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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 32



The previous episode of Hausaufgabe was geared towards getting you all hot and bothered. To cool you down a bit and prevent any dangerous overheating, we now have a selection of slightly more chilled out sounds at hand. What’s better, I’m taking a break from following my pedantic 12 track formula and throwing in a little extra. Quantity and quality, together at last.

Highlights include Oulu’s own Smok keeping the House capital of Finland on the map, Cle’s piano house hit, a Move D oldie, plus a nasty remix from my old favourite Busy of RTHM. We begin somewhere near Downtempoville, but where does this ride end up? Lend the mix and ear and hear for yourself.

01. Keely Says – Get Hearted [Stranjjur]
02. Move D – Workshop 13 A1 [Workshop]
03. Youandevan – Disarray [Hypercolour]
04. Maribou State & Pedestrian – Mask [Pets]
05. Hohle – Ser Mi Dama (Martijn Remix) [Deep Edition]
06. Axel Boman – Look What You’ve Done to Me [Hypercolour]
07. Smok – Still [Phat Elephant]
08. Toni Be – Umbrella Paradise (Fulbert’s On a Rainy Night Remix) [Remote]
09. Cle – The Jam [Local Talk]
10. Fog & Evans T – Magenta Piece 1 [Frole]
11. John Dimas – Mind Games [La Vie En Rose]
12. Huxley – Take No More [Tsuba]
13. Furniture Crew – One of These Moments (Busy Remix) [Juiced]
14. Native Rush – Like There Is No Tomorrow (Alland Byallo Remix) [Neovinyl]
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