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Allex – Experiment 181



Experiment podcast – One hour mix of deep/tech/progressive house selected by Allex! Episode 181.


1. Eli, Fur – Hold Me Down
2. Broken Spires – Soil
3. KANT – Valencia
4. Jaytech – Shine On Me
5. Mat.Joe – Blow Your Mind
6. Terry Lynn, Raumakustik – Dog Eat Cat Eat Mouse
7. RoyTson – Alright
8. Cj Jeff – Army Of One (Anthont Attalla Remix)
9. Alex Kenji, Luca Guerrieri – Five Steps Away
10. Dead Space, Dateless – Until We Meet Again
11. Wheats – Starburst
12. Rafa Barrios – Sermoon
13. Sante Sansone – Can’t Sleep
14. Sante Sansone – After Hour

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Allex – Experiment 180



Experiment podcast – One hour mix of deep/tech/progressive house selected by Allex! Episode 180.


1. Noir, Olivier Giacomotto feat. Hendrik Burkhard – Blackrays
2. Martin Solveig, Ina Wroldsen – Places (Audion Remix)
3. Quivver – Mumbo Jumbo
4. Brigado Crew, Crisstiano – Jungla
5. David Keno, Dalson – Debbie Rowe
6. GruuvElement’s – Haters
7. Crystal Waters, HiFi Sean – Testify (Steve Mac Mix)
8. Alex Kenji – My Babe
9. Antoine Clamaran – Slap (Frank Caro & Alemany Remix)
10. Frankyeffe, Enrico Sangiuliano – Celebration
11. Rafa Barrios – Taptaptap
12. Rafa Barrios – Love Inmotion

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Allex – Experiment 179



Experiment podcast – One hour mix of deep/tech/progressive house selected by Allex! Episode 179.

1. SevenTone – Nile
2. Satori (NL) – Imani’s Dress (Ewan Pearson Remix)
3. Kidnap Kid feat. Leo Stannard – Moments (CamelPhat Remix)
4. Shock Machine – Lost In The Mystery (Jonas Rathsman Extended Remix)
5. ID
6. Apexape, Josh Barry – Joy & Pain (Philip George Afterdark Remix)
7. Rich Wakley – Hit The Spot
8. DJ Vibe – Bang Da Clock
9. Marc Vedo – The Muzik
10. Cari Golden, Reiner Zonneveld – Things We Might Have Said (Coyu Remix)
11. Dino Maggiorana – Move On
12. Dino Maggiorana – Freaks

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Allex – Experiment 178



Experiment podcast – One hour mix of deep/tech/progressive house selected by Allex! Episode 178.


1. Way Out West – Set My Mind (Luttrell Remix)
2. Township Rebellion – 001
3. Township Rebellion – 002
4. Magic House Cops – Carl, Norman, Nina
5. Dario D’Attis – Sad Story (Dario D’Attis Dubmental Mix)
6. Saccao, OMR, Adry – Holograms
7. Cristian Marchi, Angelo Frezza – Saxy
8. Waitz – Panic
9. Michael Woods – Gold (Siege Extended Remix)
10. Arjun Vagale, Ramiro Lopez – Infinita
11. Leo Lippolis – Solaire
12. Dario Nunez – Benirras
13. Harvey McKay – Use Me

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Allex – Experiment 159



After 2 weeks, we are here again with your fortnightly update of deep/tech/tribal/progressive house music one hour mix called Experiment by your host Allex! In this 159th episode expect names such as Andre Lodemann, Jody Wisternoff, Ben Remember, Mat.Joe, Leo Lippolis or Filterheadz! Enjoy

No tracklist available

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Allex – Experiment 151



And it’s here, first episode of Experiment of the year 2016 and it’s big already! Big of size and big of tracks also! 100 minutes full of deep, tech, tribal and progressive house music and why so long? Just because there were too many massive tracks and Allex had to just play them all. Nora En Pure, Sons Of Maria, Alberto Ruiz, Mark Knight, Rene Amesz, Phunk Investigation just names a few of what you can expect tonight!
So don’t hesitate and go for it!

