Music Worth Hearing

Breaque – Hausaufgabe 75



It lives! And so do I! Apologies for the slight delay with this episode. A period of hectic travelling for my day job also came with a licence to ill, requiring some downtime for recovery. I did however manage to drag myself to play some tunes at the notorious Lauschangriff the other Friday. Big up to all who showed up and (hopefully) enjoyed themselves.

So how about this mix then? As is often the case (or at least my intention), it starts off innocently enough but eventually derails into something at least slightly different. I could say it’s not your usual soundtrack, but then again what do I know about your usual soundtracks? Connoisseurs may spot major hits in the track list from e.g. Adesse Versions and Aphrohead da Housecat. I also broke one of my unwritten rules about never including two tracks from the same release of a single artist on a mix. Couldn’t help it as that A1 Bassline album is just too damn good, hope you’re not sleeping on it either.

Enough BS, time for music. Next one coming up soonish, that’s the plan anyway. Bis Sp├Ąter!

01. Ishivu – Gryning (Matt Karmil Remix) [Trunkfunk]
02. A1 Bassline – 1.200 [Food Music]
03. Pittsburgh Track Authority – Your Situation [Freerange]
04. Roberto Rodriguez – Survive (I Will) (Dub Version) [Swedish Brandy]
05. Adesse Versions – Thank U [Local Talk]
06. D Ribeiro – Donut Breakin’ [4lux Black]
07. Tiago – The Good Times Are Killing Me A1 [Jolly Jams]
08. Hinode – State to State [D3 Elements]
09. The Maghreban – Now Easy [Zoot]
10. A1 Bassline – 1st Movement [Food Music]
11. Auden – Hunger [Hotflush]
12. Aphrohead – Grown Man Cryy [Crosstown Rebels]