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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 31



Spring springing yet? No? Better keep things warm with hot tunes then. Today we’ll be staying in the shallow end of the pool, as I’m taking Hausaufgabe back to its roots. Dry, raw, nice and simple, the way it was meant to be. Instead of meticulously crafting a versatile tracklist, I opted for just having some fun behind the decks. Perhaps it shows, and perhaps in a good way. Or not.

Several Hausaufgabe mainstays made it into this one. That includes DJ W!ld, Chanson E, Kid Enigma and Chris Carrier, whose delightfully excessive Robsoul cut had been been sitting in my collection unused for too long. Meanwhile, Kyodai shamelessly clone the recipe of their smash hit from last year, but get away with it by labeling it “part 2”. Smart! As a very special surprise classic, I bring you the original version of a 1995 post-handbag anthem from Alcatraz. It’s even kind-of-sort-of relevant right now, as the “2012 remixes” of the track just got re-released as the “2013 remixes”. Confused? That makes two of us.

01. Panthera Krause – Summer Breeze (Good Guy Mikesh Be Summer Mix) [Riotvan]
02. Kolombo feat. Plastic Bertrand – Stop Ou Encore [Sex Panda White]
03. Kyodai – Moving (Breaking Part 2) [Local Talk]
04. Chris Carrier & Hector Moralez – Lotus Seven [Apollonia]
05. Paco Wegmann – Talking with Strangers (DJ W!ld RMX) [AMA]
06. Chemars – Organic Food (K-nto Dub) [Ginkgo Music]
07. Ignacio Robles – Poker House [Sour Mash Audio]
08. Drop Mob – Heavy Now (Kid Enigma Dub Edit) [Gaia]
09. Chanson E – Top Top [Konura]
10. Chris Carrier – Bongo Thunder [Robsoul]
11. Aback – Chicago [HARD]
12. Alcatraz – Giv Me Luv [Yoshitoshi / 1trax]
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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 27



Hausaufgabe returns once again.. in 2013! Too future? Not for the dR followers, I’m sure. And what exactly will the next 12 months bring us musically? Will B-grade producers finally come up with a new filler gimmick to replace the Beatport white noise sweeps? Is the NYC/”Jersey” retro sound going to perish now that it’s been spotted limping towards the place where past trends go to die, Ibiza compilations? Exciting times lie ahead.

What I’m sure of is that for those willing to put in the effort of wading through the myriad of releases instead of relying on big names’ charts, there’ll still be plenty of unexpected gems to discover. I’ll continue doing my best to bring up the very best of house music to you, in lovingly crafted 12-track packages.

This time I’m taking you on a trip through various melodic locations, but beware: some acid rain has been forecasted towards the end of our journey. For once I find it impossible to pick any highlights from these equally outstanding sounds, so just enjoy the ride..

01. 2 Billion Beats – Mega City One [Paper]
02. Ruthit – Roly Poly [Silver Network]
03. Hot Toddy – Mutha Sucka [Smoke N Mirrors]
04. Detroit Swindle – Creep [Freerange]
05. Toxez – Broklyn [Konura]
06. Dimitri Max & Luis Baro – Undisputed [Sampled]
07. Miss Mee – Lamour [Robsoul]
08. Grosstone – Big Deal (Pezzner Dubstramental) [Stranjjur]
09. Erdbeerschnitzel – Separate Spaces [Mirau Musik]
10. John Mood – A Basement Romance (De Sluwe Vos ‘Kontra’ Remix) [Local Talk]
11. Arttu feat. Jerry the Cat – Move (Cellar Mix) [Clone Royal Oak]
12. Anaxander – I Want You Now [Local Talk]
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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 26


2012 will be history in a bit, but there’s time for one last Hausaufgabe to end this one with a bang. We’re all currently being bombarded with a gazillion of “best of the year” lists, charts and mixes, but I’m concentrating on something else: the best of right now.

In the tracklist one can spot several trusted names who once again fail to disappoint. Rachel Row & Kink collaborate in perfect form, JR from Dallas brings on the best remix of the moment, and Chris Carrier continues his seemingly endless streak of marvellous releases. We also got a selection of new faces – to this podcast series at least – to keep things fresh. Top quality house music all round.

