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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 61



Podcastin’ ain’t easy but it’s necessary. For a while after the previous Hausaufgabe I was suffering from a case of mixer’s block. The problem wasn’t a lack of sweet tunes to promote, on the contrary: going through my backlog of unplayed stuff from past months I couldn’t decide what to include. First world problems eh?

After some stressing over the subject I told myself to screw it, have fun, go with the flow and all that jazz. Hence I put together set of upbeat house bangers with some hints of techno and Detroit thrown in. Hector Moralez and Truncate within the same 12-track episode? Not sure if one can get away with this but I’m willing to try.

A small note: before you get on my case about the digital distortion creeping out from a few of the tracks, let me assure you it’s not my doing but originating from the releases themselves. As much as I hate to hear awesome music getting downgraded by unskilled (or non-existent) mastering, in these cases I found the issue to be within acceptable limits. Hopefully you’ll do so as well and have a blast with these sounds!

01. Sam Irl – Free Two Grow [Jazz & Milk]
02. Army of Me – Muff 60 [Toy Tonics]
03. Phil Kieran – Tape 2 [Phil Kieran Recordings]
04. A1 Bassline – Burnt Out Piano Island [Nofitstate]
05. Matrixxman – Sermons [Dekmantel]
06. Gerstaffelen – Night Flowing South [MOS]
07. Juju & Jordash – Clean-Cut [Dekmantel]
08. Jack Fell Down – Space Junk [Let’s Play House]
09. Hector Moralez – Acid by Numbers [I’m a House Gangster]
10. Molisans Brothers – Timeleg [Savoir Faire Musique]
11. Palace – Vision [Hot Haus Recs]
12. Kink – Fantasia (Truncate Remix) [Pets]

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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 60



Better late than never? Unlike Mr. Astley I’ve let you down by not delivering a new episode prior to the new year as promised. As a peace offer, I hope you’ll accept this lengthy mix intended to make things up and to get 2015 going. It may not contain everything for everybody, but with styles ranging from emo trance to acid and Chicago jacking there should be something for somebody.

Once again, thanks to all who have tuned in to these podcasts during the past year. Feedback is always welcome and I look forward to continue pushing forth excellent music as I encounter it.

01. Clarian – Wasting Away Again in Moderation [My Favorite Robot]
02. Daniel Avery – All I Need (Roman Flügel Remix) [Phantasy Sound]
03. Palace – Element [Vision]
04. DJ Biopic – Perception (Dirty Low Mix) [House HED Music]
05. Miami Ice – Delvin Bernay [Savoir Faire Musique]
06. Norm Talley – Mid-Nite Madd-Ness [Tsuba]
07. Philipp Triebel – Unity [Uncanny Valley]
08. Copy Paste Soul – Our Sound [2 Swords]
09. Constant Fiasco & Gino Fratelli – Acid Route [Output9]
10. Luke Vibert – Halloween (Tom Demac Remix) [Hypercolour]
11. Kid Enigma – !87 [I’m a House Gangster]
12. Luca Lozano – Mister Right Now [Unknown to the Unknown]
13. Gerstaffelen – Bombara [MOS]

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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 59



Boom! New episode with sounds for your December. Wait – it’s December already? WTF happened to 2014?

It appears I’m hitting the festive season with a mostly fast and upbeat selection of mild randomness, or something. Among the usual house material, you can find some hints of trance, acid, mandatory NYC retro stuff and even some young folks’ genres an old timer like myself couldn’t begin to name. Post-moombahstep maybe? Be sure to check out the fine remix from Somepoe, one of the fine local warriors from our old Oulu hoods. Kärpät!

I probably have one more Hausaufgabe in me before the new year, so keep watching this space.

