Music Worth Hearing

Breaque – Hausaufgabe 61



Podcastin’ ain’t easy but it’s necessary. For a while after the previous Hausaufgabe I was suffering from a case of mixer’s block. The problem wasn’t a lack of sweet tunes to promote, on the contrary: going through my backlog of unplayed stuff from past months I couldn’t decide what to include. First world problems eh?

After some stressing over the subject I told myself to screw it, have fun, go with the flow and all that jazz. Hence I put together set of upbeat house bangers with some hints of techno and Detroit thrown in. Hector Moralez and Truncate within the same 12-track episode? Not sure if one can get away with this but I’m willing to try.

A small note: before you get on my case about the digital distortion creeping out from a few of the tracks, let me assure you it’s not my doing but originating from the releases themselves. As much as I hate to hear awesome music getting downgraded by unskilled (or non-existent) mastering, in these cases I found the issue to be within acceptable limits. Hopefully you’ll do so as well and have a blast with these sounds!

01. Sam Irl – Free Two Grow [Jazz & Milk]
02. Army of Me – Muff 60 [Toy Tonics]
03. Phil Kieran – Tape 2 [Phil Kieran Recordings]
04. A1 Bassline – Burnt Out Piano Island [Nofitstate]
05. Matrixxman – Sermons [Dekmantel]
06. Gerstaffelen – Night Flowing South [MOS]
07. Juju & Jordash – Clean-Cut [Dekmantel]
08. Jack Fell Down – Space Junk [Let’s Play House]
09. Hector Moralez – Acid by Numbers [I’m a House Gangster]
10. Molisans Brothers – Timeleg [Savoir Faire Musique]
11. Palace – Vision [Hot Haus Recs]
12. Kink – Fantasia (Truncate Remix) [Pets]