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dirtylaundre sessions no.116



In my mind a movie is playing…

01. Layo & Bushwacka! – Intro
02. Nocow – Bulletproof
03. King Midas Sound – Goodbye Girl (Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe Rework)
04. Kode9 & The Spaceape – Ghost Town
05. How To Destroy Angels – Keep It Together
06. Andrea feat. Rejjie Snow – Places
07. Twigs – Weak Spot
08. Biblo – Floater
09. Yazoo – Winter Kills
10. Touch – Lost
11. Demdike Stare – In The Wake of Chronos (Alternate Version)
12. Get People – Macaw (Raffertie Remix)
13. Lower Dens – Propagation (Cex Remix)
14. Martyn – We Are You In The Future (Claude Speed’s “You Are Us In The Past” Remix)
15. Monolift – 11,11
16. Bloc Party – Zephyrus (Phaseone Remix)
17. Ils – Tick Tock


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dirtylaundre sessions no.84


Evil Dub on Dirtyradio. Low rollers for dropped ese rides, or maybe just a regular honda sedan with the stock sound system. Taking you back to the pre-brostep/burialstep/chillstep days (though a good chunk of the tracks can be found in the drum & bass section). I’ll steal Skream’s track name for this one (which i should have included in the podcast):

pressha / for the heads that remember

01. Kahn – Way Mi Defend
02. Matty G – West Coast Rocks (Jeep Mix)
03. Commodo – So Clear
04. Mikal – Sound Gonna Die
05. Cyrus – Space Cadet
06. Distance – Temptation
07. Headhunter – 7th Curse
08. Sigha & Spherix – Lesser People
09. Truth – Red Light
10. Truth – Babylon London
11. Commodo – Dokument
12. Digital Mystikz – Ancient Memories
13. Moritz Von Oswald Trio – Restructure 2 (Digital Mystikz Rebuild)
14. Photek & Pinch – Acid Reign (Pinch’s Dubplate Version)
15. Benga – Smack Your Bitch Up
16. Ed Solo – Egyptian Horns (Amen VIP Mix)

It’s really humid and summery here, so something more beach balearic sounding for next week’s podcast, then back to a dark House mix to follow.


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dirtylaundre sessions – No.77


“You may have to wait a bit before The Drop…”. Deliberately slower paced grinder session with beats thumping and a vocal narrative running thru the show. We left out most of the wobblelympic oscillations for another day.

a fall from angel’s grace:

01. Bright Eyes – No One Would Riot For Less (Clueless Dubstep Remix)
02. DJ Fenner & Quazzer – I Was Wrong (Everything But The Girl)
03. Bastille – Overjoyed (Distance Remix)
04. Unquote feat. Lung – Yellow Warrior
05. Jess Mills – Live For What I’d Die For (Distance Remix)
06. Dave Gahan – Saw Something (Skream Remix)

brief intermission – sampled from the movie Brick

07. Birdy – Shelter (Photek Remix)
08. Blue Bear – Dead Of Night
09. Photek feat. Linche – Sleepwalking
10. NFiftyFive – Bring On The Night (Tunnidge Remix)
11. Stereo MC’s – Black Gold (Marlow Remix)
12. Damian “Junior Gong” Marley – It Was Written (Chasing Shadows Remix)
13. Laid Blak – Red (Chasing Shadows Remix)


Next Session: something acidic

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dirtylaundre sessions – No.71


heavy.ambient . A low down, deep, ice cold chilled brew of ambience and the minimal pitter patter of percussions. Sinking, floating, eventually rising. There is light at the end of the void if you look hard enough.

Intro : Sunshine

01. Commix – Be True (Burial Remix)
02. Buck UK – Once
03. Sigmafly – Radio Sleep
04. Divine Interface – Folklore
05. Andrea feat. Julia Losfelt – By This River
06. Ana Caravelle – Where Have You Been (Anenon Drone Mix)
07. Nocow – Sever Ties
08. Swarms – Bison
09. Faib – Whisper Of Trees
10. Swarms – Hostile
11. Fedbymachines – Drowning
12. Talk In Colour – Nightshift (Microburst Remix)
13. Ghosting Season – Exercise Us
14. The Sight Below – New Dawn Fades
15. Pierce & Pierce – This Is Not An Exit
16. Pallers – Come Rain, Come Sunshine (Youandewan Dub)
17. Drifter – Please Stay
18. FC Kahuna – Hayling (Bridge Dubstep Remix)

Next Session, a tribute and a farewell…

p.s. I’m too lazy to change the pink graphic for my show.