01. Johan Agebjörn – The Right to Play (Korallreven Remix) [Paper Bag]
02. Huxley – I Want You (Youandewan Version) [Aus Music]
03. Low Pressure Point – Trapped in the K-Hole [Divetone]
04. The Juan Maclean – A Simple Design (Deetron Remix) [DFA]
05. Zadig – Maniac Mansion [Syncrophone]
06. Natural Rhythm feat. Huey Jack – My Shit [Natural Rhythm Music]
07. Montel – Gotta Be Down [Alive]
08. Hade+Gutta – Nothing Wrong [Local Talk]
09. Crackazat – Somewhere Else [Local Talk]
10. Luke Solomon – R U Ready? (Benjamin Damage Remix) [Let’s Play House]
11. Roska feat. Illaman – Light Dem Up [Roska Kicks & Snares]
12. AMPC feat. Julie Roche – Make Love to Me (Somepoe Remix) [Love Hotel]

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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 58



From the depths of darkest autumn I emerge with a new episode of Hausaufgabe. The journey here wasn’t easy, almost getting crushed by avalanches of white noise while trying to avoid the vast and hazardous swamps of compilations sporting content as random as their titles.. (Seriously, where around here can I find a “Berlin deep house beach”? No joke, I’d love to see one!)

In the end I survived, with a dozen gems for your housing needs. One may certainly notice a touch of jazz in this installment, as it seems to be making its way back into house music. As someone who was into that whole nu-jazz craze during the turn of the millennium (for all the 15 minutes it lasted), I can’t entirely object. Perhaps the next episode will be something slightly more uplifting again, perhaps not. Check back and find out.

01. Mr Scruff – We Are Coming (Max Graef Remix) [Ninja Tune]
02. Mannmademusic – Rough Times (Thatmanmonkz Remix) [Shadeleaf Music]
03. Nicholas – JUNE [4lux Black]
04. La Guardia de la Luz – Resonate [Paper]
05. Jazzuelle – Travelling (Atjazz Astro Remix) [Phat Elephant]
06. No Regular Play – Doesn’t Matter [Wolf and Lamb]
07. Mountal – Masterkill [Lost My Dog]
08. Milton Jackson – Satisfied [Tsuba]
09. Maximilijan – Son of A [Hudd Traxx]
10. Luke Solomon – Wot U Du [Let’s Play House]
11. Facade – Ain’t for Pussies [London Housing Trust]
12. GusGus – Over (President Bongo Acid Mix) [Kompakt]

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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 57



O hai, didn’t see you there. Ready for more Hausaufgabe? But of course you are. Word of warning: this episode is a semi-random “jam session” with a pile of new and old tunes that I found in my hands instead of something more planned out. Yes, believe it or not but usually I try to think about these mixes in advance.

As a result we start off with discoish things, get dubbed in for a bit and then bang out some straightforward house stuff. Does it make sense? Probably not, but does it matter with such sweet tracks anyway? You be the judge.

01. New Jackson – Made It Mine [Permanent Vacation]
02. Hard Ton & Paul Parker – The Heat Is On [Bordello A Parigi]
03. Black Merlin – New World Fantasy [Common Thread]
04. Anaxander – Wild Grass (Ben Boe Remix) [Boe]
05. Pablo Mateo – Je Suis [LACKREC]
06. Potholes – Dullapé [Common Labour]
07. James Welsh – Only [Losing Suki]
08. Romanthony – Trust (Audiojack Retrospective) [Glasgow Underground]
09. S3A – 4 Danilo [Lazare Hoche]
10. Francis Inferno Orchestra – Hezbolla [Let’s Play House]
11. Kindimmer – The Distraction of Fever [Claap]
12. Real Dubz – Relaxin’ at the Flip [Love Fever]
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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 56



The leaves are falling, the birds are pulling a GTFO on us and for once one doesn’t have to enquire about the whereabouts of the drop – it’s right there in the temperature. It’s autumn time again, and here’s a soundtrack sort of matching the season. This episode wanders among somber melodies until stumbling upon more uptempo and retro house sounds and ending up.. somewhere a bit different.

01. Jazzanova feat Paul Randolph – Now There Is We (Kasar Reinterpretation) [Sonar Kollektiv]
02. Sasse & Stelios Vassiloudis – Kwai [Moodmusic]
03. Talaboman – Sideral (Matt Karmil Remix) [Studio Barnhus]
04. Øyvind Morken – Fjerde Av Den Første Bølgen [Full Pupp]
05. Echodroides – Star Walker (John Mork’s 808 Mix) [Worker Droides]
06. Marquis Hawkes – Fat Man [Houndstooth]
07. Willie Burns – Everybody Everybody [Hot Haus Recs]
08. Borrowed Identity – One Nation Under a Groove [Home Taping Is Killing Music]
09. Black Loops – The Lovelite [Toy Tonics]
10. Gareth Whitehead, Marshall Jefferson & Robert Owens – How Can I (Luke Solomon’s Raw Feel Instrumental) [Bullet:Dodge]
11. Blackbelt Andersen – Langniappe (12 Inch Version) [Full Pupp]
12. Kalabrese – Desperate Man (Matthew Herbert Instrumental) [Drumpoet Community]
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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 55



