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DIRTYMIX 009 – Gareth Moore


Each week, one of our invited guest producers and dj’s will create an exclusive one hour continuous mix, giving them the chance to break genre barriers, and giving you an opportunity to explore a unique soundtrack.

Irish DJ Gareth Moore is originally from Donegal but currently lives in Galway,
‘I’ve been into electronic music as far back as 1994, I think i was ten at that stage, I remember hearing Glory Box by Portishead on Top of the Pops and thinking, “this is more interesting than some of the other shit in the charts!”. I liked the eerie vibe it had, and the soft yet sometimes haunting sound of Beth Gibbons’ voice, I totally clicked with it, and from then on changed my outlook on music.”

So what groups at that stage were really influencing you?
“It was around then I started listening to groups like the Orb, Sabres of Paradise, Orbital, Leftfield, Prodigy’s first 2 albums, Bently Rythm Ace… stuff like that.[…] I used to watch the local DJ playing the most obvious pop music, using the faders and pressing the smoke machine button, and mixing the music quickly to avoid clashing, very basic and not very technical. But what I was interested in was how he controlled the floor, they way he shaped the night, and how even if most left during one song, he pulled them back with another, so in the late 90s I saved up and got some Technics.”

Is DJing your only interest?
“I Studied music technology in Derry from 2003 – 2004. Gave me knowledge on studio recording, computer music applications, mastering, and business aspect of it. At the moment I spin alot of breaks and jungle, but I also do mixes in another guise as Dub-Tronic, using a sequencer rather than decks/cdjs doing the more ambient electronic and dub, pieced together with effects and samples from comedy, movies and some b-movies (horror particulary).I Composed a score for a short film entitled “Faded Sun”, a gangster film set in Dublin, […]Its nice to try different projects like that, I like to be flexible, my strengths definitely lie in creating haunting ,ghostly sounds.”

Do you work in any other genres than Breaks?
“I’m a breaks DJ at heart, but there’s so much good music within any genre that it’s impossible to ignore, however you could strip my style down to hip-hop, raggae, dub, dub-step, breaks, jungle, electronic/experimental and industrial. I listen to a lot of stuff, exploring the past as well as the present, listening to a lot the old synth groups like: Cabret Voltaire, Omb, Heaven 17, Frontline Assembly, Front 242, and some Jazz like Miles Davis (bitches Brew), John Coltrane, Duke Ellington, Herbie Hancock etc, im a big dub head as well, Brother Culture, King Tubby, Mad Professor Scientist, Webcam hi-fi, Jah Warrior, Ashtech etc. (too many to name,but ya get the point)”

What do you think of the alternative scene in Ireland at the moment?
“Dubstep scene has been getting a good support in Ireland at the moment, some of the best nights in galway are the dub/dubstep events. I think people are starting to prefer the deeper bassier sounds than the brighter electro housy noises. People are definently getting more picky […] but that’s great for the DJs, it give us more freedom to play different genres rather than getting pigeon holed..”

What DJs are you digging at the moment?
“Some of my favourite [..] would be Rob Sparx (dubstep) his sets and production are really tight stuff, Retroid (breaks) snappy dark breakbeat producer with some sinister sounds, Subz and Matik (Jungle) there album “Low End Theory” has some nice deep vibes and rolling b-lines. Some of the bigger DJs acts I have seen and have upmost respekt for would be Andrew Weatherall and Kieth Tenniswood, James Zabiela, Mixmastermike, Longrange (phil hartnoll) ,Dreadzone, Coldcut, 2 lone swordsmen, Andrea Parker, Deadbeat, and a lot of unestablished homegrown DJs from all over and a couple of mates I listened and learned from when getting into it.”

Any plans for the future?
“Production has been slow at the moment, being a full time dad limits the chance, so I’m concentrating on gigs, and with at least a monthly gig at antidote,the plan is to network more gigs off it. And if all goes to plan there will be some solid production in the future so watch this space!”


1. intro – Gareth Moore vs requiem for a dream.
2. Myagi – Thug (Original Mix)
3. Product 1 – Ready To Rage (instrumental Mix)
3. Mesmer – Wormsigns (Original Mix)
4. Rectchords – Drop Control (Original Mix)
5. Kiwa – ???
6. Circuit Breaker and B-Phreak – Droppin This (Matthew Mc Curry Vs. Stephen Cole Mix)
7. Wardian – Bad (Original Mix)
8. Blazer – Toxic Girl (Unconscious Minds Mix)
9. Lo Key Fu – Style of the rising filter (Original Mix)
10. Lo Key Fu – Tech Ressurection (Original Mix)
11. Dj Icey – Amtrack – (Original Mix)

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