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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 48



Mayday! Mayday! Err.. Sorry, wrong decade. Well the scene is sure getting 1st of Mayish up here in Berlin. I’d say the situation calls for a riot-inducing 76 min mix just in time for the holiday! From picnic-worthy chilled out house to near-techno, it’s a unity of sound fitting the occasion. So time to put that MP3 player of yours to work, and enjoy the fruits of the producers’ labour.

01. Dauwd – Lydia [Kompakt]
02. Lorenzo Calvio – I Am Here (Martin Patino Remix) [Moodmusic]
03. Dorsia – Ghana (Roberto Rodriguez Remix) [Loft]
04. Marco Bernardi – Inbetween Fire [Hypercolour]
05. Roman Rauch – Too Many Things [Philpot]
06. Dale Howard – Rhymes365 [Underground Audio]
07. James Welsh – Wanderlust (Ste Roberts Remix) [Shabby Doll]
08. Blud – Memories [No.19 Music]
09. Audiojack – Machine Code [Gruuv]
10. Cayam – Doom Gloom [Hypercolour]
11. Force/Emerge – Lumi [Counterchange]
12. Tripmastaz – Roll Back (Instrumental) [I’m a House Gangster]
13. Mike Dehnert – Movement [Delsin]
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