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DIRTYMIX 015 – DJ Smok


We regularly invite guest producers and dj’s will create an exclusive one hour continuous mix, giving them the chance to break genre barriers, and giving you an opportunity to explore a unique soundtrack.

This time we feature a minimal and deep house mix from DJ Smok, a versatile DJ and producer from Finland.

DJ Smok a.k.a. Juha Moisala became interested in electronic dance music in the late ’90s at local events in Northern Finland. Since then house music has been a big part of his life as a DJ and a producer. In 2002 he made his first public performance as a DJ at local club event and a few years later he started producing music. Despite the love for house music he has developed a more versatile musical taste over the years varying from deep and soulful house to drum’n’bass.

The Set:
This mixtape is all about deep house and it blends together atmospheric and even a bit more minimal tracks from Smok himself as well as labels like Freerange and Delusions of Grandeur.

DJ Smok on SoundCloud:


01. A1 Bassline – Buoyancy [Dirtybird]
02. Add Novikov – String’s [Asymmetric Recordings]
03. 6th Borough Project – Changin’ [Delusions of Grandeur]
04. Smok – Sure Thing [Demo]
05. Jonas Gorke – December Girl [Audaz]
06. Mario & Vidis – Test 2011 [Best Works Records]
07. Zepp001 – Giraffe [Delusions of Grandeur]
08. Darko Kustura – Let Go [Baccara]
09. Tank Edwards – Analogue Fixation [Planet Acetate Records]
10. Manuel Tur – Acorado [Freerange Records]
11. Danny Daze – Fall Away From Love [Hot Creations]
12. Nenad Todic – Twisted [Recovery Tech]

Full link to the DIRTYMIX 015 – DJ Smok page

dirtylaundre sessions – No.58


Halloweenstep! As with last week’s session, singular theme for the rest of October. Dark and soundtrackish. Next 2 sessions will be 4 days apart from each other to end October. In the meantime:

Sparse, brooding dub…in the pitch black space, something evil lurks…maybe….

01. Kahn – Azalea
02. Kryptic Minds – Follow Me (VIP Mix)
03. Benga – Duel
04. Cyrus – Calm Before The Storm
05. Kryptic Minds & Youngsta – Cold Blooded
06. Kryptic Minds & Emika – Make Me Sleep
07. Kryptic Minds & Youngsta – Surge
08. Cyrus – Crying Game
09. Sabre – Levelling Out Pt. 2
10. Emika – Double Edge (Pinch Remix)
11. Distance – Present Day
12. Wu-Tang Clan – Cinema (Chimpo Remix)
13. Lynx & Kemo feat. Kate Whitmarsh & Mika Doo – Committing Love
14. Kryptic Minds – Secure Lost
15. Geiom feat. Marita – Unnecessary Stress
16. 6Blocc – The End
17. Skynet – Time On Earth

18. Akira Yamaoka – Uneternal Sleep
19. Goblin – Phenomena M12
20. Doubting Thomas – Clocks

Full link to the dirtylaundre sessions – No.58 page

SW Presents: Fresh! (Winter 2010 Special)


Back in September, we were excited to announce the return of Scott Warner to the airwaves. We sorta mislead people into believing this was a ‘one-off’, but Scott was so chuffed with the response to his show that he decided to put the headphones back on and press record again. This time, we decided to publish the download straight away, so grab it now, whilst its hot!

In the spirit of the live shows he did for many years, Fresh! showcases a captivating selection of Indie and Electronica.


1. “Shadows in Bloom” by GAMES
2. “Castles in the Snow” by Twin Shadow
3. “Bombay” by El Guincho
4. “Up and Down” by Chad Valley
5. “Lover’s Start” by How to Dress Well
6. “Helicopter” by Deerhunter
7. “Let Them” by jj
8. “Running Out Of You” (Memory Tapes remix) by Keep Shelly in Athens
9. “Feather” by Little Dragon
10. “Children of the Times” by Solar Bears
11. “Gold” by Darkstar
12. “Brown Piano” (Studio Remake) by A Mountain of One
13. “Young Heartache” by Bullion
14. “The Most Certain Sure” by !!!
15. “Rusty Nails” by Moderat
16. “Machismo” by Gomez
17. “Froggy Style” (Zeno’s Poison Dart Frog Remix) by The Widdler
18. “Listenin’ to the Records on my Wall” by Skream
19. “Youth Blood” by Little Jinder
20. “Hold On” by Amber Coffman
21. “Blue Calx” by the Aphex Twin
22. “The Libson Maru” by Fuck Buttons
23. “Borderlands” by Tim Hecker
24. “Wenn Musik der Liebe Nahrung Ist” by Markus Guentner

