
02. Synkro – Departure
03. Consequence – A Man And A Woman
04. Consequence feat. ASC – From A Distance
05. Blu Mar Ten – Above Words
06. Alix Perez – Hemlines
07. Blu Mar Ten – If I Could Tell You
08. Luca – Screen In Motion
09. Kharm – White Picket Fences
10. The Upbeats feat. Jess Chambers – Through the Night
11. Circa – Ida
12. Derrick, Tonika & Implex – Personal Diving
13. The Sight Below – Through The Gaps In The Land

We stay on the chill side for the next show but with multiple genres thrown in.

Full link to the dirtylaundre sessions – No.25 page

dirtylaundre sessions – No.18


Just a slight progression from session no.2, Upbeat and soulful sounds of drum and bass which rose in popularity in the past decade. This time punctuated by a much larger, anthemic sound towards the end. After back to back “bright” sounding shows, it’ll get darker for the next 2.

High Speed Soul:

01. Redeyes feat. Deeizm – Luv & Haight (Matrix Remix)
02. Syncopix – Dynamo
03. Bachelors Of Science – Song For Lovers
04. Bulletproof – Rising Sun
05. DJ Marky feat. Miri – Days Go Slow
06. Bungle feat. Darrison – Just A Little Bit Closer
07. Shapeshifter – One
08. Chase & Status – Hurt You
09. Logistics – Maybe Next Time
10. High Contrast – Brief Encounter
11. London Elektricity – Hanging Rock
12. The Brookes Brothers – Tear You Down
13. Nero – Requiem

Full link to the dirtylaundre sessions – No.18 page