Back once again but not with any sort of ill behaviour. In fact, I’m on the bestest of moods thanks to these 12 pleasant tunes I got to select from an abundance of quality house releases of late. This goes to show that contrary to what doomsayers suggest, the EDM crowd hijacking labels like “deep house” to rebrand their eurodance is not succeeding in killing off real music. So be happy and enjoy the vibes, catch you in the next one.

01. Moon Boots & Kyiki – Don’t Ask Why (HNNY Remix) [Cr2]
02. Jazzuelle – Last Train to Prague [Phat Elephant]
03. Jacob Korn feat Phillip Oertel – Fahrt Durch Tal [Uncanny Valley]
04. Simon Bishop – Changsha Rain [Funky Town]
05. Shur-I-Kan – As We [Onethirty]
06. Son of Sound – True Indeed (vocal) [Local Talk]
07. Dachshund – Take My Soul [Vitalik]
08. Eversines – Way to Square [TheSounds]
09. Youandewan – FM Jam [Aus Music]
10. Urban Sound Lab – Be Gone (Eric Ericksson Remix) [Papa]
11. Purple Velvet & Amy Lyon – All My Days (Frits Wentink Remix) [Secret Reels]
12. Copy Paste Soul – The Fall [2 Swords]
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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 54



Surprise! Or something. Two episodes of Hausaufgabe within one week, what is this madness? I guess I couldn’t let you head towards the autumn darkness armed only with the slow lounging of #53. Here’s a companion piece of sorts, packing a little more punch. The 1.5 hours contain killer tracks aplenty – hopefully not ruined by me mixing them together without hearing much, thanks to the deafening renovation noise currently penetrating our building. Life in a big city, etc.

01. Dreems – In the Desert (Axel Boman Remix) [Multi Culti]
02. Andy Vaz – Deutz Motorcity [Chiwax]
03. Dib – Narod001 1 [Spagat]
04. Jacob Korn – Arzt im Praktikum [Uncanny Valley]
05. Art of Tones – The Right Moment (Lay Far Remix) [Lazy Days]
06. Øyvind Morken – Gnagsar I Hjernen [Full Pupp]
07. Snuff Crew – Bye Bye [What Ever Not]
08. Nail – 90% Down & Shit [Shabby Doll]
09. Smok – Confused (La Rose Remix) [Sound Vessel]
10. Volta Cab – Rusty Waves [Sex Panda White]
11. Andreas Saag – Suddenly I Woke Up (Dub) [Local Talk]
12. Zoé Zoe – Bust Them Wifes [Local Talk]
13. Montel – The Journey [Bass Hit Dub]
14. Frits Wentink – If I Was to Gravy You [Heist]
15. Erdbeerschnitzel – With Level Hopes [Delsin]
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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 53



While doing a seasonal inventory of recent purchases I ran into a number of fine tracks which had not made the cut for the podcast, due to their BPM not being up to snuff with the usual Hausaufgabe material. So here’s a sort-of-kind-of special episode with slow jams for listening and chilling out.

Previously some of these tunes might have found their way into my Hipster Disco mix series. However, since the whole imaginary “genre” of gnu disco / indian dance / whatever has pretty much died its long overdue death, I’d rather put the housier material to good use here. In any case, enjoy! Who knows, I might soon do a similar thing with faster stuff..

01. Marttin – Spirit of Soul [Elegant Music]
02. DJ Rocca – Low Down [Danny Was a Drag King]
03. Gazeebo – The All Nighter [Gazeebo International]
04. IKE – Garagen (Soulphiction Edit) [Philpot]
05. Prins Thomas – Hænn E Mye Grøvre Enn Øss [Rett I Fletta]
06. Mike Dehnert – Espace [Delsin]
07. Garben – Baby [Remote]
08. Ant Orange – How Sweet It Is [Kolour]
09. Nenad Markovic – Swamp Milk Jen [Internasjonal]
10. Shyam – My Air (Volta Cab Remix) [Whats in the Box]
11. Simba – Phase Seq One (The Black Madonna Lost in Chicago Mix) [Home Taping Is Killing Music]
12. Aroy Dee – Pure [MOS]
13. Freeform Five feat Roisin Murphy – Leviathan [Eskimo]
14. Du Tonc – Surging Memories (Kiwi Remix) [Nightfilm]
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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 52



