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Dokta – Playing the nurse #54


“In my dreams the world would come alive, becoming so captivatingly majestic, free and ethereal, that afterwards it would be oppressive to breathe the dust of this painted life.”

01. King Creosote & Jon Hopkins – First Watch
02. King Creosote & Jon Hopkins – John Taylor’s Month Away
03. Silver Swans – Best Friend In Love
04. Natalie Beridze / TBA – Forever Has No Shadow
05. Light Leak – Lebenslust
06. Fill – Tribute
07. Giorgio Li Calzi – Eyes Wide Open ft. Hayley Alker
08. Natalie Beridze / TBA – Silently
09. Two Bicycles – I’m Not Affraid To Wait For You
10. The Flashbulb – Teeming Disconnected
11. Vector Lovers – Kissed You By The Fountain
12. Giorgio Li Calzi – Zapaterista
13. Lamb – Strong The Root (Seedling Mix)
14. Bob Carpenter – Silent Passage
15. Arms and Sleepers – Rire Jaune

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Dokta – Playing the nurse #53


The nurses put us on a an experimental therapy which required special mind relay alteration, hypnosis was used to a certain extend which made the subject maybe the object forget and relearn certain path as random allocation of new pathway process. Next phase will focus on the toe equation.

01. TBA – X. It (Endno)
02. Derek Jarman – The Side Effects of Dhpg (edit)
03. Soap&Skin – Josefine
04. Bibio – Excuses
05. Natalie Beridze – The Face We Choose To Miss
06. Aerosol – Transition
07. Rafael Anton Irisarri & Benoît Pioulard – Until Then (Broadcast cover)
08. Bibio – Saint Christopher
09. Arms And Sleepers – Lovers Artic
10. Radiohead – Codex (Mojib Remix)
11. Thomas Fehlmann – Titan

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Dokta – Playing The Nurse #52


the area dividing the brain and the soul
is affected in many ways by
experience –
some lose all mind and become soul:
some lose all soul and become mind:
some lose both and become:

Charles Bukowski

01. Janus – I
02. RxRy – Evenings Bbabbe (RxRy Rmx)
03. When Saints Go Machine – Fail Forever
04. Seams – Hung Markets
05. jj – Kill Them
06. Lone – The Birds don’t Fly this High
07. Superpitcher – Moon Fever
08. Piano Magic – Bad Patient
09. The Golden Filter – Nerida’s Gone
10. Epigram – I’m Sorry, I’m Lost
11. Viper Creek Club – The Engineer
12. Christian Kleine – Enigmatic Sunday
13. Amiina – What are we Waiting for?
14. Mogwai – Death Rays

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Dokta – Playing The Nurse #51


In time, No one will remember our work, Our life will pass like the traces of a cloud, And be scattered like, Mist that is chased by the, Rays of the sun, For our time is the passing of a shadow, And our lives will run like, Sparks through the stubble.

01. Derek Jarman – “Impatient Youths of the Sun”
02. Lee Jones – “Kreuzberg 61 (Original)”
03. Nosaj Thing – “Us (Jon Hopkins Remix)”
04. Massive Attack – “Atlas Air (Jneiro Jarel’s Lavender Remix)”
05. Jatoma – “Paper Lights”
06. 65daysofstatic – “Sawtooth Rising”
07. The XX – “Shelter (Tiga Remix)”
08. Solar Bears – “Trans Waterfall”
09. Conjure One – “Places That Don’t Exist”
10. Underworld – “Always Loved A Film (King Creosote Cover)”
11. Bernhard Fleischmann – “Guided By Beats”
12. Fredrik – “Dance of the Peacock Phantom”

Nosaj Thing; one of my discovery at this year Sonar Festival…


Derek Jarman; From his movie “Blue”
Blue is the twelfth and final feature film by director Derek Jarman, released just four months before his death by AIDS-related complications. Such complications had already rendered him partially blind at the time of the film’s release.

The film was his last testament as a film-maker, and consists of a single shot of saturated blue colour filling the screen, as background to a soundtrack where Jarman’s and some of his favourite actors’ narration describes his life and vision.

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Dokta – Playing The Nurse #50


i wonder where the heart is? under the cherry tree? not the willow… he is much too sad to hold a heart so much blood on her hands i wonder where the blood dances at night when you close your eyes, they’re gone. – lady shadoe

01. Memoryhouse – Diving Lessons
02. Marlene Cardaman – Look Away, Come closer
03. Gonjasufi – Candylane (Bibio Remix)
04. SONOIO – Houdini
05. aKido – Mrchf Thftr
06. Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse – Everytime I’m With You
07. Hidden Orchestra – Strammer
08. Timber Timbre – Under Your Spell
09. Neil Young – Hitchhiker
10. Digitonal – Amberkreiss
11. Bedouin Soundclash – Brutal Heart ft. Coeur de Pirate
12. Fennesz – Vacuum
13. God Help The Girl – The Prychiatrist Is In
14. The Legendary Pink Dots – Hauptbahnhof
15. Rick Smith – Tokyo<>London 4

As a bonus, here’s my favorite song from all the previous 50 show.. last 2-3 years of dirtyradio… Soap&Skin is the experimental musical project of Austrian artist Anja Plaschg, the song is called The Sun, one of the most inspiring song for me I’ve heard since Dirty Epic of Undeworld and Anna by John Martyn a track that was actually never officially released… but should be coming out on John Martyn upcoming homage album, Small Hour (a variation of Anna) is covered by Robert Smith of The Cure and raised my toes while listening to the early cuts.

