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dirtylaundre sessions no.114



On the more industrial sounding techno trip.


01. Karenn – Sailing Solvents
02. Orphx – Vanishing Point
03. Sleeparchive – 4
04. Audionite – Concentration of Authority (J. Tijn Remix)
05. Sleeparchive – 3
06. Mark Broom – Silenced (Part 2)
07. Minilogue – When Sadness Releases, Joy Arises (Grindvik & Zahn Remix)
08. Conforce – Receiver
09. Edit Select – Sliotar (Silent Servant Remix)
10. Ventress – Typhon
11. Hideo Kobayashi – Was It A Dream?
12. Chicago Flotation Device – Untitled 6
13. Clouds – Drone Function (Divvorce Remix)
14. Marc Romboy & Ken Ishii – Susei (ROD Remix Two)
15. Developer – Dirty Drive 1
16. Trus’me – Defunct
17. Rone – Bye Bye Macadam (Aquarian Remix)

18. Ore – Rise (Manni Dee’s Bootleg Mix)
19. Perseus Traxx – Gorgon
20. Philipp Stoya – Ransd
21. Ricardo Tolbar – Carnaval


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dirtylaundre sessions no. 111



Ah to tha tick tock you don’t stop…doing a bit of broken beat / glitch hop transitioning to a more loungey downtempo trip hop, I got it to at least sound more like a proper mix than my previous attempts.

01. Vanilla feat Bagul – Intro
02. KEV//BOT – Crazy About You
03. Atu- What You Like
04. Freddie Joachim – That Girl
05. Booty Thrill – National Love
06. Bonobo – Jets
07. Ta-Ku – Cold
08. Vanilla – This Time
09. Sons of The Morning x Rafiq Bhatia – IV
10. Breakestra – Hiding (Arts The Beatdoctor Remix)
11. A.M. Architect – Window
12. Arts The Beatdoctor – Highway Hypnosis
13. DJ Cam – Dieu Reconnaitra Les Siens
14. DJ Krush – On The Dub-ble
15. Force of Nature – Vagrancy
16. DJ Spooky – Antarctic Rhythm Quartet 1 (Invincible Hip Hop Mix)
17. Karl Jefferson – Lizard Lips
18. The Scientist – Majestic Creatures
19. Karl Jefferson – Mouse Eggs
20. Pretty Lights – Someday is Everyday

Full link to the dirtylaundre sessions no. 111 page

dirtylaundre sessions no.103



It starts to get brighter for a half though I wanted it to stay dark. On the more proggy tip of the spectrum with a touch of tech. Next week, I bring the BASS.

form form / forward outlook:

01. Lulu James – Be Safe (3hrs Remix)
02. Martin Dawson – Is This Goodbye (Tale Of Us Remix)
03. Mykel Haze & Marco Darko – Computer Love
04. Sasha – Smoke Cone (Hunter Game Remix)
05. Fairmont – The Diamonds (Arthur Oskan Remix)
06. Booka Shade – Tomorrow Belongs To Us (Shameboy Remix)
07. Max Cooper – Gravity Well (Microtrauma Remix)
08. Alexander Kowalski – Falling Down (Spiral Mix)
09. Outworld – Heavens Gift
10. Oliver Smith – Under the Wire
11. Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver – Opal


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dirtylaundre sessions no.99


“Jazz, well you can call it that…but this jazz contains a new format…” from Stetsasonic’s Talkin’ All That Jazz. Was going for a loungey, vocal downtempo sound for Christmas…which this isn’t. ha

smoke in all that jazz:

01. Gang Colours – To Repel Ghosts (Troy Gunner Remix)
02. Skream – Maybe It’s For The Best
03. Alias & Tarsier – 5 Year Eve (Instrumental)
04. Submotion Orchestra – Sunshine
05. Armen Nalbandian – Misled
06. Parov Stelar – Tango Muerte
07. Mr. Chop – Intermezzo 5
08. Vieo Abiungo – Thunder May Have Ruined The Moment
09. Ensemble Economique – To Feel The Night As It Really Is
10. DJ Krush feat. Shuuzan Morita – Still Island (Still n’ Slow Mix)
11. Trifonic – Emergence
12. Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch – Angels Of The Highest Order
13. The XX – Fiction (Druid Cloak Blood Magick Remix)
14. JMSN – Alone (Kastle Remix)
15. Submotion Orchestra – Blind Spot
16. Joash – Your Star Still Shines