Running time: ~2hr

Full link to the SW Presents: Fresh! (Winter 2010 Special) page

Dancecast – No.43


Dancecast returns with a selection of deep, tech and progressive house grooves. This week, a couple of ‘heros’ from 2010, including Tom Middleton, Ahmet Sisman and Pig & Dan.

01. Glenn Morrison – Triangle & Strings (Tom Middleton Remix)

02. Jacksonville – Don’t You
03. Dama – Last Night
04. Piemont – Rest Of the Body (Ahmet Sisman Remix)

05. Kruse & Nuernberg – The Brush (Tom Middleton Liquatech Mix)
06. Basti Grub – Willbefine
07. Harold Heath – Diablo (Vocal Remix)

Hottest Tune
08. Subreachers – Some More

The Prominent Mix
09. Alex Celler – Isolde
10. Paul Ritch & Djulz – Run (2000 And One Dark Tec Remix)
11. Pig and Dan – Addiction (Jerome Sydenham Remix)
12. Oleg Poliakov – Midnight Vultures

Dancecast will return again in November 2010, keep checking the Official Dancecast Facebook page for more info.

Full link to the Dancecast – No.43 page

Dokta – Playing The Nurse #50


i wonder where the heart is? under the cherry tree? not the willow… he is much too sad to hold a heart so much blood on her hands i wonder where the blood dances at night when you close your eyes, they’re gone. – lady shadoe

01. Memoryhouse – Diving Lessons
02. Marlene Cardaman – Look Away, Come closer
03. Gonjasufi – Candylane (Bibio Remix)
04. SONOIO – Houdini
05. aKido – Mrchf Thftr
06. Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse – Everytime I’m With You
07. Hidden Orchestra – Strammer
08. Timber Timbre – Under Your Spell
09. Neil Young – Hitchhiker
10. Digitonal – Amberkreiss
11. Bedouin Soundclash – Brutal Heart ft. Coeur de Pirate
12. Fennesz – Vacuum
13. God Help The Girl – The Prychiatrist Is In
14. The Legendary Pink Dots – Hauptbahnhof
15. Rick Smith – Tokyo<>London 4

As a bonus, here’s my favorite song from all the previous 50 show.. last 2-3 years of dirtyradio… Soap&Skin is the experimental musical project of Austrian artist Anja Plaschg, the song is called The Sun, one of the most inspiring song for me I’ve heard since Dirty Epic of Undeworld and Anna by John Martyn a track that was actually never officially released… but should be coming out on John Martyn upcoming homage album, Small Hour (a variation of Anna) is covered by Robert Smith of The Cure and raised my toes while listening to the early cuts.

John Martyn – Anna

dokta – playing the nurse #50, notes…

I never really introduced to talked about the show all that much… but i feel like sharing a bit more info, the show started a few years ago, it didn’t have a name or any structure, I would usually hijack the dirtyradio stream and randomly play stuff for friend that where online listening, often playing lots of underworld or whatever promo I had got my hands on, 99% drunk and passing out on air leaving stuff playing on random for hours until somebody would kick me out of the stream. I did that quite a lot… I’m lucky no one ever kicked me out by my behavior. A few years went by then dirty radio changed hands and was in limbo for a while until Mike Bower took things over and did an amazing job of organizing everything like a boot-camp, we suffered a lot of pain to work with schedule and upgrade our microphone but here we are now 😉 still drunk on the air but we are on time sometime and our mic monk are getting better.

As for me I do the show for myself, usually it’s my favorite track I’ve stumbled about in the last week or 2 and I try to make a show out of it… so it’s usually all over the place and doesn’t always flow well while reflecting my state of mind… I am often asked why the nurse bit…it’s just self medicating with music.

All the best keep smiling and listening. For you, for me.