Until ’13!

01. Nicone – Why [OFF]
02. Aaron Ross – Infinite Future [Lost My Dog]
03. Cazuma & Andreas – Nostalgia [Local Talk]
04. Tony Monero – Hold On (JR from Dallas Remix) [Gourmand]
05. Sanso & Keemani – Bitches [Magnetic]
06. Luca Doobie & Patrick Di Stefano – Are You Sleeping (The Selph Remix) [Spades]
07. Rachel Row – Follow the Step (Kink Beat Mix) [Pets]
08. Azari & III – Into the Night (Renaissance Man Remix) [Turbo]
09. Moullinex – Take My Pain Away (Strip Steve Remix) [Gomma]
10. Chris Carrier – Street Slang [Minority Music]
11. K-nto – Piano in Tracking [Wize Vision]
12. Chanson E – Mersedes-Bounce [Konura]
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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 24


After the previous two episodes, you may have thought Hausaufgabe is going all serious and moody on you. Fear not, as this time I’m taking it back to the roots with a bunch of nasty beats and even nastier samples. Fuck “deep”, this is house music to get drunk to!

The featured artists are no strangers to intoxicants either. Jazzmopper J settles for a classic cocktail and Dbow wants to roll it up, while Wattie Green stays true to his southern roots by indulging in some of that purple “kryptonite”. Fries & Bridges are apparently bogarting whatever they got by hiding it in their pockets. In other related vices, Jeff Service teaches you how to get your bad guy talk on. In the blast-to-the-past outro from 2002, Reset and Crazy P provide a similarly useful lesson to all the ladies.

01. Wattie Green – On That Crippy [Coyote Cuts]
02. Dbow – Smoke It Up [Coyote Cuts]
03. Fries & Bridges – One Hand in the Pocket [The Factory]
04. Jonn Hawley & William Alexander – This and That (William Alexander Remix) [Lingo]
05. Freaky Behaviour – Chicago Ill Noyze [Chunky Traxx]
06. Dimitri Max – The Method (Classic Returns Mix) [Sampled]
07. Jazzmopper J – Frozen Margarita [Highjack]
08. Erik Bo – Madone [Maracuja]
09. Jeff Service – Bad Guy Talk [Cave]
10. Salvatore Vitrano – From Another Place [Magnetic]
11. Jay Marks – Latin Bump (1200 Warriors Remix) [Beatdown]
12. Reset – Gasflap (Crazy Penis Wireless Mix) [Paper]
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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 23


Hausaufgabe is back in the haus! Apologies for the delay with this episode. Tons of stuff just snuck up on me creating a little unplanned hiatus. But good things come to those who wait, and this is especially true for the 68 minutes of highest quality house music I present in this installment. Freshly squeezed, not from concentrate!

In the 23rd episode we celebrate the good things in life, from “friends” to “big ol’ booty”. Gems in the selection include Lauer’s massive hipster disco number on Tim Sweeney’s Beats in Space label, retro Chicago sounds from Borrowed Indentity, and Wil Maddams continuing his winning streak of fine releases. Of course, no true Hausaufgabe mix would be complete without my trusty regulars W!ld, Carrier and Hamilton.

Have fun with the mix, and check back for more. Hausaufgabe 24 will be out soon, this time in a more upbeat style for a change.

01. Nhan Solo – Friends [Nurvous]
02. Lauer – Macsat Ring Down [Beats in Space]
03. Flash Atkins – Did You Forget to Shine? (Hot Toddy Mix) [Paper]
04. Copyshop – Young Sage (Borrowed Identity 80s in Chicago Mix) [Numoment]
05. DJ W!ld – Pour tes jolis yeux [Snork Enterprises]
06. Craig Hamilton – If the Dope Don’t Get You the Acid Must [Flatpack Traxx]
07. Wil Maddams – Your Turn [Traxx Underground]
08. Illyus – The Rescue [Tronicsole]
09. Nathan G – History Repeated [Large]
10. Chris Carrier – Zulu Spins [Robsoul]
11. Sacha Robotti – The Big Ol [Klasse]
12. Mike Frugaletti – What’s Happenin [Union] (new!)