The 100th episode of sessions will be up after christmas/just before new years…


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dirtylaundre sessions no.97


All kinds of raging breaks … elements of trancey breaks, brostep, big beats and ravey jungle sounds … speeding its way past breakbeats in the first half to ravey dubstep to a blistering conclusion. It gets into a bit of a hot mess towards the end (and other parts), that’s just how it flowed…

switchin ballistics:

01. Photek – Signals
02. The Prodigy – Breathe (Zeds Dead Remix)
03. Photek feat. Breakage & Veronika Coassolo – One Of A Kind
04. Kosheen – Dependency
05. Hybrid – Higher Than A Skyscraper (Hybrid’s Twitch & Sweat Mix)
06. Aeron Aether feat. Catherine – Twilight (BreakZhead Remix)
07. Cut & Run – Kilo
08. Malpractice – Still Dre
09. Cut & Run – Blind Ed
10. Freestylers – Punks (Krafty Kuts Remix)
11. Kanji Kinetic – Crimson
12. Zomby – Tears In The Rain
13. Rusko – Kumon Kumon
14. Rusko – Bring It Back
15. Roksonix – Music In Me
16. Shorterz Pimps – Spin Spin Enigma
17. Cyantific – Streets Of Rave


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dirtylaundre sessions no.95


Haven’t gone over 128 bpms in a while. Liquidy drum and bass in place of glitch and tech house this week. This was a last minute or hour effort, mix, record then upload right away. A little rawness in sessions to break some of my own monotony.

01. Fracx & Aura – 1st Dimension
02. Feint – Times Like These (Fracture Design Remix)
03. Technicolour & Komatic – Launch Sequence
04. Velocity – Light In Nightmare
05. Grafix – Holding On
06. Friction – Life Cycle
07. Relay & Front – Tale Of A Shooting Star
08. Feint – One Thousand Dreams
09. Seismix & Cahb – Indigo
10. Fracture Design – The Light Within Her Eyes (Nelver Remix)
11. Goku feat. Sarah Burgess – Lost In Time
12. Seba – Painted Skies
13. Blu Mar Ten feat. Airwalker – Into The Light


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dirtylaundre sessions no.94


“When Two Tribes Go To War…” Frankie Goes To Hollywood reference. It’s one mix but two halves. Dubby, pounding, percussive techno in the first phase to a more thumping tech house for the second arch.

the drum ritual:
01. Sigha – Drown
02. Brandub – Writhing Dub (Beat Pharmacy’s Writhing)
03. Deadbeat – Horns of Jericho
04. John Talabot – When The Past Was Present (Pachanga Boys Blue Remix)
05. Ricardo Tobar – Recuerdos (Qoso Remix)
06. Triple Six Sound Club – I Can See Your Pupils Vibrating
07. Sly-One – Beats Like Them
08. Grenier – Gutta

09. Paul Mac – Kinda Dubby
10. Tiga – The Picture
11. Maelstrom – Senescence
12. Blatta & Insesha – Parallels & Meridians
13. Alex Under – El Alma Del Tiempo (Slam Paragraph Remix)
14. Gary Beck – Hopkin
15. Hybrid – Sleepwalking & True To Form (Future Funk Squad Remix)
16. Cyantific – Streets of Rave (Bonus Round)

Might do a long unmixed chill show next followed by another groove mix. My plans are never set in stone. Random Selectah episodes on the dirtyradio player currently feature tracks from recent albums by Photek, Deadbeat, Paul Mac, Daniel Stefanik, Akira Kiteshi, The Advent, Layo & Bushwacka, Jori Hulkkonen & Third Culture, Liar, Ghost amongst other things.