John Martyn – Anna

dokta – playing the nurse #50, notes…

I never really introduced to talked about the show all that much… but i feel like sharing a bit more info, the show started a few years ago, it didn’t have a name or any structure, I would usually hijack the dirtyradio stream and randomly play stuff for friend that where online listening, often playing lots of underworld or whatever promo I had got my hands on, 99% drunk and passing out on air leaving stuff playing on random for hours until somebody would kick me out of the stream. I did that quite a lot… I’m lucky no one ever kicked me out by my behavior. A few years went by then dirty radio changed hands and was in limbo for a while until Mike Bower took things over and did an amazing job of organizing everything like a boot-camp, we suffered a lot of pain to work with schedule and upgrade our microphone but here we are now 😉 still drunk on the air but we are on time sometime and our mic monk are getting better.

As for me I do the show for myself, usually it’s my favorite track I’ve stumbled about in the last week or 2 and I try to make a show out of it… so it’s usually all over the place and doesn’t always flow well while reflecting my state of mind… I am often asked why the nurse bit…it’s just self medicating with music.

All the best keep smiling and listening. For you, for me.

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Dokta – Playing The Nurse #49


Dawn of 50 is approaching… a little warm up… bubbles ordered but for now some new bits and tunes some of what I’ve been enjoying in the past week. Always on time, just a year later.

01. Fever Ray – Mercy Street
02. Ikonika – Ingredients
03. Coma – Bruxelles
04. Plastikman – Ask Yourself
05. Karraskilla – Expreso Cali
06. Blonde Redhead – Love Or Prison
07. Mock & Toof – From Kashima
08. The Three Lions – You’ll Win Again
09. Smooth – Friendly yours
10. Sylvain Chauveau – From Stone to Cloud

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Dokta – Playing The Nurse #48


End of summer vibe… around the pool food time, time to get out a little bit more and remember what it’s like before it’s dark again.

01. Myagi – Sweet
02. Zeebee – The One I Am
03. Parov Stelar – Shine (Dub Version)
04. Holy Fuck – Dr. Dr. E
05. Misteur Valaire – Monster Donte
06. Ichisan & Nakova – Povratak Otpisanih
07. Whitetree – Other Nature
08. Burn The Negative – Hero In Tokyo
09. Kelpe – Half Broken Harp
10. Misteur Valaire – November Number 3 (Feat. Fanny Bloom)
11. Five Star Hotel – Underground (Cayetano Remix)
12. Christ. – Happyfour Twenty (Prhizzm Remix)
13. Stefano Giaccone Peter Brett – The Man on the Moon
14. Salem – Sweat
15. The Fauns – 1991
16. God Help The Girl – The Psychiatrist Is In

Full link to the Dokta – Playing The Nurse #48 page

Dokta – Playing The Nurse #47


Mmm chill mood with some beat… I introduced the show as not being electronic much, the animal hq was closed and the zoo keeper served as a kit kat moment for them, we left the error as it was and moved on to another day.

01. Gloire Carton – Polansick
02. Lilja Bloom – Mother
03. Hatchback – Comets (Beatbroker Remix)
04. Molecule – Feels Like You feat. Blond Dub Sexy Sound
05. PQ – Somebody Should Repeat My Summer (PQ Remix)
06. Jonny Dylan Hughes – Of All The Things We’ve Made (OMD Cover)
07. Molecule – Baby Girl 2014 feat. Martina Topley-Bird
08. Brassica – Made Up My Mind
09. Flykkiller – Peroxide
10. PQ – The Blind Architect
11. The Streets – A Blip On A Screen
12. Max Richter – Journey 5
13. Jonny Dylan Hughes – The Great Comforter
14. The Future Sound Of London – The Oldest Lady
15. Sylvain Chauveau – Show the Clear and Lonelay Way
16. Matthew Dear – Gem

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Dokta – Playing The Nurse #46


You’ve got to choose a wish or command… back from a few weeks hiatus dream chaos rewire loop, the membrane has been all over the place so this show will reflect on that in a way another time… dokta’s own music will make its way into the show soon, stay tuned.

