Music Worth Hearing

Teemu P – “Roskooppi” – No.70



Roskooppi #70, would you kindly put your techno pants on and make your way to the dancefloor. While you are there it would please us a great deal if you could enjoy tracks from Kompakt, Fifty Weapons, Nonplus, Live At Robert Johnson, My Favorite Robot and many, many more. You may also dance.

Mike Shannon – Sunrise [Crosstown Rebels]
The Mole – Bleep Blop Robot [Maybe Tomorrow]
Alex Katzer – Falling Off (Sandrow M Remix) [Uncanny Valley]
Brandt Brauer Frick – Ocean Drive (Schamone) [Studio K7]
Roman Flügel – More Is Not Enough (Heaven Or Hell?) [Live At Robert Johnson]
Terranova – Wunderbar [Kompakt]
Leschet & Wilde – Autummatik (Heiko Voss & Geiger Remix) [Silberschwein Musik]
Ian O’Donovan – Firenze [Eevo Next]
Fairmont – Alkaline (Ryan Crosson Remix) [My Favorite Robot]
Kölsch – Goldfisch [Kompakt Extra]
Marko Fürstenberg – Saturday 15th [Ornaments]
Four Tet – For These Times [Nonplus]
Phon.O – Schn33 [Fifty Weapons]

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