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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 22


The summer is once again a thing of the past, at least in our neck of the woods. Time to vacate the parks and the terraces, and head inside from the cold. To ease the unavoidable journey towards autumn, I’ve put together a set of atmospheric tunes with enough kick to get that blood flowing.

This time I’m especially happy to include Lazercat & Audit, the former of which also provided our going away party an excellent live set last month. In other points of interest, Martin Dawson earns a double appearance with his remix and another infectious Two Armadillos collaboration. I even got to throw in a housey number from Mike Dehnert, one of the very best techno producers at the moment.

Enjoy, and stay warm out there.

01. Lazercat & Audit – Catnip [Home Breakin]
02. Mercury – Old Man’s House (Martin Dawson Remix) [Gomma]
03. Marbert Rocel – Small Hours (Jakob Korn Remix) [Compost]
04. Mike Dehnert – Mode Three [Colombage]
05. Seconds – Tell Them (Charles Webster Earl Jam Dub) [PRDS Collections]
06. Two Armadillos – Phantom [Two Armadillos]
07. Pete Dafeet – Freeze (Shades of Gray Remix) [Lost My Dog]
08. Detroit Swindle – B.OST.ON [Murmur]
09. Dirty Culture – Deliriant Groove [Save Room]
10. Jordan Peak – Keep It Rockin’ [Robsoul]
11. Chris Carrier – Lucky Lords [Homecoming]
12. B. Jinx – Nublaq [Seventy Four]

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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 21


Straight outta Uleåborg! Since the previous Hausaufgabe podcast, I’ve ended my two year tour of Berlin and returned to Oulu, the historical house music capital of Finland. It’s a whole different world out here, but as this mix hopefully demonstrates, my DJing output is defeinitely not hindered by the sudden lack of nearby 24-hour beer and Club Mate serving spätis.

The first mix session of many to disturb my new neighbours includes some infinitely looping disco from Johnny Fiasco, Nick Jagger mangling a bunch of classic samples, a re-released but still fresh sounding remix from Busy, plus Byron Foxx with something to say regarding talking green testicles. To smooth things up in the end, Hapkido edits up an old favourite of mine.

Stay tuned for more. Apparently, it’s not that grim up north.

01. Johnny Fiasco – Infinite Disco [Chicanotrax]
02. Homework – Conversation Piece [Exploited]
03. John Diloo & Dimi Wilson – 3 Dots [Savoir Faire Musique]
04. Tonga – I Try High [Funkfield]
05. Nick Jagger – Manglin Baby [Coyote Cuts]
06. Phil Weeks – P’s Theme [Robsoul]
07. Hustle N Flow – Mixed Signals (Busy Remix) [Kolour]
08. JR from Dallas – Acid Rain [Clean N Dirty]
09. Byron Foxx – Nonsense [Restricted Access]
10. Bai-ee – Lawless (AudioJazz Remix) [Farris Wheel]
11. Little Purple – About You [HARD]
12. Hapkido – Feel for You [Greenhouse]

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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 19


This week, Hausaufgabe turns one year old. I’ve had a blast putting all these mixes together, and hopefully some of you out there have also gotten a kick out of them in the past 12 months. To celebrate, I’m keeping it business as usual: house music so real it wouldn’t be allowed in Vegas!

Items to mention from today’s selection include Cajmere and Farris teaming up for one of the hottest tracks of the moment, Busy from RTHM also continuing with his top-notch remix-work and DustyFruit officially becoming the 500th person in the past 6 months to sample “Breathe and Stop”. Meanwhile Hodges & Alexander set out to recreate the vibe of the former’s remix of “Servin’ Em”, which was one of the genre’s most memorable releases in 2010. Finally, it wouldn’t be July without some fun summer edits, and the legendary Frankie J has delivered a double dose of those.