Full link to the Dokta – Playing The Nurse #50 page

dirtylaundre sessions – No.37


Going for a mood rather than a groove. This show is more “a picture paints a thousand words” but along the lines of sounds/music painting the visuals. Or we can cheat and just view the trailer listed in track no.3 below.

01. The Cure – The Final Sound
02. Rktic – Geiger Radio
03. 13 Tzameti (see trailer here)
04. Porn Sword Tobacco – Den Kalla Handen

05. Enduser feat. Sol Thomas – Black Light
06. Swayzak – Saints
07. Meat Beat Manifesto – She’s Unreal (Grandbrother’s Tension Remix)
08. Doubting Thomas – The Moodswing
09. Consequence – Farewell
10. Pale Sketcher – Plans That Fade (Faded Dub)
11. Placebo – Running Up That Hill
12. Kidneythieves – Crazy
13. Lonely Galaxy – Have a Heart (Active Child Remix)
14. The Aloof – Wish You Were Here
15. Download – Attallal (Re-mix By Haujobb)
16. Deep Dish – My Only Sin
17. Depeche Mode – Stripped (Highland Mix)
18. Doubting Thomas – Theme from Pressurehead

Next podcast will be a tongue in cheek affair.

Full link to the dirtylaundre sessions – No.37 page

DIRTYMIX 002 – Shatterfreak


Each week, one of our invited guest producers and dj’s will create an exclusive one hour continuous mix, giving them the chance to break genre barriers, and giving you an opportunity to explore a unique soundtrack.

This week, Dublin based producer Shatterfreak steps up for a bone shattering Dubstep session.

  1. Champagne Dreams – PMoos – Shatterfreak’s 0% Alchohol Remix
  2. In the Face of – Shatterfreak
  3. Gold – Shatterfreak
  4. Last Man on Earth – Shatterfreak
  5. The Dark – Shatterfreak
  6. Shamble – Shatterfreak
  7. What you think – Shatterfreak
  8. Come with Me – Shatterfreak
  9. Choices – Shatterfreak
  10. Yeah…You – Shatterfreak
  11. So Let It Be Done – Shatterfreak
  12. Freak Freak – Shatterfreak
  13. Additional Perx – Shatterfreak
  14. Deep in the Mind – Shatterfreak
  15. Alone – Shatterfreak
  • What have you been up to recently?
    Ive been producing and playing the occasional live show in Dublin and Cork. I show up and do sets of all my own material via Ableton, although i’ve recently been bitten by the vinyl bug too. I’ve been lucky to be involved in ‘BassOff’, which turned out to be an absolutely crazy couple of nights with big crowds and a really great atmosphere at both the Cork and Dublin legs. It was really nice to see people mobilise in such numbers for an all local line up.
  • Dubstep has broken through from the underground, so how does your work stand out from the ‘mainstream’?
    I like thick ambience and heavy bass and intricate percussive work. I don’t really have a template, i’ve done a few tracks that i consider to be quite challenging to the listener because they don’t follow the intro, drop, breakdown, drop procedure and often times these tracks are about stray thoughts or dreams. It’s basically just about having fun, if other people dig my music then obviously that makes me happy but i don’t live and die by the reception my tracks get. I never want to get stuck in a groove, which can be tempting at times when a certain vibe or sound does well. I just want to keep pushing until i crack something truly unique and interesting. Lately i’ve been told there are plenty of housey/techy vibes floating into my stuff, which is kind of cool and i’m always more than eager to get a bit of jungle thing going as well.
  • Who are your influences?
    I’ve producing now for a little over a year. It’s been a good trip and i’ve had a lot of help from some really good people. I guess here is the place to mention people like Milyoo, Ross Alexander, Drokkr and Welfare who have basically become my sounding board when i’m mid production. I can rely on those guys to point out when stuff is off or could be stronger, so i owe them a lot.
  • What is the scene like in Ireland at the moment?
    Ireland is actually a really hot scene right now. Folk like Reach, !Kaboogie and Gamepak have all been nice enough to give me gigs and Drokkr has sorted me out on the Cork end of things. You’ve got guys like the Standard Crew who do a pretty amazing free montly EP series which is a must have in my opinion. Wobble recently killed things by bringing over Mala which turned out to be one of the nights of the year for a lot of people i think and Ignored Playaz seem to be pretty insistent on putting on savage nights and bringing in great talent. Throw in labels like DubCulture and the !Kaboogie releases, All City, Arcoplane and Rudimentary Records to name a few and you start to get a pretty hot scene by anyone’s standards.
  • How are people reacting to your music?
    I’m just glad to be involved in a small way, everyone I have met has been really warm and welcoming. I talk to a lot of people on line and sometimes their local scenes seem to be a bit cutthroat, in Ireland people seem to focus solely on the music and help each other out quite a bit. I guess it’s also important to mention Radio na Lifé, who have consistantly made room for shows from local people doing dubstep, drum and bass and jungle shows, basically if you like any type of underground electronica you’ll find it on that station once the sun goes down.
  • What motivates you to produce?
    I do what i do because i was basically tired of telling myself i couldn’t do it. I’m normally good for a challange but i went through a hazy part of my life that maybe rocked my self belief a little. I was in a job i hated and that really ground me down, the opportuinity came up to leave with a bit of a golden handshake and i jumped at it, bought a new laptop and some essentials and got stuck into the music. I’m happy with the progress i have made but have a long way to go and a lot left to learn about musical theory and production. Ironically i have probably worked harder over the last year than i have ever done for any job in the past. My end goal is to just be happy with my own output and try and become more than the sum of my influences.
  • Do you work with a vision?
    The joy of electronic music is that it can have infinite meaning, you’re not pinned down to the theme of the vocals… people can listen and interpret things how they want to. Personnally, i find great strength and happiness in a lot of dark music that other people might see as being a bit depressed or scary. I’m a firm believer in the power of interpretation, I like the fact that i can put a track out there and know exactly what it’s about and why i wrote it and see other people’s interpretations of it. Kind of like being privy to a secret that noone else knows. Music is largely a way for me to either celebrate the good things or excercise some demons while retaining my privacy.

