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Tellings – No.22


Inspiré de la sortie de Prometheus, le nouveau Ridley Scott, ce podcast est teinté d’une ambiance claustrophobe, avec notamment de nouveaux morceaux de Squarepusher, Senking, Alex Under et Monolake. Quelques évènements étranges sont susceptibles de se produire lors du déroulement du voyage…

Mainly inspired by the release of Prometheus, the new movie directed by Ridley Scott, this show is straight forward claustrophobic vibes, with some recent stuff from Squarepusher, Senking, Alex Under and Monolake. Some strange things can happen while the music goes by…


01. Oneohtrix Point Never – Andro [Mexican Summer/Software Records]
02. Plastikman – Converge [Mute]
03. Alex Under – Bola 4 [Soma Records]
04. ANBB – Electricity Is Fiction [Raster Noton]
05. Disasterpeace – Glitch [II]
06. Jega – Motion Math [Planet Mu]
07. Squarepusher – Drax 2 [Warp]
08. iTAL tEK – Bell Tower [Planet Mu]
09. Monolake – Aligning the Daemon [Imbalance Computer Music]
10. Senking – Closing Eyes [Raster Noton]
11. Bernard Parmegiani – Lointain – Proche [INA-GRM]
12. Ennio MorriconeContamination [MCA Records]

And some creatures artefacts…

Aired 2012-05-29 on

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