See you in a bit with the 20th installment! As I soon have to relocate from Berghain Techno City Berlin back to the House City of Oulu, these beats are not about to stop any time soon.

01. Cajmere & Gene Farris – Donna’s a Flower [Cajual]
02. Andrea Blanco & Ocry – Black Hole (Craig Hamilton Remix) [Trendy Mullet]
03. Roshan – That Swing [Home Schooled]
04. Jazzy Eyewear – Fantasy Island (Kid Enigma Remix) [So Sound]
05. Jason Hodges feat. William Alexander – Our World [Sampled]
06. J-Fader – Razzjazz [HARD]
07. Tracey Cooper – Everything’s Insane [Sampled]
08. J Caprice – Inside These Walls [HARD]
09. Francis Jilla – Walking on a Beam [Flapjack]
10. The Sound Diggers – Body Pop (Busy RTHM Mix) [Chunky Traxx]
11. DustyFruit – Beloved [Rebel Hill]
12. Francis Jilla – Bumped Up Kicks [Flapjack]

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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 18


The bier is strong in this one. Last weekend, after several days of joyous activities mostly related to the fabled Karneval der Kulturen, I stumbled home where I apparently felt the sudden urge to record a dubby and subtle episode of Hausaufgabe. To my complete surprise the next morning, the end result didn’t sound at all bad.

So there you have it: 100% genuine house music, low on cheese, no filler. Old favourite Jordan Peak continues going tastefully retro on us, and Sarp Yilmaz is back with one of the numerous gems in his new release. The much hyped Local Talk label has put out enough outstanding material lately to warrant two appearances. Lastly, Tripmastaz continue providing an exception to the otherwise infallible rule that one should stay clear of artists using a pseudonym in plural with a Z in the end.

Have a nice trip, there’s more to come.

01. Ezequiel Cestau – I’m Talking [Soul Shift]
02. Demarkus Lewis – Wipe Ur Mouth (Milton Jackson Remix) [Lost My Dog]
03. Chris Malinchak – Brooklyn Bounce [French Express]
04. Wil Maddams – Handle the Change [Local Talk]
05. Sarp Yilmaz – Stop Playing That Goddamn Song [Apparel Music]
06. Tanzlife – Cold Fire [Local Talk]
07. Tripmastaz – No Turning Back [Magnetic]
08. Manjane – If You Wanna [Blacksoul Music]
09. Jordan Peak – Move with It [Klasse]
10. Steve Dare – Candy Jack (Craig Hamilton Move Me Mix) [The Bomb Digital]
11. Kid Enigma – Breakups [Whitebeard]
12. That Peruvian Boy – I Need You [Jacked]

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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 17


From deep house back to derp house! I just couldn’t leave you guys without your scheduled dose of lighthearted bangers, so we’ve got another double decker Hausaufgabe in our hands this month.

It’s not my thing to come up with themes for my mixes, but if I did, this one would be something along the lines of “French house all-stars vs blatantly sampled 90s US hip-hop superstars”. All this mixed in Berlin by a Finnish dude, how international can you get? Highlights include the smash hit from Weeks & Moralez everybody for sure knows by now, some very fine boots from the Cabbie Hat label, and an almost Ian O’Brien-esque melodic number by Takla. Not everyone got my memo on noise sweeps (see Hausaufgabe 15), but that must be a “part of the game”.

Crank it up and have a blast!

01. Nick Jagger – Gangsta Fairy Tail [Coyote Cuts]
02. JR from Dallas – Springtime Feeling [Gourmand]
03. Fries & Bridges – Pipe Cleaner [Robsoul]
04. Joss Moog – That’s What U R [Robsoul]
05. Scrubfish – THS [Seventy Four]
06. JJ Junior – Brooklyn Side [Cabbie Hat]
07. Hapkido – Run Away [Cabbie Hat]
08. Bryan Jones – Part of the Game [InStereo]
09. Dbow – Frame Shake Up [Beatdown]
10. Mirco Violi – Caballo (Chris Carrier Remix Uno) [Hypercolour]
11. Freaky Behaviour – Fat Burger Hero [Funk Mansion]
12. Takla – Batucada [Funkfield]

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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 16


And now for something.. marginally different. After two episodes of upbeat party bangers, it’s time to chill out a bit. The house beats are kicking, but this time we’re taking a turn towards slightly more laid back and hazy sounds, with a touch of energy towards the end to shake you out of it.