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dirtylaundre sessions no.92


This is the regular show:

01. Fink – Make It Good (Tale Of Us & Tennis Remix)
02. Ataxia – INRIhab
03. Maribou State – Olivia (MAO Remix)
04. Steve Bug – Tell Me Why
05. Kameleon – Confetti (Matt Tolfrey & Sam Russo Remix)
06. Guy Gerber – Timing
07. Delta Funktionen – Onkalo
08. Post War Years – Glass House (Maribou State Remix)
09. Alpines – Empire (Maribou State Remix)
10. TMS feat. Jagga – I Need You (Maribou State Remix)
11. Maya jane Coles – Not Listening
12. Maya Jane Coles – Parallel Worlds
13. CREEP – Days (Azari & Ill Remix)

but wait, there’s more:

An additional 7-8 hours worth of music (split up into hour or so blocks) every few weeks. There won’t be a tracklist or theme for any of them (since i keep forgetting to keep track of what was being played). it’s a random rotation show!


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dirtylaundre sessions no.91


Twistedsensabassdubshow. We’ve got some Bass and some Dub, and no idea of what direction to take it to. I gave it the name of what it sounded like.

Missy Elliott and Tricky Meet Up In Miami, Got Blazed and Decided to Throw a Minimal Block Party

Intro – Dirty Talking
01. Savile – Woman & Man
02. Blaqstarr feat. M.I.A. – Lemme Hump You
03. Kode9 & The Spaceape feat. Cha Cha – Neon Red Sign
04. King Midas Sound – Meltdown (Kode9 & The Spaceape Rework)
05. Myakkah – I Want To Feel
06. Aquarius Heaven – Stop
07. FAY – Talk With My Body (The-Drum Remix)
08. Kitty Pryde – Hittin Lix
09. Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie XX – Running
10. Jimmy Edgar – Hot Raw Sex (Instra:Mental Remix)
11. Reso – Ishimura (Drop The Lime’s Dark Tunnels Remix)
12. Zebra Katz feat Njena Reddd Foxxx – Ima Read
13. Them Jeans – Balloons (James Pants Remix)
14. Femme En Fourrure – Bronco (Nguzunguzu Remix)
15. PNAU – Unite Us (Raffertie Remix)
16. Zebra Katz & Boyfriend – Winter Titty (Lenkemz Remix)
17. Clicks & Whistles – Neva Get Caught (Starks & Nacey Remix)
18. Eliot Lipp – On & On
19. Baauer – Yaow!
20. Monsieur Monsieur – Dirty Minded (Canblaster Remix)
21. Sleigh Bells – Tell ‘Em (Kingdom Remix)


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dirtylaundre sessions no.87


Hip Hop minus the rhymes. Sample heavy soul session this week featuring mostly free music.

Broken Soul System:

01. Biblo – Lovers Carvings (Leatherette Remix)
02. South South Million – Baff Speech
03. Arcade Fire – Suburbs (sampled by The Airplane Boys – Born To Be)
04. Gonzo – Stay
05. Mane Mane – Skin Fox
06. Alexander Spit – Marciano
07. Gonzo – Timepiece
08. Flying Lotus – Massage Situation
09. Gramatik – It’s Over (F.A.Q. Remix)
10. Andreya Triana – Lost Where I Belong (FLying Lotus Remix)
11. Alexander Spit – I Wanna Write A Love Song
12. Gramatik – So Much For Love
13. Ohbliv – Freekphone
14. Alexander Spit – Life Goes On
15. Gonzo – When It’s Cold Outside
16. Handbook – Know What (I Still Love You)
17. Pretty Lights – We Must Go On
18. Eliot Lipp – I Wanted To Be A Rock & Roll Star
19. Suff Daddy – Hospital
20. The Fascinations – Can’t Get Away From You
21. Etta James – Rather Go Blind (Lucky Paul Rework)
22. Mike James Kirkland – What My Last Girl Put Me Through (Nicolas Jaar Remix)
23. Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On (Mad Professor Mix)
24. Michal Menert – Drift By
25. Pretty Lights – Lonesome Street


