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DIRTYMIX 010 – Acustronica


Each week, one of our invited guest producers and dj’s will create an exclusive one hour continuous mix, giving them the chance to break genre barriers, and giving you an opportunity to explore a unique soundtrack. This week, Italian netlabel ‘Acustronica’ showcase some of their recent work

Founded in 2009 by Massimo Discepoli (aka “Nheap”), Acustronica is a netlabel with a specific purpose: to find and to promote those musicians and bands who are making some refreshing and creative music.

Acustronica is one of the few netlabels which features music played with “real” instruments, along with some totally electronic release. Massimo explains “Simply put, we don’t like genres distinctions and boundaries.”

“We also want to stimulate collaborations between artists, hopefully building an “artists community”. Our releases are digitally distributed, but we have also some “printed” releases, and each artist chooses if his music should be available for free, or for sale at a small fee, on our site and on iTunes and others shops. Our “paid for” release often are available for free , for a short time, before we put them on sale; so we advise you to sign up our newletter, so you won’t miss our promotions.”

Upcoming releases:

September: Horiso – “Isha Ashi”
October: Martin Lowack – “SlowDrive”
November: Gouthy (no album title yet)
Dicembre: Diecidicembre (no album title yet)


00:00 Nunun – “Felk” (from Nunun – “Nunun” [AT009])
06:38 Th.e n.d – “Brahmans Son” (from Th.e n.d – “Schizophrenic Birth” [AT002])
11:22 Fort Fairfield – “Grace” (from Fort Fairfield – “The Dead Sea Scrolls” [AT003])
17:08 Tristeza Orange – “Half-Mute Irene Power Lines” (from Tristeza Orange -“Monochrome” [AT004])
21:28 Soviet Jazz – “Second Rebuild” (from Soviet Jazz – “About Frank Fatelle” [AT008])
24:10 Nheap -“Hldrrr” (from Nheap – “Skymotion” [AT001])
31:22 Dieci Dicembre – “10.15” (from the new Dieci Dicembre release, available on December, 2010)
41:05 Cousin Silas – “A Passing” (from Cousin Silas – “Canaveral Dreams” [AT010])
43:35 Horiso – “Orange” (from Horiso – “Isha Ashi” [AT011])
49:14 Martin Lowack – “Brushkid” (from the new Martin Lowack “Slowdrive” release, available in October)
54:44 Gouthy – “Folk” (from Gouthy – “A long travel for the space” [AT006])