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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 15


Order up! My musical freezer has been filling up extra fast with fresh produce, so April’s Hausaufgabe suddenly became an extra-meaty double whopper. Must get these delicious house nuggets served before they go rancid.

The presence of WMC is still quite audible in the mix, continuing the upbeat party music theme of the previous installment. This time the samples and loops are also coupled with copious use of the dreaded Beatport White Noise Sweep ™. I usually try to avoid playing tunes with this gimmick, which I feel has way overstayed its welcome. This time I made a rare exception, so enjoy more sweeping than in the winter olympics curling finals! Following all the new house cuts, a re-released old remix from the “late” great Joey Youngman finishes the show for you nostalgics out there.

Together with #14 this must be more beatdown than one can handle within a month, so Hausaufgabe will return in May. Stay springy.

01. Dan Warby – Love Ma Baby [Coyote Cuts]
02. Milty Evans – Certified [Farris Wheel]
03. Anhanguera – About Samples and Loops [10Inch-Dogg]
04. DJ W!ld – Wildstyle [Robsoul]
05. Juliet Fox – Espanolita [Beatdown]
06. DJ Hal – Don’t Give It Up (Lawnchair Generals Remix) [Blockhead]
07. Forrest Avery & Derty D – I Love House Music [Flapjack]
08. Down N Out – Hold Your Breath [Greenhouse]
09. Jamie D – Friday Night Funk [Greenhouse]
10. Jackin Box – Break Ya Body [10Inch-Dogg]
11. Freaky Behaviour – Dancin Through Walls [10Inch-Dogg]
12. Jake Childs – Telephone Tag (White Collar Criminals Remix) [Uniform]

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