I decided to write a take on information porn aka the somewhat evils of google searching recently,
and Dirty Epic playing in the background seems fitting and appropriate

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dirtylaundre sessions no.82


I don’t know how to classify this show…or give it a proper title, so I’ll just go with something esoteric (now that I think about it, that’s usually how I name these shows). Dirty College radio-ish? Includes Colatron’s re-mashup of another mashup and The Explorers “Triangle” from 2010’s Dirty Compilation Project: Quietly Violent.

hello, anywhere:

01. Tennis – Monocraft (Love Is Alright)
02. Colatron – Someone’s Still Missing
03. Trentemøller – Evil Dub / Moan Live
04. Wolf Gang – Pieces Of You (Mondkopf Remix)
05. Plant Plants – Embrace The Real
06. Dear Prudence – Valentine (Blood Diamonds R&B Fantasy)
07. Jon Convex – Fade
08. Telefon Tel Aviv feat. Robin Guthrie – The Sky Is Black
09. Sebastien Tellier – L’Amour Et La Violence (Floating Points Remix)
10. Lone – Raindance
11. The Explorers – Triangle
12. MNDR – #1 In Heaven (Physical Therapy Wash)
13. Physical Therapy feat. Jamie Kasner – Drone On
14. Elite Gymnastics – Omamori

Full on Techno/Tech House Mix Next Week On Sessions

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WalkMusic // Chapter 1


In the first of an exclusive series of dirtyRadio mixes, WalkMusic // Chapter 1 takes in beats and vibes from a diverse cross-section of the midnight music spectrum. Mixed by Manchester’s JWalk, expect everything from must-hear rarities to contemporary aural delights. WalkMusic.

From The Day That I Told You

Vibes is Right :: Barrington Levy :: Time 1 Records (1985)
All Things To All Men :: Cinematic Orchestra :: Ninja Tune (2002)
Eih Min Elemkom :: Omar Souleyman :: Sublime Frequencies (2010)
Carbonated :: Mount Kimbie :: Hotflush Recordings (2010)
Out My Mind, Just in Time :: Erykah Badu :: Universal Motown (2010)
It’s 2 Late 4 U and Me :: Moody :: Mahogany Music (2010)
Ojomo :: Ame :: Sonar Kollektiv Germany (2004)
My Body :: Sammy Bananas :: Fool’s Gold (2010)
BB :: Joy Orbison :: Doldrums Recordings (2010)
The Beginning :: John Murphy :: White Label (2002)
What Did He Say :: Nite Jewel :: Human Ear (2009)
Whisper :: Pursuit Grooves :: Tectonic (2010)
Love Parable :: David Lee Jr. :: Supernatural Records (1974)
And I Love Her :: Jose Feliciano :: RCA Victor Europe (1997)
A Homeless Dream :: Kath Bloom :: Powershovel Audio (1999)

Full link to the WalkMusic // Chapter 1 page

dirtylaundre sessions – No.47


Bits n’ Bytes, LA Beat scene/glitch hop thingamajiggawhut with a sprinkling of dubstep. Following this up next session with some fidgelectrodancetronic breaks and stuff. Maybe start planning something for show no.50, but I’m getting ahead of myself…

01. Tokimonsta, Lunice, and Swede:art – Alpenglow_0
02. Nosaj Thing – 1685/Bach
03. Shigeto – What We Held On To
04. P.U.D.G.E. – Insensitivity
05. Tobacco – Little Pink Riding Hood
06. Take – Neon Beams
07. Krazy Baldhead – The 4th Movement (The Glitch Mob Remix)
08. Free The Robots – Turbulence
09. El-P – Meanstreak (In 3 Parts)
10. Splatinum – Vadonna’s Magina
11. Cookie Monsta – Fat Girl Rodeo
12. Splatinum – Pumping Quarterz
13. Charles Trees – Mahjongg
14. American Men – Tenzin Zopa (Machinedrum Remix)
15. Baths – Maximalist
16. Jon Hopkins – Small Memory (Tunng Remix)
17. TRG – Move Dis

Full link to the dirtylaundre sessions – No.47 page

dirtylaundre sessions – No.35


Sounds like an Oldies, R&B/Soul, Pop, Smooth Jazz Station being played on wonky turntables. Also has a short dubstep mix near the end, including the retro-rave/early jungle stylings of “Something to Lose” by Dark Sky. Laid back and loungin’ show.