Tracklist not included.

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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 76



The countdown for 2016 has begun, but I haven’t run out of unplayed goodies from this year’s releases just yet. House, disco, acid: you name it, chances are this mix has got it.

The end is nigh for another era as well, as this will be the last episode of Hausaufgabe to appear under dirtyRadio. Major thanks to Mike and the gang for all the support and good times for the past 4.5 years! Time flies, eh?

For those who have enjoyed this series, fear not: as I’m not one to change a winning concept, Hausaufgabe will continue to be published through other venues. If you’re still hungry for more after these 76 heapful servings, I’d recommend following me up on Twitter, SoundCloud, MixCloud etc. to find out where these sounds will land next.

Once more, I hope you’ll enjoy the music. See you in future (ad)ventures..

01. Takuya Matsumoto – Seasons [Fina]
02. Florian Muller – For Eva [Goldmin]
03. Fatima Yamaha – Love Invaders [Magnetron]
04. Fernando – Mid Decade [Futureboogie]
05. Stump Valley – The Black Tulip [Off Minor]
06. Flash Atkins – Acid House Creator (Tal M Klein remix) [Paper]
07. La Guardia de la Luz – Surface [Paper]
08. Harvey Sutherland – Oscillate [Voyage]
09. Antenna – New Life [Clone Royal Oak]
10. DJ Octopus – Hangover [Hot Haus Recs]
11. Johan Kaseta & DJ Assam – Back Quality (Times Are Ruff Remix) [Lehult]
12. HNNY – Nothing (Kyodai Rework) [Local Talk]
13. Adesse Versions – Wash My Soul [Local Talk]
14. Marquis Hawkes – House Is My Castle [Dixon Avenue Basement Jams]

Full link to the Breaque – Hausaufgabe 76 page

Breaque – Hausaufgabe 75



It lives! And so do I! Apologies for the slight delay with this episode. A period of hectic travelling for my day job also came with a licence to ill, requiring some downtime for recovery. I did however manage to drag myself to play some tunes at the notorious Lauschangriff the other Friday. Big up to all who showed up and (hopefully) enjoyed themselves.

So how about this mix then? As is often the case (or at least my intention), it starts off innocently enough but eventually derails into something at least slightly different. I could say it’s not your usual soundtrack, but then again what do I know about your usual soundtracks? Connoisseurs may spot major hits in the track list from e.g. Adesse Versions and Aphrohead da Housecat. I also broke one of my unwritten rules about never including two tracks from the same release of a single artist on a mix. Couldn’t help it as that A1 Bassline album is just too damn good, hope you’re not sleeping on it either.

Enough BS, time for music. Next one coming up soonish, that’s the plan anyway. Bis Später!

01. Ishivu – Gryning (Matt Karmil Remix) [Trunkfunk]
02. A1 Bassline – 1.200 [Food Music]
03. Pittsburgh Track Authority – Your Situation [Freerange]
04. Roberto Rodriguez – Survive (I Will) (Dub Version) [Swedish Brandy]
05. Adesse Versions – Thank U [Local Talk]
06. D Ribeiro – Donut Breakin’ [4lux Black]
07. Tiago – The Good Times Are Killing Me A1 [Jolly Jams]
08. Hinode – State to State [D3 Elements]
09. The Maghreban – Now Easy [Zoot]
10. A1 Bassline – 1st Movement [Food Music]
11. Auden – Hunger [Hotflush]
12. Aphrohead – Grown Man Cryy [Crosstown Rebels]

Full link to the Breaque – Hausaufgabe 75 page

Breaque – Hausaufgabe 74



Instead of the EQ of a mixer, at the moment my fingers are mostly occupied with tweaking knobs in the radiators struggling to heat up our humble abode. Business as usual really, now that summer is a thing of distant past and Berlin is bracing for another one of those harsh nuclear winters which forge mice into men and women.. or make them retreat back towards greener pastures.

