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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 35



It’s nearly June and my mind is already fixated on the upcoming weeks of serious vacationing. Alas, before I take off some equally serious house music business must be taken care of. With this mix in your boombox or related portable audio equipment of choice, you too ought to be all set for the summertime.

Sound-wise the session ranges from the low-key and dubby to the flamboyantly retro, closing up with a hint of early Hausaufgabe flavour for the long term listeners out there (if any). The remix count turned out to be remarkably high, but with names like Actual Proof (aka. Opolopo), Nick Nikolov and Finland’s own Mr. Rasi, you know the versions have been selected with care. In the “coming clean” department, it appears I’ve accidentally bitten a track off a recent Roskooppi from Teemu P. Can you spot it?

Enjoy, and catch you in a next one! A tiny break may occur while I’m AWOL somewhere in Europe, but fear not, I shall return.

01. Copy Paste Soul – Blink [Exploited]
02. Le Rubrique – Damn It (Actual Proof Remix) [Stupid Human Music]
03. Fjaak – Remember Me (Willie Burns Remix) [Klasse]
04. Combinator – Salvation (Asp_Jonas 306 Rämixy) [Absurde]
05. Tazz – Underground 07 [Tsuba]
06. Jack the Box – Pon de Undaground (Antti Rasi Remix) [Moodmusic]
07. Kink vs Marc Romboy – Over and Out [Systematic]
08. Elef – Wake Up (Brennan Green Remix) [Local Talk]
09. Florian Kruse & Nils N├╝rnberg – Daze Without You (Nick Nikolov Remix) [Liebe Detail]
10. David Glass – I Wanna Know (Phil Weeks Ghetto Mix) [Midnight Music]
11. Tripmastaz – 37th Chamber [I’m a House Gangster]
12. Chanson E – Gitardrive [House Call]
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