01. Jai Paul – BTSTU
02. Suff Daddy – Worst Case Szenario
03. Pretty Lights – Double Love
03. Onra (feat. Reggie B) – High Hopes
04. Washed Out – Feel It All Around
05. Last Order – Summertime
06. Onra – My Comet
07. Knxwledge – Remember Who You
08. Suff Daddy – I Need A Break
09. Knxwledge – Wait
10. Mike Slott – My Lightbridge
11. Alex B – You and I Both Know
12. Mr. Chop – Straighten It Out
13. Nujabes – Sanctuary Ship
14. Tsutchie – Sincerely
15. Kavsrave – PClart
16. Kavsrave – Tightly Closed
17. Dark Sky – Something To Lose
18. Doc Box & B Fresh – Slow Love

Next Session: Sweets and Cheddar

Full link to the dirtylaundre sessions – No.35 page

Beat Connection • Surf Noir

This week’s album of the week comes from Seattle based duo Jordan Koplowitz & Reed Juenger, aka “Beat Connection”. Perhaps we could have generalized the sound of “Surf Noir” as ‘instrumental indie synth’, but instead of making presumptuous statements in an effort to put the sound into a category, we decided to catch up with the guys exclusively to find out a little more…

  • dR: Where does the name ‘Beat Connection’ originate?
    Reed / Jordan: Well, its a homage (ok it sounds cool and we love the band so we used it) to the B-side of LCD Soundystem’s first single. Who puts out a song to start an amazing career about how washed up and old they are? Fuckin’ LCD does.
  • dR: What should people expect to hear in this EP?

    Reed: We have been compared to a lot of artists, but in most cases as a combination of two or more, I think that many influences shine through, but this is kind of meant to be music that can fit a lot of different settings. Tracks like “In The Water” and “Theme From Yours Truly” are kind of just fun party music, and sometimes thats all you need.

    Jordan: What we’ve said before is that our music is challenging surf-y-psychedelic-balearic-disco-dance-electro-pop infused with a healthy dose of rock and house music. Some people may say that’s just chillwave…which we don’t entirely disagree with. I just think our music is a bit “dancier” than chillwave and has a bit more substance.

    Download Beat Connection • Surf Noir for FREE on Bandcamp:
    <a href="">Sunburn by Beat Connection</a>

  • What albums have you listened too lately?

    Jordan: I have pretty eclectic tastes so it’s been all over the board. Here’s my list: Animal Collective – Fall Be Kind, Yeasayer – Odd Blood, Ruby Suns – Fight Softly, Cut Copy – In Ghost Coulours. Honestly I’m still really into Discovery by Daft Punk. I always make playlists and when I search through my computer and see Daft Punk I don’t see a reason to not put it on.

    Reed: Too many to list, and I’m weird: Nas – Illmatic, James Blake – CMYK – EP, Saint Etienne – Foxbase Alpha, ceo – White Magic, Cut Copy’s New Single! Also, I am going to go so wild on Tuesday when the new Arcade Fire album comes out. That’s one that I will be listening to all the way through on vinyl when its actually out.

  • Are there any particular techniques that you use to achieve your sound?

    Reed/Jordan : Well we use some of the mainstays of electronic music, i.e. side chaining, selective compression, and some of the mainstays of chillwave with reverb and echo etc. But we also do try out some weird things, like degrading audio quality of some instruments by just playing them over our PA and recording them back into Logic. We really like to use instruments in ways like they’ve never been used or are uncommonly used. For example side chaining the flute in the song “Silver Screen” pretty ingenious right? maybe uncalled for…but It’s all about experimenting and being patient.

  • How do you think net labels will shape / are shaping the future of electronic music?