Website :
Twitter :
Soundcloud :
Facebook :


Full link to the DIRTYMIX 002 – Shatterfreak page

Tiefschwarz • Chocolate

The night sky is a shade of “Tiefschwarz” (deep black). Or at least it has been in Germany, Europe and the rest of the world since sometime around 1997 when brothers Ali and Basti Schwarz joined rhythmic forces. Their first venture was ‘24seven’, which firmly put the then sleepy Stuttgart on the map as a top nightlife destination. The deep house duo then debuted with their pertinently titled single ‘Music’ in 1998 and by 2001 the pair were expanding the parameters of modern dance music with their album ‘RAL9005’. Tiefschwarz quickly became a mainstay on the club scene.

With the licensing of the album by Classic Recordings, Tiefschwarz captured the attention of London, paving the way for their rise to international notoriety. Through high profile remixes they have also made a name for themselves as masters of reworking other people’s tunes. Depeche Mode (‘John The Revelator’), Madonna (‘Get Together’) and Spektrum (‘Kinda New’) are just three of the many artists who have had the Tiefschwarz treatment.

So that’s the background story. But the days of setting up their decks in the evening sun at the now legendary club ON-U in Stuttgart are now a distant memory for Tiefschwarz – you’re now more likely to find them in their studio in Berlin. And as it gets dark and the deep black of the night sets in, Tiefschwarz come to life – clubbing being their biggest vice, yet also their biggest strength.

Now they’re back with their third album ‘Chocolate’, and a major leap forward for the duo: things are different now for Tiefschwarz, as this is the first release on their own label, Souvenir. Ali and Basti now have the world at their feet and are revelling in the artistic freedom that comes with their independence, as you can hear in their latest work; the tracks reflect their musical development over the last few years. Techno and house still form the foundations, yet Tiefschwarz push themselves beyond their previous limits. They’ve found a new, intrinsic sound of their own that oscillates between numerous genres – at once both clear-cut and immensely intricate. One minute the steady bass drives a dancing rhythm, the next it would have you believe that four to the floor is actually a beat based on a prime number.