Me? I’m staying put and keeping the assembly line going to roll out warm’n’fuzzy house mixes within this neverending series. This one sports a selection of melodic tracks form an all-star roster, many bubbly synth lines and even a tiny bit of electro. Hot! Tip! Or something! Enjoy.

01. Lerosa – Postmodern [Photic Fields]
02. The Mackenzie – No Promises (Lauer Cover Version) [We Play House]
03. Speed Painters – Australian Boy (Harvey Sutherland Remix) [Cutters]
04. Fouk – Coconuts [Room with a View]
05. Lay Far – Coming Back [Lazy Days]
06. PBR Streetgang – Return to Page One (Tuff City Kids Electro Mix) [20:20 Vision]
07. Hard Ton – We Got Luv (Matrixxman Remix) [Friends with Benefits]
08. Doc L Junior – Twilight (Jori Hulkkonen Remix) [Paper]
09. Opolopo feat. Sacha Williamson – Candy Coated Perfection (Pezzner Solar Dub) [Z]
10. M.Ono – Volle Schnauze [Heist]
11. Terrence Pearce – Taxi [Fina]
12. Nebraska – Little Chan [Mister Saturday Night]

Full link to the Breaque – Hausaufgabe 74 page

Breaque – Hausaufgabe 73



From gushing sweat to cold chilling in a drenching rain, from idle afternoons on the bank of the Landwehrkanal to being buried alive under a brutal workload.. Autumn, we meet again. Better just curl up someplace warm with a cup of tea and a book.. or perhaps with a lengthy mix of spacey and melodic house music with subtle hints of disco, techno and whatever? Enjoy, while I gotta run (workload, indeed). More witty wordplay in the next one, I promise.

01. Esa & Mervin Granger – Mvk [Local Talk]
02. Arnaldo – Never Used to Be Like That [Smallville]
03. Sierra Sam – Sage [Holic Trax]
04. Jimpster – English Rose [Freerange]
05. Pezzner – Cognac [Hunt & Gather]
06. Lord of the Isles – Ossian’s Hall [Little Strong]
07. Nehuen – Return (Landing Mix) [Pirotecnia]
08. Richard Seaborne – Let’s Get Serious (Rave Enka’s Kosmosoverdosemiks) [Paper]
09. Last Magpie – Separation [Hypercolour]
10. A1 Bassline – Swathe [Food Music]
11. The Maghreban – Frenetique [Versatile]
12. Denis Sulta – AAS (Nite & Day Mix) [Dixon Avenue Basement Jams]

Full link to the Breaque – Hausaufgabe 73 page

Breaque – Hausaufgabe 72



Well now, what do we have here? It doesn’t take a Sherlock to figure this one out, as it’s already the 72nd time I’ve crafted for you a skillfully interwoven (or not) 60+ minute compendium of kicks, snares and other related sound effects arranged in (hopefully) pleasant patterns. This time we start with jazzy samples and finish with raw analogue jams, with something in between.. in between.

In related news, the other day I noticed that (give or take a week or two) it’s been exactly 20 years since I ordered my first cheapo turntable/mixer set, then proceeding to catch a train to Helsinki after school for shopping vinyl (mostly gabber). While I haven’t been active for the entire time between now and then, it’s still been a hell of a journey from being an obscure local DJ into becoming an even more obscure internet-only DJ. It ain’t easy living in a town where everyone and their dog are jockeying discs (or USB sticks), but the good thing is I’ve got you lovely net dwellers to entertain.

That said, hopefully you’ll dig this enough to also turn up for the next one. Who knows, perhaps in the spirit of the upcoming Fuckparade I’ll go back to my roots and record a 250 BPM gabber mix. (Just kidding.)