On today’s two plates I’m serving delicious bits from venerable labels such as Robsoul, Compost, Lost My Dog and Moodmusic. We can hear about blues from ManmadeMusic, get taken into a jazz club (nice) by Simon Weiss, and witness what exactly Harold Heath does to an underwear model. Of course, the mix wouldn’t be complete without DJ W!ld’s 13-minute take on “Love Sensation”, which is quite possibly my favourite track of 2012 so far.

I hope you’ll have an enjoyable 72 minutes, and that you’ll still be hungry for seconds. What will the next installment of Hausaufgabe have in store for us?

01. Sarp Yilmaz – Turn On [Mussen Project]
02. Simon Weiss – Monty Collective ABC [Compost]
03. Joss Moog – That Old Feeling [Robsoul]
04. Yoikol – Short [Resopal]
05. Shades of Gray feat. Pavel ORM – Father’s Guitar [Lost My Dog]
06. SumSuch – Underwear Model (Harold Heath Dub) [Etoka]
07. Two Armadillos – Theme [Two Armadillos]
08. ManmadeScience – The Blues 1997 [Philpot]
09. DJ W!ld – Because [Robsoul]
10. Kink – Leko [Burek]
11. Compuphonic – My House My School [Moodmusic]
12. Hard Ton – Not Again (Snuff Crew Remix) [Toy Tonics]

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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 15


Order up! My musical freezer has been filling up extra fast with fresh produce, so April’s Hausaufgabe suddenly became an extra-meaty double whopper. Must get these delicious house nuggets served before they go rancid.

The presence of WMC is still quite audible in the mix, continuing the upbeat party music theme of the previous installment. This time the samples and loops are also coupled with copious use of the dreaded Beatport White Noise Sweep ™. I usually try to avoid playing tunes with this gimmick, which I feel has way overstayed its welcome. This time I made a rare exception, so enjoy more sweeping than in the winter olympics curling finals! Following all the new house cuts, a re-released old remix from the “late” great Joey Youngman finishes the show for you nostalgics out there.

Together with #14 this must be more beatdown than one can handle within a month, so Hausaufgabe will return in May. Stay springy.

01. Dan Warby – Love Ma Baby [Coyote Cuts]
02. Milty Evans – Certified [Farris Wheel]
03. Anhanguera – About Samples and Loops [10Inch-Dogg]
04. DJ W!ld – Wildstyle [Robsoul]
05. Juliet Fox – Espanolita [Beatdown]
06. DJ Hal – Don’t Give It Up (Lawnchair Generals Remix) [Blockhead]
07. Forrest Avery & Derty D – I Love House Music [Flapjack]
08. Down N Out – Hold Your Breath [Greenhouse]
09. Jamie D – Friday Night Funk [Greenhouse]
10. Jackin Box – Break Ya Body [10Inch-Dogg]
11. Freaky Behaviour – Dancin Through Walls [10Inch-Dogg]
12. Jake Childs – Telephone Tag (White Collar Criminals Remix) [Uniform]

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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 14


Stop, Easter time! Religious connotations aside, you know what’s in store for the extended weekend: extra days off work, time to kick back or party hard, perhaps even a chance to enjoy some half-decent spring weather. And eggs. There’s gotta be eggs.

For this occasion, I’ve cooked up a 60 minute batch of fun and upbeat tracks to get you going. Let’s see about those deep and dark soundscapes later, this edition is dedicated to punchy beats, crisp samples and the occasional surprise italo edit. Or, in two words, good times.

