Music Worth Hearing

Dokta – Playing the nurse #55


“Agressive music can only shock you once. Afterwards its impact declines. It’s inevitable.” Brian Eno

01. Robin Guthrie – The Little Light Fades
02. Apparat – Goodbye (Feat. Anja Plaschg)
03. Port-Royal – Spider Toupet
04. John Foxx and the Maths – The Good Shadow
05. Ocoeur – Ephemeral Beauty
06. Emika – Pretend
07. – Snowday
08. Firefox AK – Heavy With Rain
09. Robin Guthrie – Emeralds
10. Apparat – Escape
11. Robin Guthrie – Radiola
12. Robert Smith – Small Hours (John Martyn cover)
13. Jóhann Jóhannsson – Rainwater
14. House of Wolves – Ageless

Extra Extra: … in progress…

John Martyn tribute… I first heard the Robert Smith cover of John Martyn back a year and a half ago in studio, I was visiting Jim in his studio and he was working on the song so I was able to get an early peek at it 😉 kinda like giving drugs to a kid and holding out on him for over a year… I couldn’t wait to hear it again 😉 I was introduced to John Martyn in the weirdest way, I friend of mine was friend with John Martyn producer and one day we just went over his house I can’t recall why but well hey yan wanna go to a studio… sure lol… I did and it was great friendly Jim over there just playing us stuff and talking about music, I didn’t much of who he had worked with but one thing led to another and I ended up talking about Brian Eno and he went and said who truly invented ambient music… I had no clue what he was talking about but I played along, he talked about the echoplex and got a old tape recording he had and started to play it, no one talked for the next 8-9 minutes… like each of us were getting our best musical fellatio ever… he played us Anna… an unreleased live recording, back from 1980 or so… I was almost in tear listening to it, he made me a cd-r copy and after we left I sent a message to Karl Hyde of Underworld via my cell phone… I got something for you… I sent him the track and a few days later it was played over the BBC radio for an Underworld Special broadcast… the song touched all of us.. 😉 my first exposure to John was this song and it touched me deeply, so soon after I started to buy his “best of” collection and I didn’t know where to start with all the album he had out. It took me a bit of time to get into the genre but he’s one of the main reason I do my show, I would have never have listened to folk the way I am doing right now without his work, to feel something as deep as possible. He’s an inspiration for all. I good man who wanted the best. Bless you John.