01. Thatmanmonkz – Vainglorious Style [Classic]
02. Chocky – Secret Voyagers [Secret Reels]
03. HNNY – Good [Studio Barnhus]
04. Jack J – Thirstin’ [Future Times]
05. Max Graef – Tittenkuschler [Uncanny Valley]
06. The Maghreban – Wonder Woman [Versatile]
07. Youandewan – Verloren [Aus Music]
08. Phil Gerus – Never Coming Back [Futureboogie]
09. Black Loops & Maik Yells – The Greatest (Kian T Remix) [Neovinyl]
10. Andras & Oscar – Looking Back (Zanzibar Chanel Remix) [Dopeness Galore]
11. Cliff Lothar – Tugeda (Kid Gloves Off Mix) [Riverette]
12. Beesmunt Soundsystem – Ominous [Pets]

Full link to the Breaque – Hausaufgabe 72 page

Breaque – Hausaufgabe 71



Town? Hot. Summer? Not vacating the city just yet. Grittiness level of the back of my neck? On the rise. It appears that Berlin has swapped climates with Death Valley or something, and I could barely keep my control vinyl from melting on the platter while rubbing out this episode.

As is fitting for the heatwave, this one is all about the sizzlin’ hot house bangers. Just look at e.g. that monster of a remix from Arttu. Kärpät! Anyway, things are getting too heated for me to sit here and keep typing so I’ll just leave you to it. Stay cool out there.

01. Kito Jempere – Kiya Kiya (Palms Trax Remix) [Let’s Play House]
02. Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts – Doughnut Jam (Who Took It Out?) [Freerange]
03. Jacques Renault – Psyched Up [Let’s Play House]
04. Borrowed Identity – Addictive [Circus Company]
05. Tom Budden – Shouldn’t Be Here [Alive]
06. Maximiljan – Together (Reset Robot Remix) [Nofitstate]
07. Tico Torres – Share [Audaz]
08. Alkalino – Bang the Box [Audaz]
09. Cliff Lothar – Don’t Need Nobody [Riverette]
10. Palace – Codex [Hot Shit Recs in Effekt!]
11. Moony Me – Magergarten [Uncanny Valley]
12. Andy Butler feat. Richard Kennedy – You Can Shine (Arttu Remix) [Mr Intl]
13. DJ Haus – Get tha Fuck Out [Hot Haus Recs]

Full link to the Breaque – Hausaufgabe 71 page

Breaque – Hausaufgabe 70



Hello dR, hallo Berlin. I’m back in business having freshly returned from a fun packed vacationing trip to the motherland. Big up to all my friends in Oulu and Helsinki for the good times. Also thanks to all who have provided feedback regarding the podcast lately, it’s much appreciated and there’s plenty more where that came from.

As it happens, many of the tracks heard here were also played by me at 45 Special in Oulu two weeks back. The selection is quite spacey, but things do go full Bailando in the end to keep up the summer spirit and all.

Nuff said as there are outdoorsy places to go and UV rays to catch. Laters!

01. Local Artist – Ozone [Rhythm Section]
02. Brame & Hamo – Lamaj [Dirt Crew]
03. Dany F – Magia [Cómeme]
04. Zadig – Hunted by the Cosmic Assassin [Syncrophone]
05. Hugo Barritt – Renewal [Nofitstate]
06. Jori Hulkkonen – Songs of the Eastern World [My Favourite Robot]
07. Eddy & Dus – A from B [Freerange]
08. Outboxx – Closing Titles [Futureboogie]
09. Nachtbraker – Dark Roast [Heist]
10. PBR Streetgang – Move On, Don’t Want Me (Kian T Remix) [Toy Tonics]
11. Black Fan – In the Water [Local Talk]
12. The Room Below – Freedom [Don’t Be Afraid]
13. Kornél Kovács – Pantalon [Numbers]
14. Harvey Sutherland – Bermuda [MCDE]

Full link to the Breaque – Hausaufgabe 70 page

Breaque – Hausaufgabe 69



Oh my: we have reached the 69th episode of Hausaufgabe, and there’s nothing funny about that so you kids stop snickering back there. Furthermore, a week from now this podcast will turn four years old. I know for a fact that there are a couple of people out there – with impeccable tastes in music, obviously – who have stuck with me for most (if not all) episodes. Thank you for your support guys! Those who have tuned in somewhere in between might want to check some of the early episodes to see how (if at all) things have evolved.