‘Chocolate’ is subtle, bitter, and sweet, without milk and sugar, it is hand crafted from only the finest ingredients. The tracks work perfectly on the dance floor, yet at the same time, the album as a whole is great to listen to outside of the club setting, due to its depth, enduring vocal tracks and subtle production methods. The first single ‘Find Me’ is the perfect example of striking the right balance between music to dance to and music to listen to – resident at Berlin’s Panorama Bar, Cassy can be heard on this track, who has made a name for herself through working with the likes of Steve Bug and Ricardo Villalobos. Alongside Cassy, guest features include Seth Troxler, Dave Aju and a talented new singer with an incredible voice, whose identity is yet to be revealed…

Ali and Basti worked with Philipp Maier, aka Santé to produce the tracks, and the new dynamic that has emerged from the collaborative production process has manifested itself in a distinct live quality. So much so that Tiefschwarz will now be performing as a live act for the first time, with Santé joining Ali and Basti to complete the live line up. Preparations for this summer’s Chocolate tour are well under way, with big ideas in the pipeline. Tiefschwarz aren’t just perfecting the art of creating their tracks live, but are also entering new territory with their plans for the use of visuals. Without wanting to give too much away, it’s safe to say that light and shadow will play a role in creating new depths within a charged and penetrating live performance. And the focus is not on two, ahem, three men with their laptops, but rather on the music itself.

Live dates and more information:

Full link to the Tiefschwarz • Chocolate page

dirtylaundre sessions – No.20


Slow crawl through murky passage ways of long buried dungeons. You’re gonna need some heavy duty detergent to wash that off. If you ever make it back out to the surface. Slow rolling dubstep, below ground level.

01. Kryptic Minds – Intro
02. Distance – Night Vision
03. Innasekt – Static
04. Pinch & Moving Ninja – False Flag (Kryptic Minds Remix)
05. Kryptic Minds – Six Degrees
06. Skream – Hedd Banger
07. Pinch – Punisher (Loefah’s SE25 Remix)
08. Kryptic Minds – Chosen Few
09. The Others – Fun House
10. Parson – Invasion
11. Babylon System & Noah D – Examination Of Time VIP
12. Innasekt – Archetype
13. Hijack – Iron man
14. Sook – End Of Time
15. High Rankin – New Messiah
16. Chasing Shadows – Ill

I have a bit of backlog of stuff to play, so i’ll try weekly for the next few. House music next week!

Full link to the dirtylaundre sessions – No.20 page

DarkSounds Compilation 2009

Sweet In Winter, Sweet In Rain – Very much a unique collection of great music/songs with loads of atmosphere which appeals to a wide spectrum of music fans.

This compilation is truly unique, started by fans from around the world who have all been brought together by a passion for the band ‘Underworld’ the legends of electronic and experimental music. The music has been made with no rules only a theme of winter which gives the whole listening experience very atmospheric.

There are songs here that will appeal to dance, Electro, Ambient, experimental, 80’s, retro, rock… everybody! Whats more this whole compilation of great original music has been made available for free by all artists involved, this alone should give you the motivation to check this out and you will be glad you did!

Happy New Year!


More Information: /

Sweet in Winter, Sweet in Rain
(Dirty Compilation)


01 – In The Black Box – Thirst
02 – The Explorers – Elevator
03 – The Price of Freedom – Travelling At Night
04 – Tin Foil Hats – I Need You
05 – Mental Health Consumer – Eponine’s Walk
06 – LX Nen – Icemelt
07 – Cranks – Particle Generator
08 – Tin Foil Hats – Reality Check
09 – The Explorers – Melting In The Rain
10 – Marshall Watson – Magee, Crying In Heaven
11 – Grandbrother – Quorom Sense

Full link to the DarkSounds Compilation 2009 page

dirtylaundre sessions – No.13 – 2009-12-10


Simple soundtrack theme. Bass heavy at the first half, a bit more guitary in the latter. This is sort of a “lighter” test, hence the fairly obvious choices of tracks, for a heavier show(s) at a much later date. Some of the bass sounds muddy early on due to the lower bitrate. Higher bitrate versions of past sessions may be available by request at

01. Cocteau Twins – The Thinner The Air (Massive Attack Mix)
02. Craig Armstrong – Niente
03. Peter Gabriel – Games Without Frontiers (Massive Attack Remix)
04. Adele – Hometown Glory (Clueless Dubstep Remix)
05. Martina Topley-Bird – Sandpaper Kisses
06. Massive Attack – Black Milk
07. U.N.K.L.E. feat. Richard Ashcroft – Lonely Soul
08. Portishead – To Kill A Dead Man
09. Craig Armstong feat. King Crimson 1974 – Starless II
10. Isaac Hayes – Walk On By
11. Godspeed You Black Emperor! – East Hastings
12. Python Lee Jackson feat. Rod Stewart – In A Broken Dream

Full link to the dirtylaundre sessions – No.13 – 2009-12-10 page