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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 57



O hai, didn’t see you there. Ready for more Hausaufgabe? But of course you are. Word of warning: this episode is a semi-random “jam session” with a pile of new and old tunes that I found in my hands instead of something more planned out. Yes, believe it or not but usually I try to think about these mixes in advance.

As a result we start off with discoish things, get dubbed in for a bit and then bang out some straightforward house stuff. Does it make sense? Probably not, but does it matter with such sweet tracks anyway? You be the judge.

01. New Jackson – Made It Mine [Permanent Vacation]
02. Hard Ton & Paul Parker – The Heat Is On [Bordello A Parigi]
03. Black Merlin – New World Fantasy [Common Thread]
04. Anaxander – Wild Grass (Ben Boe Remix) [Boe]
05. Pablo Mateo – Je Suis [LACKREC]
06. Potholes – Dullapé [Common Labour]
07. James Welsh – Only [Losing Suki]
08. Romanthony – Trust (Audiojack Retrospective) [Glasgow Underground]
09. S3A – 4 Danilo [Lazare Hoche]
10. Francis Inferno Orchestra – Hezbolla [Let’s Play House]
11. Kindimmer – The Distraction of Fever [Claap]
12. Real Dubz – Relaxin’ at the Flip [Love Fever]
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