Music Worth Hearing

Breaque – Hausaufgabe 63



Thank dog it’s Friday, 13th or not. After all that work and little play, I’m sure we all have earned little downtime. A proper reset. A weekend ctrl-alt-del, so to speak. Hence instead of jumping right into full-on up-tempo house stompers, I’m easing you into it with something mellow’n’melodic. As much as I hate to be associated with this whole “deep house” BS, there is a time and a place for an experience just that tiny bit smoother.

With that, have a pleasant ride with Toto samples from Death on the Balcony, I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-trance à la Sasse, climaxing with Steve Murphy and much more. And thank you all for the overwhelmingly positive feedback on Hausaufgabe 62. More episodes with golden oldies will arrive in good time, but in the meantime you can expect a few installments with the freshest produce. See you in the next one..

01. HNNY – Fruktstund [Pets]
02. Death on the Balcony – Addict for Your Love [Exploited]
03. Oscar Holgado – Thru Streets (Sasse Remix) [System]
04. Carlos Francisco – Tita’s Groove (Remix) [NiteGrooves]
05. Edviq – Omni [Lost My Dog]
06. Iron Curtis – Sing Along with Your Friends [Hudd Traxx]
07. DJ Haus – Peekaboo [Creme Organization]
08. Pezzner – Thug Rock [Lazy Days]
09. DJ Biopic – Monster [House Hed Music]
10. Steve Murphy – Climax [Hot Haus Recs]
11. Timothy Blake – R&B Restitution [Lectric Sands]
12. Kito Jempere – Do You Know Me (Roberto Rodriguez 2 Pop 4 Pop Remix) [Dirt Crew]