01. Intro talk
02. Speck Mountain – Angela (Ice Cream Remix) *
03. Soap & Skin – Maybe Not (Cat Power cover)
04. Laurie Anderson – The Beginning Of Memory
05. Ochre – Pteron **
06. Clubroot – Toe To Toe
07. The Books – I Am Who I Am
08. Sepalcure – Love Pressure
09. We Are The World – Fight Song
10. Arms And Sleepers – The Architekt (Lymbyc System Remix)
11. Ikonika – Video Delays
12. Caribou – Jamelia
13. The Books – Chain Of Missing Links
14. Andreya Triana – A Town Called Obsolete (Mount Kimbie Remix)
15. Home Video – Every Love That Ever Was
16. Rafael Anton Irisarri – Fractal

* = Dedicated to Miki
** = Dedicated to Steve

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Dokta – Playing The Nurse #45


Dokta dokta, ribs staying in the heat, frozen wait, birthday girl, birhday boy, Mister Mike and Lady Lindsay celebrating today/tonight yellow cake, chocolate frosting, lalala, here’s some notes to bring the cadence fun. Iggy is watching and dancing… levitating.

01. Villa Nah – Time For Tea + Happy bday to Mike and Lindsay
02. Bryan Zentz – Shadowtalk
03. Walls – Hang Four (Allez Allez Remix)
04. Alex Under – El Encuentro (Richie Hawtin Edit)
05. Xenia Beliayeva – Ever Since
06. Click Box – Wake Up Call
07. Alland Byallo – Rare Bird (Dave Aju Remix)
08. The Selph – Designer Beaver (Uto Karem Remix)
09. Extra Welt – Simpleton
10. Fabrizio Maurizi – I Don-T Mind
11. Thomas Fehlmann – Fluss im Wasser

Full link to the Dokta – Playing The Nurse #45 page

Dokta – Playing The Nurse #44


Today’s selection will be a mixture IDM/drum&bass/ambient shoe-gazing bits, don’t ask… got for it… then ask, all the way. I am starting to integrate new bits in the mix which I’ve started to experiment with this show, more of dokta’s own music coming subconsciously.

01. Hammock – Something Other Than Remaining
02. Tycho – From Home (Mux Mool Remix)
03. I Am Robot And Proud – Something to Write Home About (Montag Remix)
04. The Hundreds In The Hands – Tom Tom
05. Crystal Castles – Celestica (Thurston Moore Remix)
06. Netsky – Let’s Leave Tomorrow (feat. Bev Lee Harling)
07. Mistabishi – From Memory
08. Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip – Five Minutes
09. Mistabishi – View From Nowhere
10. Trentemoeller – … Even Though You’re With Another Girl
11. The Flashbulb – Skeletons
12. Hammock – You Lost The Starlight in Your Eyes
13. Danish Daycare – Boo * Free Album Download
14. :papercutz – Lost Boys

Full link to the Dokta – Playing The Nurse #44 page

Dokta : Playing The Nurse #43


Moving to the new schedule and a new setup, this week will feature a selection of dub / electro / techno bits found scattered around with tips from Lewis Carol & the O’Keefe Knight with a touch of sax sex feel of a dubby freur time.

01. Midnight Juggernauts – Induce
02. BSMo and Joseph Alford feat. Bentley – New Object
03. Emika – Double Edge
04. Guideo – Anidea
05. Styli -Drifting Away
06. Per Byhring – Ettertid
07. Sébastien Tellier – Fingers of Steel (Hypnolove Remix)
08. Midnight Juggernauts – Virago Reprise (Windy Night)
09. vsComputer – California Girls
10. Boys Noize – Kontact Me (Rynecologist Turbine Mix)
11. Bot’Ox – Overdrive (Morgan Geist remix)
12. Guideo – Mad Sax
13. Smoke & Mirrors – Regress, No Way?
14. Styli – Remember The Sunbeams (BF2008 Remix)
15. Cayetano & Serafim Tsotsonis – Driva Man feat. Abbey Lincoln

Full link to the Dokta : Playing The Nurse #43 page

Dokta : Playing Nurses – No.42


“with no alarms and no surprises” going in a different direction this week, i’ve been getting lots of slowdive/showgaze stuff lately + attending concert of Mono in the past few days which is keeping me in a trance, I felt it would suit the vibe tonight, it’s hot and humid here in the sky moving slow, I need thunder thunder.

Picture taken @ Kuma’s Corner, Chicago yesterday in a failed attempt of bovine genocide.

01. Mono – Follow The Map
02. A Dancing Beggar – Sand Between Our Toes
03. Soundpool – Lush (What Becomes You)
04. Broken Social Scene – All To All
05. Pit Er Pat – Summer Rose
06. We Are Monsters – Join The Dots
07. Malory – Caché
08. Actors & Actresses – Quiet!
09. Salem – Usleep – [Label]
10. Regina Spektor – No Surprises (Radiohead Cover)
11. Minamo – Help Ourselves
12. Russian Red – No Past Land
13. Wolfgang Voigt – Zither Und Horn
14. The Twilight Sad – Half A Person

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DOKTA: Bakery Junction #1


#41 felt old… I want to be a kid again… so here’s a new name… i’ll miss those nurses but well…panera lady have lots to offer 😉

Bakery Junction

A bakery is an establishment which produces or/and sells baked goods bakeries are also cafés, serving coffee and tea to customers who wish to enjoy the freshly baked goods on the bakery’s premises.

A junction, when discussed in the context of transport, is a location where traffic can change between different routes, directions, or sometimes modes, of travel.

… an anagram of my name… thanks of stimpee master for this… where’s my bike mower ?

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