01. Chris Carrier – Sweet Cookie [OFF]
02. Cyril Yarisantos – Work It Fool [Funkfield]
03. Funkyloco – Going Down Like This (Nate Laurence Remix) [Maracuja]
04. LippTrixx – Playin the Game [Cabbie Hat]
05. Salvatore Vitrano – The Soul of House [1200 Traxx]
06. Camille – Hold You [Cabbie Hat]
07. Freaky Behaviour – Out There Dancing [Funk Mansion]
08. Tom Special Interest – Fat 32 [Phobic]
09. Leonardus – Jazz Trip (Mel Rosario Remix) [Juiced]
10. Jackin Box – Back Up Your Groove Thing [Flapjack]
11. The 1200 Warriors – Bongo Bah [1200 Traxx]
12. Don Martiniq – Honky Pinky [Funkfield]

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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 13


Miami, schmiami. This is Berlin, and it’s time for a special bonus surprise Hausaufgabe! This mix mostly consists of tracks I played a few weekends ago at Ville Vähäsaari’s “Neukölln Deep” night at Intersoup, Prenzlauer Berg.

Just like we were not actually in Neukölln, I also failed to play anything particularily “deep”. But what we do have here is a slightly slower and a hair more eclectic selection than usual. In addition to recurring characters such as Phil Weeks and Jordan Peak, the wonderful tracklist also features e.g. the Snoop Dogg -approved Genius of Time, Oulu’s own Arttu, and even something from the legendary Moodmusic label.

Enjoy the beats, and be sure to check back during easter week. The next Hausaufgabe will be out on April 5th, back in the familiar territory of funky bangers.

01. Phil Weeks – Pimpin’ 4 Weeks [Robsoul]
02. Genius of Time – Houston We Have a Problem [Clone Royal Oak]
03. Chris Harris – New York Nights [Guesthouse]
04. Sonny Fodera – Find Myself (Stripped Mix) [Large]
05. Oliver Deutschmann – Do It the Classic Way Honey (Jackin Rework) [Jackoff Beats]
06. Azari & III – Reckless (With Your Love) (DJ Sneak Stereo Gangstaz Remix) [Permanent Vacation]
07. Chris Carrier – Planet Patrol [OFF]
08. Arttu feat. Jerry the Cat – Nuclear Funk [Clone Royal Oak]
09. Migoo – Maschine Poetry (Allandy Byallo Berlin Remix) [Moodmusic]
10. David Glass – I Wanna Be (Craig Hamilton Remix) [Flatpack]
11. Andrea Oliva – Hood [Magnetic]
12. Jordan Peak – Done Did [One Records]

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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 12


I hereby open the monthly meeting of Dirty House Music Purveying and Refining, Inc. Don’t be fooled by the casual tones of our opening presentation, this session is all about serious house business. With our market share under pressure from mashup overproduction and the long overdue bursting of the “tech” bubble, we must carefully plan our mixing strategy to ensure steady beats and a controlled BPM growth in the upcoming quarter.

On our agenda today, Mr. Peak and the Bears division hold presentations of their work, while Mr. Vichas and Mr. Mullan detail our cash flow situation. Mr. Warwick and his assistant Lily will also present us some clever concepts from R&D. Sadly, not all could join us today: Mr. Fish is out on the block doing some market research, and the team of Garces, Delay & Goofs have all fallen ill – probably having caught the flu spread by Matt from accounting.

01. The 2 Bears – Work (Sona Vabos Remix) [DFA]
02. Demarkus Lewis – Strange Daze [Guesthouse]
03. Matt Meler – Jazz Flu [G-Swing]
04. Scrubfish – Back on the Block [Lutefisk]
05. Jordan Peak – Work [Robsoul]
06. Dom Martin – Weapon (Hijack Remix) [Jack Union]
07. Ramon Tapia – Don’t Go [Magnetic]
08. Foster Tanner feat. Wattie Green – Ragin It [Delta Blue]
09. Poncho Warwick – So Damn Clever [Farris Wheel]
10. Trevor Vichas and Terry Mullan – Cash 4 Gold [Coyote Cuts]
11. Arturo Garces and Danny Delay – The Illest (Loopity Goofs Remix) [Smoke City]
12. Michael R Jr – You Can’t Hide [Flapjack]

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