In fact, this episode is almost something of a throwback to those early days, albeit unintentionally. To those craving simple up-tempo house bangers instead of deep artsy hipster bullshit, this one’s for you (but don’t worry, I will get back into that deep artsy hipster bullshit later). The mix sports some faux retro early 90s sounds, an actual unreleased mid-90s track from mr. Phonogenic and even an appearance from good ol’ DJ Sneak with his bumping remix of ms. Murphy’s stellar tune. At the end I’m easing you off with some more abstract excursions, whatever that means.

I’m heading for holiday travels soon, so there may be a slight break before the next episode. Fear not, I’ll be back. As for right now, enjoy the mix and be sure to make the most out of teh summertimez aight?

P.S. Be sure not to miss the long awaited return of 1MC on dirtyRadio. Welcome back!

01. Shur-I-Kan – Bird Man [Dark Energy]
02. Atjazz – Fox Tooth [Local Talk]
03. Balaphonic – Adventures in Lagos [Well Cut]
04. Slow Learner – Honey [Fina]
05. Tuomas Salmela – Nylon Beat (2015 Remake)
06. Róisin Murphy – Exploitation (DJ Sneak Remix) [Play It Again Sam]
07. Kid Simmons – Pheel [Killekill House Trax]
08. Twin Peaks – 3Way [Borg Trax]
09. Copy Paste Soul – On Point [Alive]
10. Borrowed Identity – Trans Trans Trans [Circus Company]
11. DJ W!ld – Ac!dmat!k (Jus Ed Head Room Mix) [W]
12. Berkson & What feat. Qzen – Worship (Alan Doe Remix) [Modelmaker]
13. Ben Vedren – Trem (The Prince Of Dance Elbee Bad Remix) [Silver Network]

Full link to the Breaque – Hausaufgabe 69 page

Breaque – Hausaufgabe 68



Insert generic summertime platitudes here! It’s June so, you know, sunshine, beaches, vacations and all that. I’ve often observed how this season provides many a folk an excuse to indulge in the guilty pleasure of laid back and chilled out house music, a genre of which they’d be steering clear for the rest of the year. Nothing wrong with that! In order to pretend that Hausaufgabe would be about keeping with the times and providing soundtracks relevant to whatever is going on, here’s ~64 minutes of mostly harmless summer house for you. In reality it wasn’t planned and I just happened to run across some more easygoing tunes I hadn’t yet included in this podcast, but whatever.

While this mix features many fresh first timers (as usual), you can also spot a bunch of familiar guys doing their old thing. HNNY once again masters the art of somehow making a single cheesy loop sound great as a complete track. DJ W!ld also stays true to his brand of minimal and drawn out but oddly hypnotic grooves. Meanwhile, Kyodai releases “Breaking” for (at least) the 3rd time under a different title and we still love it. Hey, if it ain’t broke, etc.

Episode 69 is just around the corner so stay sharp out there. Also, don’t forget something something sunscreen hydration and so on.

01. HNNY – Solsidan [Let’s Play House]
02. Fouk – Ken Sent Me [Heist]
03. Paxton Fettel – Cloud Feeling [Greta Cottage Workshop]
04. Art of Tones – Koniokola [Lazy Days]
05. Maribou State – Rituals (MS Edit) [Counter]
06. Kyodai – You Know It [Room with a View]
07. Ctepeo 57 – Kackwursthouse [Voyage]
08. DJ W!ld – Only What I Am [Robsoul]
09. Jacksonville – Every Single Word [Inner Shift]
10. Creative Swing Alliance – Weekend [Faces]
11. Jacky Mingo & Kapote – Fuego [Toy Tonics]
12. Flashmob – Room 202 [Flashmob]

Full link to the Breaque – Hausaufgabe 68 page