Another one already? Yep, it’s the second installment of Hausaufgabe for July. In contrast to the bangers in the previous episode, this one became slightly more chilled out and melodic, where hints of acid and disco will eventually lead you into Detroitish realms. Pay special attention to the Frits Wentink track, in my opinion one of the best things released in past months. Also note the blatant use of multiple versions of the same Moodymanc track (albeit with very few similarities) in the July episodes. Oops!

01. Kevin Over – On My Way to You [Noir Music]
02. Denny Trajkov & Khalil – We Need Raw (Dub) [Just Like That Music]
03. Partial Arts – Taifa (Emperor Machine Extended Mix) [Kompakt]
04. Felix Dickinson – Burning Flame [Futureboogie]
05. Kalabrese – Wanzka (Acid Pauli Remix) [Drumpoet Community]
06. Lauer – Ward [Permanent Vacation]
07. Frits Wentink – Shrewd [Heist]
08. Natural Rhythm – Fundamental (Shades of Grey Remix) [Moulton Music]
09. Dubble D presents Moodymanc – Mr Ruff (Kyodai Remix) [Local Talk]
10. Pete Grace feat Pete Josef – The Way You Taste (Mao Remix) [Sonar Kollektiv]
11. Eric Ericksson – Love It (Oscar Offermann Remix) [Local Talk]
12. Aroy Dee – Ashes to Ashes [MOS]
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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 51



After a brief journey through the northern motherland and fighting a valiant battle against the local horse-fly horde, Hausaufgabe returns as hausy as ever. It’s Fashion Week time here in Berlin and as they say, house music never goes out of style. Oh wait, it might’ve just been me who said that.

Enjoy the top quality tunes, and catch you in the next episode.. Provided I’ll survive the randomized urban warfare undoubtedly hitting the streets of F-hain after the world cup final.

01. Yokto – Panamax [Compost]
02. Martijn – Mamina [Hermine]
03. Kiki/Sasse – Passion Week [Nofitstate]
04. Munk & Lizzie Paige – Southern Moon (HNNY Remix) [Exploited]
05. Pazkal – Everybody [Frequenza Limited]
06. Loz Goddard – Looking Back (Jazzloungerz Remix) [Savoir Faire Musique]
07. Audiojack – Drop the Dime [20:20 Vision]
08. Dubble D presents Moodymanc – Mr Ruff (Dubble Dub) [Local Talk]
09. De Sluwe Vos – Poltergeist [4Lux Black]
10. Shenoda – Bad Moyles [Hypercolour]
11. Marquis Hawkes – Outta This Hood [Clone Jack for Daze]
12. Area Social – Take the Tape Out Now [Waxadisc]
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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 50



Time flies when you’re having fun bedroom DJing, and it’s hard to believe Hausaufgabe has reached #50 already. I was toying with ideas for a “very special episode” to celebrate this sort-of-big number, but in the end none of them felt right. So I’m staying true to my kind-of-vague concept: attempting to assemble the optimal mix for you from my current house favourites and selected classics. Some of those special ideas may get used later though, so watch this space.

This installment got prepared just in time for the Karneval der Kulturen in Berlin, so we’re in full-on extended weekend party mode over here. The last time I put together a podcast during the Karneval was back in 2012 after the lovely open air shindig in Horst Krzbrg (RIP). Good times, good memories.

But I digress. I’d like to thank everybody who have tuned in, given feedback and/or spread the word during these 3 years of podcasts. I’m definitely not running out of music any time soon, so here’s to at least 50 more!