    Reed/Jordan: Basically, people don’t buy that much music any more. The end result if you buy a cd is you put it on your mp3 player and thats that, so basically may as well buy digital, from the internet. I love buying dead medium music with big art, but cd’s are essentially on par with digital music, so I might as well save some money and buy some stuff online and get it immediately.

    I think that net labels are going to take over, its already become way easy for an artist to release their music, but way hard to support themselves because labels haven’t really caught up. So there are going to be more artists (which is a good an bad thing) and more net labels to release their music. And hopefully its gonna be a new paradigm where everything can co-exist. Beat Connection has toyed with the idea of starting their own digital label which will use sales money to one day release vinyl. We will just have to wait and see I guess.

  • What was your first record you bought? Do you shop at record shops often?

    Reed: Well, this is embarrassing, and I probably bought or was given music before this, but best as I can tell… The first record I bought was a Spice Girls cd. There was this girl in my, i dunno, 2nd grade class who I had a crush on, and she loved the Spice Girls and all that shit, so I bought one of those cd’s so that I could start a conversation up with her….Problem was I definitely ended up buying another one. I try to buy as much of my music as possible, I’m pretty broke so I stream a lot of stuff, and I’m not holier than thou, I download music too. But digging through bins of old vinyl is a past time of mine.

    Jordan: (Lawl at Reed) I think the first album I bought was a Space Jam soundtrack cassette tape that I would always listen to as I went to sleep. The only problem with cassettes is that they make that horrible clicking sound when the first side ends. I would stay awake because I knew that sound was going to happen and I was going to have to switch sides. In the end….probably hurt my sleeping patterns.

    Reed: Oh yeah that tape sound when it reached the end of a side would freak me out every time.

  • Do you play out live often? What sort of set-up do you have?

    Reed/Jordan: Well, soon, some of the songs on the EP were made without really considering how we were going to play it, so now, since its just the two of us, we are going through a pretty long and drawn out, but fun process of figuring everything out. A really key component to our live set-up is an MPC-1000, we also use a midi keyboard so that we can control some of synths we made in logic and then play them live. There is also a fair amount of guitar that gets played, and a lot of the drums and bass are played on a backing track through a program called torq which allows us to set loops so that we can jam on stuff instead of being super rigid.

  • Any advice would you give to up and coming artists?

    Jordan: Basically, don’t be lazy. It’s really easy to start songs and then not have the ambition to finish them. Or to maybe finish a song but not want to master/fix it. It takes a lot of a effort, no doubt, but when you’ve put that many hours into making something, you’ll love that you did. Also, drink a lot of water. sitting and working on music for a long time can make you dehydrated!

    Reed: Drink beer instead of water. No but seriously don’t get too hung up on getting a label or booking shows, focus on the music and make music that you like and that you’re proud of. Then sell out immediately.

  • Do you cook, what’s your favourite dish?

    Jordan: I cook up some sick beats! But no really, when I’m not working on music I’m most likely preparing a lavish dish. I extremely enjoy cooking. I think my favorite dish that I’ve made recently was a green curry with some buddies. It turned out pretty much perfectly, minus the fact we didn’t make enough rice. I do still really like quesadillas though, they’re so easy but so delicious.


  • If you had a time machine, where would you go? 😉

    Jordan: Well this is difficult…does the time machine fly or do I have to stay where I am when I travel through time? I’ll assume it flies. I think I’d go back to ancient Egypt and try to live as a pharaoh or king or something. I’m very interested in cultures like theirs because science has come up with so many conclusions about it. I’d want to see if it’s actually like we thought. All this minus all the slave labor.

    Reed: Dude time travel is fuckin terrifying. I would have to go to the future because if you go into the past everyone is gonna think you are looney and you are gonna die from all sorts of sub par living conditions or some shit like that. If you choose the future there is the slim chance that people will be like: oh yeah your from the past? Oh thats cool me too, what up?

“Surf Noir” is in rotation on the playlist from 2nd August 2010.

Listen to the full album on Soundcloud:
Surf Noir – EP by Beat Connection

More Info:

Full link to the Beat Connection • Surf Noir page