01. Sirens of Lesbos – Long Days Hot Nights [Exploited]
02. Shenoda – You Can Tell [Hypercolour]
03. Bobby B – So True [Icee Hot]
04. Volta Cab – Tahiti Is Not Pleased [Teardrop]
05. Nenad Markovic – Grace Records [Internasjonal]
06. Compuphonic – Walking on the Edge [Exploited]
07. Thomas Sonora – Shapes in Smoky Rooms [Savoir Faire Musique]
08. Mood II Swing feat. John Ciafone – I See You Dancing [Groove On]
09. Martijn – Wub Wub [Save Room]
10. Smok – It’s Alright [Manifesto]
11. Ed Ed & Matthew K – Booty Cabbage [Moodmusic]
12. Gerd – Work da Tool [DFTD]
13. Dachshund – Alone with You [8BIT]
14. Hector – Hide (Delano Smith Remix) [Tsuba]
15. Benjamin Damage – Up [50 Weapons]
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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 49



It’s getting hot in here, but fear not, I intend to keep most of my clothes on. Summer is hitting Berlin pretty hard, but the heat hasn’t quite managed to creep into my mancave deep in the shady streets of F-hain. While taking the opportunity to chill inside, I put together this cool mix of burning house tracks for your pleasure. Have fun with the acid funking of Luke Vibert, nostalgic sampling from HNNY, breakbeats by CPS and everything else! See you in #50.

01. HNNY – Most Really Pretty Girls Have Pretty Ugly Feet [Permanent Vacation]
02. Tiedmann – Deap Deel [Kolour]
03. Around7 – Hong Kong Joint [Robsoul]
04. Achterbahn D’Amour – Tape 4 Fears [Permanent Vacation]
05. Quarion – Sunday Night [Drumpoet Community]
06. Madmotormiquel – Sad Reindeers [Ritter Butzke Studio]
07. Wild Culture with Juliet Sikora – In You (Purple Disco Machine Remix) [Kittball]
08. Copy Paste Soul – For Real [Gruuv]
09. Dimi Wilson – My Name Is Flager [Underground Audio]
10. Mome – Once Again [4lux Black]
11. Bromley – This Could Be [Bullet Train]
12. Luke Vibert – Acage [Hypercolour]
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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 48



Mayday! Mayday! Err.. Sorry, wrong decade. Well the scene is sure getting 1st of Mayish up here in Berlin. I’d say the situation calls for a riot-inducing 76 min mix just in time for the holiday! From picnic-worthy chilled out house to near-techno, it’s a unity of sound fitting the occasion. So time to put that MP3 player of yours to work, and enjoy the fruits of the producers’ labour.

01. Dauwd – Lydia [Kompakt]
02. Lorenzo Calvio – I Am Here (Martin Patino Remix) [Moodmusic]
03. Dorsia – Ghana (Roberto Rodriguez Remix) [Loft]
04. Marco Bernardi – Inbetween Fire [Hypercolour]
05. Roman Rauch – Too Many Things [Philpot]
06. Dale Howard – Rhymes365 [Underground Audio]
07. James Welsh – Wanderlust (Ste Roberts Remix) [Shabby Doll]
08. Blud – Memories [No.19 Music]
09. Audiojack – Machine Code [Gruuv]
10. Cayam – Doom Gloom [Hypercolour]
11. Force/Emerge – Lumi [Counterchange]
12. Tripmastaz – Roll Back (Instrumental) [I’m a House Gangster]
13. Mike Dehnert – Movement [Delsin]
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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 47



Something for the four day weekend? What could be more appropriate than a set of tracks so good they practically qualify as a religious experience. As usual, I’ve tried to keep it fresh and varied. From Detroit influences to breakbeats, house music sure is boring and monotonous.

I also noticed that #50 is approaching fast. What to do once I hit that big number? Something special, or keep it business as usual? Decisions, decisions. Feel free to give some ideas e.g. at the dR Facebook page. Meanwhile, have fun with the mix and enjoy the holidays.

01. La Fleur – Kattflickan (Art of Tones Remix) [Power Plant]
02. Nail – Decay Time [Shabby Doll]
03. Ben Boe – Low Rider [Boe]
04. Cab Drivers – Five [Cabinet]
05. Eric Ericksson – Yuki (Deeper Dub) [Swedish Brandy]
06. DOB – Expo [Frole]
07. Ames Henry – Who Feel What I Feel (Pezzner Hypersensitive Mix) [Uniting Souls]
08. Friend Within – The More (Long Version) [Hypercolour]
09. Isis Salam feat Kruse & Nuernberg – Let Go [Exploited]
10. John Tejada – Now We’re Here [Kompakt]
11. SWAT – Rights of Passage [Robsoul]
12. Rachel Row – L Square [Pets]
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